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The Cheapest Return Melbourne to Athens Flights.Show One Way

TR Return flights from $897
Dep. Mon 23/Apr/18Ret. Tue 08/May/18Economy$897
Dep. Mon 14/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$897
Dep. Fri 23/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$927
Dep. Mon 30/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$927
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$927
Dep. Mon 11/Jun/18Ret. Sat 23/Jun/18Economy$927
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$957
Dep. Fri 22/Jun/18Ret. Sat 28/Jul/18Economy$1,071
SQ,TR Return flights from $966
Dep. Mon 11/Jun/18Ret. Sat 23/Jun/18Economy$966
Dep. Mon 14/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$983
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$983
Dep. Wed 30/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$983
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$983
Dep. Mon 23/Apr/18Ret. Tue 08/May/18Economy$1,066
Dep. Mon 30/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$1,066
Dep. Fri 23/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$1,068
Dep. Fri 22/Jun/18Ret. Sat 28/Jul/18Economy$1,549
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Thu 29/Mar/18Economy$1,669
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 24/Jan/18Economy$2,748
JQ,TR Return flights from $1,122
Dep. Fri 23/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$1,122
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Thu 29/Mar/18Economy$1,391
QR Return flights from $1,129
Dep. Fri 23/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$1,129
Dep. Mon 23/Apr/18Ret. Tue 08/May/18Economy$1,144
Dep. Mon 14/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,144
Dep. Sun 13/May/18Ret. Fri 08/Jun/18Economy$1,161
Dep. Mon 30/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$1,169
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 11/May/18Economy$1,176
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Mon 23/Apr/18Economy$1,301
Dep. Thu 24/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,360
Dep. Wed 30/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,360
Dep. Mon 11/Jun/18Ret. Sat 23/Jun/18Economy$1,360
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,392
Dep. Wed 01/Aug/18Ret. Wed 22/Aug/18Economy$1,529
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$1,549
Dep. Fri 17/Aug/18Ret. Fri 07/Sep/18Economy$1,569
Dep. Tue 03/Apr/18Ret. Tue 17/Apr/18Economy$1,699
Dep. Fri 13/Jul/18Ret. Wed 25/Jul/18Economy$1,805
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Tue 17/Jul/18Economy$1,809
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Sun 12/Aug/18Economy$1,851
Dep. Tue 07/Aug/18Ret. Sat 08/Sep/18Economy$1,890
Dep. Mon 03/Sep/18Ret. Fri 21/Sep/18Economy$1,925
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Fri 17/Aug/18Economy$1,953
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$1,983
Dep. Tue 26/Jun/18Ret. Thu 26/Jul/18Economy$2,114
Dep. Fri 22/Jun/18Ret. Sat 28/Jul/18Economy$2,126
Dep. Tue 26/Jun/18Ret. Sun 26/Aug/18Economy$2,135
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Thu 29/Mar/18Economy$2,227
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 24/Jan/18Economy$2,429
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$2,548
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Mon 30/Jul/18Economy$4,967
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Mon 30/Jul/18Business$6,267
SQ,TK Return flights from $1,162
Dep. Tue 07/Aug/18Ret. Sat 08/Sep/18Economy$1,162
Dep. Sun 13/May/18Ret. Fri 08/Jun/18Economy$1,205
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$1,276
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$2,071
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Sun 12/Aug/18Economy$2,071
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Fri 17/Aug/18Economy$2,388
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$2,682
Dep. Mon 30/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$2,987
Dep. Mon 14/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$3,008
Dep. Wed 30/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$3,432
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 11/May/18Economy$3,457
Dep. Thu 24/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$3,807
Dep. Mon 11/Jun/18Ret. Sat 23/Jun/18Economy$5,081
Dep. Fri 23/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$5,159
Dep. Mon 23/Apr/18Ret. Tue 08/May/18Economy$5,159
Dep. Sat 16/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$5,414
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Tue 17/Jul/18Economy$5,414
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Fri 17/Aug/18Business$7,238
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Mon 30/Jul/18Business$7,238
Dep. Tue 03/Apr/18Ret. Tue 17/Apr/18Business$7,842
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 11/May/18Business$7,842
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Business$7,842
Dep. Sat 16/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Business$7,842
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 24/Jan/18Business$8,448
CZ Return flights from $1,192
Dep. Sun 13/May/18Ret. Fri 08/Jun/18Economy$1,192
Dep. Mon 14/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,192
Dep. Thu 24/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,253
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,253
Dep. Wed 30/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,253
Dep. Tue 03/Apr/18Ret. Tue 17/Apr/18Economy$1,277
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 11/May/18Economy$1,289
Dep. Mon 23/Apr/18Ret. Tue 08/May/18Economy$1,301
Dep. Mon 30/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$1,422
Dep. Mon 11/Jun/18Ret. Sat 23/Jun/18Economy$1,458
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Mon 23/Apr/18Economy$1,487
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$1,572
Dep. Fri 23/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$1,675
Dep. Wed 01/Aug/18Ret. Wed 22/Aug/18Economy$1,775
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Fri 17/Aug/18Economy$1,857
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$1,893
Dep. Fri 22/Jun/18Ret. Sat 28/Jul/18Economy$1,925
Dep. Sat 16/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$1,941
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$1,947
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Sun 12/Aug/18Economy$1,947
Dep. Tue 26/Jun/18Ret. Sun 26/Aug/18Economy$2,000
Dep. Tue 26/Jun/18Ret. Thu 26/Jul/18Economy$2,231
Dep. Fri 13/Jul/18Ret. Wed 25/Jul/18Economy$2,249
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 24/Jan/18Economy$2,357
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Tue 17/Jul/18Economy$2,369
Dep. Tue 07/Aug/18Ret. Sat 08/Sep/18Economy$3,294
Dep. Fri 17/Aug/18Ret. Fri 07/Sep/18Economy$3,333
Dep. Tue 21/Aug/18Ret. Fri 21/Sep/18Economy$3,453
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Mon 30/Jul/18Business$5,288
EY Return flights from $1,206
Dep. Mon 23/Apr/18Ret. Tue 08/May/18Economy$1,206
Dep. Mon 14/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,206
Dep. Wed 30/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,206
Dep. Thu 24/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,246
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,271
Dep. Mon 11/Jun/18Ret. Sat 23/Jun/18Economy$1,271
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$1,278
Dep. Sun 13/May/18Ret. Fri 08/Jun/18Economy$1,310
Dep. Fri 23/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$1,335
Dep. Mon 30/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$1,373
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Thu 29/Mar/18Economy$1,565
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Mon 23/Apr/18Economy$1,578
Dep. Tue 03/Apr/18Ret. Tue 17/Apr/18Economy$1,584
Dep. Sat 16/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$1,646
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Fri 17/Aug/18Economy$1,646
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Sun 12/Aug/18Economy$1,679
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$1,712
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 11/May/18Economy$1,713
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Tue 17/Jul/18Economy$1,866
Dep. Fri 13/Jul/18Ret. Wed 25/Jul/18Economy$1,967
Dep. Wed 01/Aug/18Ret. Wed 22/Aug/18Economy$2,153
Dep. Tue 26/Jun/18Ret. Thu 26/Jul/18Economy$2,155
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$2,218
Dep. Fri 22/Jun/18Ret. Sat 28/Jul/18Economy$2,241
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 24/Jan/18Economy$2,549
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Mon 30/Jul/18Business$6,765
CZ,KL Return flights from $1,206
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 11/May/18Economy$1,206
Dep. Mon 23/Apr/18Ret. Tue 08/May/18Economy$1,206
Dep. Mon 14/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,207
Dep. Sun 13/May/18Ret. Fri 08/Jun/18Economy$1,213
Dep. Thu 24/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,213
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,213
Dep. Wed 30/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,213
Dep. Tue 03/Apr/18Ret. Tue 17/Apr/18Economy$1,307
Dep. Mon 30/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$1,320
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Mon 23/Apr/18Economy$1,441
Dep. Mon 11/Jun/18Ret. Sat 23/Jun/18Economy$1,456
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$1,456
Dep. Tue 26/Jun/18Ret. Thu 26/Jul/18Economy$1,630
Dep. Fri 23/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$1,674
Dep. Fri 13/Jul/18Ret. Wed 25/Jul/18Economy$1,745
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$1,786
Dep. Fri 22/Jun/18Ret. Sat 28/Jul/18Economy$1,845
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$1,904
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Sun 12/Aug/18Economy$1,904
Dep. Sat 16/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$1,958
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Fri 17/Aug/18Economy$2,012
Dep. Tue 26/Jun/18Ret. Sun 26/Aug/18Economy$2,084
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 24/Jan/18Economy$2,314
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Tue 17/Jul/18Economy$2,621
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Mon 30/Jul/18Business$5,402
TR,VA Return flights from $1,227
Dep. Wed 30/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,227
Dep. Thu 24/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,228
Dep. Fri 23/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$1,242
Dep. Mon 23/Apr/18Ret. Tue 08/May/18Economy$1,268
Dep. Mon 14/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,268
Dep. Mon 11/Jun/18Ret. Sat 23/Jun/18Economy$1,272
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$1,339
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,362
Dep. Tue 07/Aug/18Ret. Sat 08/Sep/18Economy$1,467
Dep. Tue 03/Apr/18Ret. Tue 17/Apr/18Economy$1,809
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 11/May/18Economy$1,965
Dep. Sat 16/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$2,005
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Tue 17/Jul/18Economy$2,139
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Sun 12/Aug/18Economy$2,259
Dep. Fri 13/Jul/18Ret. Wed 25/Jul/18Economy$2,311
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$2,341
Dep. Fri 22/Jun/18Ret. Sat 28/Jul/18Economy$2,486
Dep. Tue 26/Jun/18Ret. Thu 26/Jul/18Economy$2,489
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 24/Jan/18Economy$2,817
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$2,820
VA Return flights from $1,229
Dep. Thu 24/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,229
Dep. Wed 30/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,229
Dep. Mon 14/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,233
Dep. Mon 23/Apr/18Ret. Tue 08/May/18Economy$1,241
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,295
Dep. Mon 11/Jun/18Ret. Sat 23/Jun/18Economy$1,295
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$1,299
Dep. Sun 13/May/18Ret. Fri 08/Jun/18Economy$1,319
Dep. Fri 23/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$1,360
Dep. Tue 03/Apr/18Ret. Tue 17/Apr/18Economy$1,495
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Thu 29/Mar/18Economy$1,503
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Mon 23/Apr/18Economy$1,557
Dep. Mon 30/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$1,688
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$1,745
Dep. Fri 13/Jul/18Ret. Wed 25/Jul/18Economy$1,832
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 11/May/18Economy$1,872
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Tue 17/Jul/18Economy$1,910
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Fri 17/Aug/18Economy$1,975
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$2,055
Dep. Wed 01/Aug/18Ret. Wed 22/Aug/18Economy$2,184
Dep. Tue 26/Jun/18Ret. Thu 26/Jul/18Economy$2,243
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 24/Jan/18Economy$2,250
Dep. Fri 22/Jun/18Ret. Sat 28/Jul/18Economy$2,555
EY,TR Return flights from $1,236
Dep. Wed 30/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,236
Dep. Thu 24/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,257
Dep. Mon 11/Jun/18Ret. Sat 23/Jun/18Economy$1,269
Dep. Mon 14/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,269
Dep. Mon 23/Apr/18Ret. Tue 08/May/18Economy$1,269
Dep. Mon 30/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$1,338
Dep. Fri 23/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$1,339
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$1,339
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,357
Dep. Tue 07/Aug/18Ret. Sat 08/Sep/18Economy$1,487
Dep. Tue 03/Apr/18Ret. Tue 17/Apr/18Economy$1,540
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Tue 17/Jul/18Economy$1,583
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 11/May/18Economy$1,969
Dep. Fri 22/Jun/18Ret. Sat 28/Jul/18Economy$1,996
Dep. Tue 26/Jun/18Ret. Thu 26/Jul/18Economy$1,997
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Sun 12/Aug/18Economy$2,108
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$2,278
Dep. Fri 13/Jul/18Ret. Wed 25/Jul/18Economy$2,382
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$2,490
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 24/Jan/18Economy$2,499
D7,JQ,TR Return flights from $1,242
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Thu 29/Mar/18Economy$1,242
D7,PS,TR Return flights from $1,256
Dep. Tue 03/Apr/18Ret. Tue 17/Apr/18Economy$1,256
EY,VA Return flights from $1,257
Dep. Thu 24/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,257
Dep. Wed 30/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,257
Dep. Mon 14/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,259
Dep. Mon 23/Apr/18Ret. Tue 08/May/18Economy$1,287
Dep. Mon 11/Jun/18Ret. Sat 23/Jun/18Economy$1,308
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$1,322
Dep. Sun 13/May/18Ret. Fri 08/Jun/18Economy$1,341
Dep. Mon 30/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$1,359
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Tue 31/Jul/18Economy$1,363
Dep. Fri 23/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$1,392
Dep. Tue 03/Apr/18Ret. Tue 17/Apr/18Economy$1,504
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Thu 29/Mar/18Economy$1,525
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Mon 23/Apr/18Economy$1,580
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Sun 12/Aug/18Economy$1,707
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 11/May/18Economy$1,770
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Fri 17/Aug/18Economy$1,802
Dep. Fri 20/Jul/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$1,849
Dep. Fri 13/Jul/18Ret. Wed 25/Jul/18Economy$1,924
Dep. Sun 17/Jun/18Ret. Tue 17/Jul/18Economy$1,929
Dep. Wed 01/Aug/18Ret. Wed 22/Aug/18Economy$2,343
Dep. Tue 26/Jun/18Ret. Thu 26/Jul/18Economy$2,370
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 24/Jan/18Economy$2,386
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Fri 10/Aug/18Economy$2,507
Dep. Fri 22/Jun/18Ret. Sat 28/Jul/18Economy$2,755
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Mon 30/Jul/18Economy$7,282
Dep. Fri 29/Jun/18Ret. Mon 30/Jul/18Business$8,963
A3,D7,TR Return flights from $1,258
Dep. Tue 03/Apr/18Ret. Tue 17/Apr/18Economy$1,258
Dep. Fri 23/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$1,366
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Mon 23/Apr/18Economy$1,657

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Melbourne? Check out our domestic flights to Melbourne. If Melbourne is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Athens from Australia and flights to Greece.

Return flights shown. Show One-Way Flights.

Monthly Average Prices for Melbourne to Athens Return Airfares (AUD)

  -$1346  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -$1756  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -$1740  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -$2527  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -$2770  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -$2499  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • Melbourne to Athens, the shortest return flight is 40 hours and 35 minutes on Qatar Airways. Doha
  • Athens is 8 hours later than Melbourne. You should find out how to minimise jetlag.
  • 31 airlines operate the route from Melbourne to Athens. They include China Eastern Airlines, Finnair, KLM, JAL, Air China, Emirates, China Southern Airlines and more.
  • Melbourne has the International Air Transport Association (IATA) airport code of MEL.
How to get from Melbourne to Athens
Melbourne (MEL)
Doha (DOH)
14h 15m
Layover - 1h 40m
Doha (DOH)
Athens (ATH)
5h 0m
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ABN 60 115 987 687
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