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Virgin Blue (now known as Virgin Australia) flys to all capital cities and holiday spots, over 30 destinations in Australia alone.
Virgin Australia first began flying on 31/August/2000. Initially offering flights between Sydney and Brisbane, Virgin Blue airline now flys to all major cities and tourist destinations.
Virgin Blue AirplaneVirgin Blue operates Boeing 737s, carrying between 144-180 passengers. Like Virgin Atlantic, they name their aircraft - the first was 'Brizzie Lizzie' as Virgin Blue are based in Brisbane. You could be flying in 'Betty Blue','Smurfette' and 'Smoochy Maroochy' to name just a few.
Virgin Blue set up an Interline Agreement with Regional Express Airlines (Rex) for some of the smaller Eastern Australian routes.
Cheap Flights on Virgin BlueThe new Virgin Australia has the luxurious Airbus 330 as its flagship for domestic business class.

Domestic Virgin Australia Airfares on Sale

BrisbanetoHobartDep: Thu 18/Aug/16Ret: Sun 21/Aug/16$387Select Flight
BrisbanetoHamilton IslandDep: Sun 14/May/17Ret: Wed 17/May/17$247Select Flight
BrisbanetoMilduraDep: Fri 23/Sep/16Ret: Sun 02/Oct/16$400Select Flight

International Virgin Australia Airfares on Sale

AdelaidetoParisDep: Thu 01/Sep/16Ret: Sun 18/Sep/16$1,864Select Flight
AdelaidetoParisDep: Thu 01/Sep/16Ret: Sun 18/Sep/16$1,864Select Flight
BrisbanetoAtlantaDep: Thu 04/Aug/16Ret: Sat 27/Aug/16$1,119Select Flight

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Virgin Blue flys to:
Auckland, Christchurch, Denpasar (Bali), Nadi (Fiji), Wellington, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth

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