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Route Cheapest Adult Fare
Avalon (AVV) to Hobart$87Select
Melbourne (MEL) to Hobart$87Select
Melbourne (MLB) to Hobart$87Select
Sydney (SYD) to Hobart$135Select
Brisbane (BNE) to Hobart$195Select
Adelaide (ADL) to Hobart$240Select
Newcastle (NTL) to Hobart$257Select
Gold Coast (Coolangatta) (OOL) to Hobart$268Select
Perth (PER) to Hobart$377Select
Canberra (CBR) to Hobart$541Select
Cairns (CNS) to Hobart$571Select
Darwin (DRW) to Hobart$651Select
Taree (TRO) to Hobart$655Select
Townsville (TSV) to Hobart$761Select
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Hobart Travel Information

As the capital of Tasmania, Hobart lays claim to the title of being one of the oldest cities in Australia. Founded in 1804, the city made a handy place to house prisoners until its temperate climate, natural bay and fertile soil made it a tempting location for new arrivals from Europe to call home. The city is framed by the sometimes snowy peaks of Mount Wellington and the sapphire-blue waters of the Tasman Sea. Visitors to this delightful city will enjoy all the modern conveniences and culture of a capital city while also using it as a base for exploring the other attractions the island of Tasmania has to offer.

Arriving in Hobart

Hobart International Airport handles air service from the mainland, as well as accommodating the occasional international flight from major airlines such as Qantas and Virgin Australia. The single-runway airport is just 15 kilometres from the city center in nearby Cambridge and boasts a conjoined international and domestic terminal for all incoming and outgoing flights. Passenger services in the terminal include cafes, restaurants, shops and a hotel.

An airport shuttle service, Redline, offers one-way or round-trip tickets for passengers wishing to travel to Hobart. Taxis are available to make the drive into Hobart, typically charging double what the airport shuttle service asks. There are also car hire facilities at the airport able to accommodate those wishing to rent a car for the duration of their stay. For those that don't mind the walk, a bus station is located five kilometres from the airport that offers several lines traveling into Hobart.

Things To Do

Hobart has a population of 250,000 and offers visitors the full range of tourist infrastructure, from hotels to restaurants to ample cultural experiences. For those who wish to enjoy an idyllic echo of the city's prosperous days as a major trading port, the Salamanca Market showcases a Saturday extravaganza of artisanal crafts and art, all housed in 1800s-era sandstone warehouses. Behind the market lies Battery Point, a maze of buildings fun to wander through as they showcase the Victorian architecture characteristic of the city's founding.

The city also houses several museums dedicated to its past and the culture of Tasmania's indigenous people. In the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, visitors will find many things to pique their interest, from the vast coin collection to items of artistic expression to stuffed examples of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger. Nearly 20 minutes' walk from the city center are the Botanical Gardens, notable for their collections of plants native to Tasmania and their subarctic gardens housed in special buildings maintaining a low temperature.

For those with a sweet tooth, a visit to Cadbury's Chocolate Factory gives a tour and lecture on candy making while offering a shop on the premises to purchase their wares. Cascade Brewery offers tours of its facilities, in addition to offering visitors a chance to sample a variety of brews. Hobart also boasts a handful of wineries that thrive in the island's tranquil climate to offer memorable pinot noirs and rieslings. For more substantial fare, Hobart restaurants often take full advantage of the seaside location to offer customers delicious seafood native to the area, such as Tasmanian lobsters or deep-sea Trevalla.

Depending on the time of year, Hobart offers much in the way of festivals and events. The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is a yearly phenomenon held on Boxing Day. In April the city features a tulip festival at the botanical gardens. The city also offers football, rugby and cricket matches to attend and the Australian Hockey League holds events for both men's and women's teams.

A fun way to view the city in its entirety is from the water. Peppermint Bay Cruises offers visitors several hours aboard a yacht that showcases oceanic wonders and geological features before stopping for a seafood lunch. Enterprising visitors can also hike the heights of Mount Wellington for the breathtaking views of Hobart spread out below and a clear view of the vastness of the ocean beyond.

Monthly Average Prices for Return Airfares to Hobart (AUD)

Melbourne to Hobart$200$192$179$166$251$239
Melbourne (All Airports) to Hobart$199$195$187$174$240$220
Sydney to Hobart$284$282$265$248$270$311
Brisbane to Hobart$378$419$411$351$391$357
Adelaide to Hobart$379$395$417$351$432$379
Perth to Hobart$611$622$634$602$710$619
Gold Coast to Hobart$360$426$438$419$479$417
Melbourne (Avalon) to Hobart$167$166$183$160$176$152
Cairns to Hobart$615$565$604$550$668$534
Sunshine Coast to Hobart  -$617$566$513$734$602

Did you know...

  • The cheapest airfare to Hobart is $225 leaving from Adelaide.
  • HBA is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) code for Hobart.
  • The closest international airport to Hobart is Invercargill in New Zealand.
  • Hobart has the UTC value of 36000.

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Twitter: From user 'Sarah'
@choiceaustralia Not to mention delayed flights. My friend's Hobart to Melb flight was delayed 12hrs; she had to stay in a hotel overnight.
United flight attendant leaves packed plane in Houston on emergency slide - AOL News
";It is our understanding that she deployed it intentionally,"; said United Airlines spokesman Charlie Hobart, adding airline officials have been speaking with the flight attendant to see why she deployed the slide in the incident that took place on Monday.
Hobart Airport runway extension work expected to begin within six weeks - ABC Online
Hobart Airport chief executive Rod Parry said the airport's discussions with international carriers were commercial in confidence. But he said the return of a direct service to New Zealand was a possibility. ";As all the locals know, we did have flights ...
Twitter: From user 'Schomma'
@HobaRRtTasman 'Hobart International Airport' living up to its name. With more flights like this, names like 'Ilyushin' will be easier too.
International flights could take off as Hobart Airport runway extended - Government News
An extra 500 metres of runway could transform Hobart Airport into Hobart International Airport and allow flights between the Asia-Pacific region and Tasmania. The federal government has approved a 500-metre extension to the runway at Hobart Airport, in ...
Runway extends export possibilities - The Advertiser
Tasmanian producers are being squeezed for freight capacity on flights out of Melbourne and say they could bring their own aircraft into Hobart during peak summer periods. “We're hoping that we might be able to co-ordinate some sort of consolidation of ...
Battlelines drawn across the Strait - Geelong Advertiser
GEELONG'S competition is hotting up — and I'm not talking about the Cats. Let me explain. We recently spent a week in Tasmania. There was no particular pressing reason to go, but the offer of Jetstar's new direct Hobart flights from Avalon was persuasive.
Alarm mystery as airport evacuated - NT News
Airport staff and passengers waiting for their flights were asked to leave the building following the fire alarm at 10am. Airport authorities could ... a spokeswoman said. The evacuation lasted less than 10 minutes, but the disruption has caused delays ...
Qantas begins expanded schedule from Hobart - Australian Aviation
Qantas started its expanded schedule out of Tasmania this week, with two QantasLink Boeing 717s now based at Hobart to facilitate an expanded flight schedule. Having the two aircraft based at Hobart has allowed QantasLink to offer early morning ...
Twitter: From user 'Jason Imms'
@manfightdragon Same price as last-minute flights to Hobart come here instead see you soon

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