Cheap Flights Melbourne to Denpasar (Bali), Indonesia.

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JQ Return flights from $455
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$455
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Mon 02/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Sat 21/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 08/Sep/14Ret. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 08/Sep/14Ret. Mon 02/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 08/Sep/14Ret. Sat 21/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Mon 02/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Sat 21/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Mon 02/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 21/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Thu 11/Sep/14Ret. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Thu 11/Sep/14Ret. Mon 02/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Thu 11/Sep/14Ret. Sat 21/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Mon 02/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Sat 21/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Sat 18/Oct/14Ret. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Sat 18/Oct/14Ret. Mon 02/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Sat 18/Oct/14Ret. Sat 21/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Sun 19/Oct/14Ret. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Sun 19/Oct/14Ret. Mon 02/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Sun 19/Oct/14Ret. Sat 21/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 07/Nov/14Economy$455
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 06/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Sat 07/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Sun 08/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Mon 09/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 10/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Wed 25/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Thu 26/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 27/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Sat 28/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Sun 01/Mar/15Economy$455
Dep. Sat 25/Oct/14Ret. Fri 07/Nov/14Economy$455
Dep. Mon 09/Feb/15Ret. Tue 24/Feb/15Economy$455
AK,D7,JQ Return flights from $484
Dep. Sun 02/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$484
Dep. Fri 05/Sep/14Ret. Wed 10/Dec/14Economy$488
Dep. Fri 05/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Dec/14Economy$488
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Fri 12/Dec/14Economy$488
Dep. Tue 02/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$490
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$492
Dep. Thu 16/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$497
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Wed 12/Nov/14Economy$497
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Wed 10/Sep/14Economy$507
Dep. Fri 21/Nov/14Ret. Sun 30/Nov/14Economy$512
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$519
Dep. Sat 01/Nov/14Ret. Wed 12/Nov/14Economy$523
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Mon 17/Nov/14Economy$523
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$524
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$524
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$524
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Mon 13/Oct/14Economy$534
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$534
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Wed 26/Nov/14Economy$534
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$535
Dep. Tue 02/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$535
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$535
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Sun 07/Sep/14Economy$540
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Sun 07/Sep/14Economy$540
Dep. Sun 31/Aug/14Ret. Fri 05/Sep/14Economy$541
Dep. Thu 23/Oct/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$552
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$553
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$565
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$572
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Fri 21/Nov/14Economy$604
Dep. Sat 13/Dec/14Ret. Wed 24/Dec/14Economy$616
Dep. Tue 16/Dec/14Ret. Sun 28/Dec/14Economy$616
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Thu 16/Oct/14Economy$623
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Sat 18/Oct/14Economy$624
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Wed 19/Nov/14Economy$639
Dep. Sun 17/Aug/14Ret. Tue 26/Aug/14Economy$643
Dep. Fri 12/Sep/14Ret. Sat 20/Sep/14Economy$646
Dep. Mon 18/Aug/14Ret. Tue 26/Aug/14Economy$663
Dep. Sun 17/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$707
JQ,VA Return flights from $493
Dep. Sat 14/Feb/15Ret. Sat 28/Feb/15Economy$493
Dep. Mon 23/Feb/15Ret. Mon 09/Mar/15Economy$493
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$514
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Fri 12/Sep/14Economy$514
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$514
Dep. Fri 05/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$514
Dep. Fri 05/Sep/14Ret. Wed 10/Dec/14Economy$514
Dep. Fri 05/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Dec/14Economy$514
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Fri 12/Sep/14Economy$514
Dep. Mon 08/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$514
Dep. Thu 16/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$514
Dep. Thu 23/Oct/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$514
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Wed 12/Nov/14Economy$514
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Fri 14/Nov/14Economy$514
Dep. Sat 01/Nov/14Ret. Wed 12/Nov/14Economy$514
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Mon 17/Nov/14Economy$514
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$514
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Wed 26/Nov/14Economy$514
Dep. Tue 25/Nov/14Ret. Sun 30/Nov/14Economy$514
Dep. Tue 25/Nov/14Ret. Tue 02/Dec/14Economy$514
Dep. Tue 25/Nov/14Ret. Wed 03/Dec/14Economy$514
Dep. Tue 25/Nov/14Ret. Thu 04/Dec/14Economy$514
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$514
Dep. Sun 17/May/15Ret. Wed 27/May/15Economy$523
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Tue 17/Mar/15Economy$523
Dep. Mon 02/Mar/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$523
Dep. Tue 12/May/15Ret. Wed 27/May/15Economy$523
Dep. Wed 13/May/15Ret. Wed 27/May/15Economy$523
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$526
Dep. Tue 26/Aug/14Ret. Tue 02/Sep/14Economy$533
Dep. Mon 04/May/15Ret. Mon 18/May/15Economy$543
Dep. Tue 09/Dec/14Ret. Tue 23/Dec/14Economy$544
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$564
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Wed 10/Sep/14Economy$564
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$564
Dep. Sun 31/Aug/14Ret. Fri 05/Sep/14Economy$569
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$583
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Fri 21/Nov/14Economy$584
Dep. Mon 12/Jan/15Ret. Sat 28/Feb/15Economy$585
VA Return flights from $510
Dep. Sun 08/Feb/15Ret. Sun 01/Mar/15Economy$510
Dep. Wed 11/Feb/15Ret. Wed 18/Feb/15Economy$510
Dep. Sat 14/Feb/15Ret. Sat 28/Feb/15Economy$510
Dep. Mon 23/Feb/15Ret. Mon 09/Mar/15Economy$510
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Tue 17/Mar/15Economy$510
Dep. Mon 02/Mar/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$510
Dep. Mon 04/May/15Ret. Mon 18/May/15Economy$510
Dep. Tue 12/May/15Ret. Wed 27/May/15Economy$510
Dep. Wed 13/May/15Ret. Wed 27/May/15Economy$510
Dep. Sun 17/May/15Ret. Wed 27/May/15Economy$510
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Wed 18/Mar/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Thu 19/Mar/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Fri 20/Mar/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Sun 22/Mar/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Mon 23/Mar/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Tue 24/Mar/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Sun 29/Mar/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Mon 30/Mar/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Tue 31/Mar/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Fri 01/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Sat 02/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Sun 03/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Mon 04/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Tue 05/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Wed 06/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Thu 07/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Fri 08/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Sat 09/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Sun 10/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Mon 11/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Tue 12/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Wed 13/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Thu 14/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Fri 15/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Sat 16/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Sun 17/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Mon 18/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Tue 19/May/15Economy$531
Dep. Sat 28/Feb/15Ret. Sun 01/Mar/15Economy$531
AK,JQ Return flights from $534
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Mon 13/Oct/14First$534
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Fri 12/Dec/14Economy$537
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Wed 10/Sep/14Economy$555
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$583
Dep. Tue 02/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$583
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$583
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14First$584
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Sun 07/Sep/14Economy$589
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Sun 07/Sep/14Economy$589
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$602
Dep. Thu 25/Sep/14Ret. Sun 05/Oct/14Economy$784
AK Return flights from $535
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Wed 29/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Wed 29/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Wed 29/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Thu 16/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Thu 16/Oct/14Ret. Wed 29/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Thu 16/Oct/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Wed 29/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Tue 21/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Tue 21/Oct/14Ret. Wed 29/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Tue 21/Oct/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$535
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Thu 16/Oct/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Thu 16/Oct/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Thu 16/Oct/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Tue 21/Oct/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Tue 21/Oct/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Tue 21/Oct/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Wed 05/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Wed 05/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$551
Dep. Wed 05/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$551
AK,D7,VA Return flights from $541
Dep. Thu 23/Oct/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$541
Dep. Sat 01/Nov/14Ret. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$542
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$542
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$542
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$543
Dep. Fri 05/Sep/14Ret. Wed 10/Dec/14Economy$547
Dep. Fri 05/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Dec/14Economy$547
Dep. Tue 25/Nov/14Ret. Tue 02/Dec/14Economy$547
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$559
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Fri 12/Dec/14Economy$559
Dep. Tue 25/Nov/14Ret. Wed 03/Dec/14Economy$565
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Wed 10/Sep/14Economy$566
Dep. Tue 25/Nov/14Ret. Sun 30/Nov/14Economy$571
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Wed 12/Nov/14Economy$582
Dep. Sat 01/Nov/14Ret. Wed 12/Nov/14Economy$582
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Mon 17/Nov/14Economy$582
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$583
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$594
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Sun 07/Sep/14Economy$599
Dep. Sun 31/Aug/14Ret. Fri 05/Sep/14Economy$599
Dep. Sat 13/Dec/14Ret. Wed 24/Dec/14Economy$636
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Tue 17/Mar/15Economy$642
Dep. Sun 17/Aug/14Ret. Tue 26/Aug/14Economy$652
Dep. Mon 18/Aug/14Ret. Tue 26/Aug/14Economy$652
Dep. Tue 16/Dec/14Ret. Sun 28/Dec/14Economy$659
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Wed 19/Nov/14Economy$679
Dep. Mon 27/Oct/14Ret. Fri 07/Nov/14Economy$679
Dep. Wed 24/Dec/14Ret. Sun 28/Dec/14Economy$687
Dep. Thu 14/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$715
Dep. Sun 17/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$715
Dep. Mon 18/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$715
Dep. Sat 28/Mar/15Ret. Fri 10/Apr/15Economy$732
Dep. Mon 18/Aug/14Ret. Fri 22/Aug/14Economy$751
Dep. Tue 12/Aug/14Ret. Sat 16/Aug/14Economy$761
Dep. Sat 16/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$775
Dep. Fri 15/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$783
Dep. Sun 10/Aug/14Ret. Wed 20/Aug/14Economy$840
Dep. Thu 07/Aug/14Ret. Wed 13/Aug/14Economy$840
Dep. Fri 19/Sep/14Ret. Mon 29/Sep/14Economy$885
D7,JQ,QZ Return flights from $547
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$547
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Sun 07/Sep/14Economy$571
Dep. Tue 26/Aug/14Ret. Tue 02/Sep/14Economy$584
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$585
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$585
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14First$585
Dep. Tue 16/Dec/14Ret. Sun 28/Dec/14Economy$647
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Thu 16/Oct/14Economy$656
Dep. Sun 17/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$736
Dep. Mon 18/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$755
Dep. Thu 25/Sep/14Ret. Sun 05/Oct/14Economy$764
Dep. Fri 15/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$776
Dep. Sat 16/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$796
Dep. Thu 07/Aug/14Ret. Wed 13/Aug/14Economy$835
BI Return flights from $550
Dep. Sun 02/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$550
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$554
Dep. Tue 02/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$561
Dep. Tue 02/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$561
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$561
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Mon 13/Oct/14Economy$561
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Thu 16/Oct/14Economy$561
Dep. Tue 25/Nov/14Ret. Thu 04/Dec/14Economy$561
Dep. Sat 01/Nov/14Ret. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$573
Dep. Sun 17/May/15Ret. Wed 27/May/15Economy$626
Dep. Tue 12/May/15Ret. Wed 27/May/15Economy$628
Dep. Wed 13/May/15Ret. Wed 27/May/15Economy$628
Dep. Sun 08/Feb/15Ret. Sun 01/Mar/15Economy$636
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Wed 12/Nov/14Economy$659
Dep. Sun 10/Aug/14Ret. Wed 20/Aug/14Economy$689
Dep. Wed 11/Feb/15Ret. Wed 18/Feb/15Economy$689
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$693
Dep. Sat 01/Nov/14Ret. Wed 12/Nov/14Economy$694
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Wed 26/Nov/14Economy$694
Dep. Sat 28/Mar/15Ret. Sun 12/Apr/15Economy$705
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Sun 07/Sep/14Economy$727
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$727
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$727
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Mon 02/Mar/15Economy$752
Dep. Sat 16/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$758
Dep. Sun 17/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$758
Dep. Tue 16/Dec/14Ret. Sun 28/Dec/14Economy$958
Dep. Wed 24/Dec/14Ret. Sun 28/Dec/14Economy$968
Dep. Sun 04/Jan/15Ret. Mon 19/Jan/15Economy$1,012
Dep. Sun 28/Dec/14Ret. Wed 07/Jan/15Economy$1,172
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$1,174
Dep. Sat 27/Dec/14Ret. Sun 11/Jan/15Economy$1,249
AK,D7 Return flights from $554
Dep. Thu 16/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$554
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$562
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$562
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14First$562
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Wed 12/Nov/14Economy$565
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$566
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$567
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$570
Dep. Thu 23/Oct/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$578
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$588
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$603
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Wed 10/Sep/14Economy$605
Dep. Sun 02/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$605
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Mon 17/Nov/14Economy$605
Dep. Tue 02/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$608
Dep. Fri 05/Sep/14Ret. Wed 10/Dec/14Economy$612
Dep. Fri 05/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Dec/14Economy$612
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$616
Dep. Tue 02/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$623
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Wed 26/Nov/14Economy$635
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Sun 07/Sep/14Economy$638
Dep. Tue 02/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$654
Dep. Mon 08/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$664
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Fri 12/Sep/14Economy$678
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$678
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Thu 16/Oct/14Economy$680
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Fri 12/Dec/14Economy$684
Dep. Sat 01/Nov/14Ret. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$695
Dep. Fri 05/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$698
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Wed 19/Nov/14Economy$699
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$704
Dep. Tue 25/Nov/14Ret. Tue 02/Dec/14Economy$712
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$715
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Fri 21/Nov/14Economy$715
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$718
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$718
Dep. Fri 21/Nov/14Ret. Sat 29/Nov/14Economy$722
Dep. Fri 21/Nov/14Ret. Sun 30/Nov/14Economy$722
Dep. Tue 25/Nov/14Ret. Sun 30/Nov/14Economy$732
JQ,VF Return flights from $564
Dep. Sun 31/Aug/14Ret. Fri 05/Sep/14Economy$564
Dep. Sun 12/Oct/14Ret. Fri 28/Nov/14Economy$586
Dep. Fri 21/Nov/14Ret. Sat 29/Nov/14Economy$591
Dep. Mon 23/Feb/15Ret. Mon 09/Mar/15Economy$592
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Mon 02/Mar/15Economy$597
Dep. Sat 14/Feb/15Ret. Sat 28/Feb/15Economy$597
Dep. Tue 02/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$606
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$606
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$606
Dep. Thu 09/Oct/14Ret. Thu 16/Oct/14Economy$612
Dep. Fri 21/Nov/14Ret. Sun 30/Nov/14Economy$612
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Fri 21/Nov/14Economy$625
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Mon 17/Nov/14Economy$644
Dep. Mon 08/Dec/14Ret. Tue 23/Dec/14Economy$647
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$653
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Tue 30/Sep/14Economy$654
Dep. Tue 16/Sep/14Ret. Tue 30/Sep/14Economy$654
Dep. Wed 13/May/15Ret. Wed 27/May/15Economy$664
Dep. Mon 02/Mar/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$674
Dep. Fri 05/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Dec/14Economy$677
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$678
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$686
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$686
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$686
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$688
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Wed 12/Nov/14Economy$691
Dep. Thu 16/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$693
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Ret. Tue 17/Mar/15Economy$693
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Fri 12/Dec/14Economy$697
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Fri 14/Nov/14Economy$704
Dep. Mon 12/Jan/15Ret. Sat 28/Feb/15Economy$712
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Fri 12/Sep/14Economy$714
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Fri 12/Sep/14Economy$714
Dep. Thu 23/Oct/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$732
Dep. Tue 02/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$739
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$741
Dep. Sun 17/Aug/14Ret. Tue 26/Aug/14Economy$746
Dep. Mon 18/Aug/14Ret. Tue 26/Aug/14Economy$766
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$766
D7,QZ,VA Return flights from $573
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14First$573
Dep. Sat 01/Nov/14Ret. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$574
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$574
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$574
Dep. Tue 26/Aug/14Ret. Tue 02/Sep/14Economy$624
Dep. Tue 16/Dec/14Ret. Sun 28/Dec/14Economy$690
Dep. Wed 24/Dec/14Ret. Sun 28/Dec/14Economy$718
Dep. Thu 14/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$744
Dep. Sun 17/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$744
Dep. Mon 18/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$744
Dep. Sat 16/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$804
Dep. Fri 15/Aug/14Ret. Wed 27/Aug/14Economy$812
Dep. Thu 07/Aug/14Ret. Wed 13/Aug/14Economy$869
AK,VA Return flights from $590
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14First$590
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$591
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Fri 12/Dec/14Economy$608
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Wed 10/Sep/14Economy$614
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$642
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Sun 07/Sep/14Economy$648
Dep. Mon 27/Oct/14Ret. Fri 07/Nov/14Economy$728
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Mon 13/Oct/14First$772
JQ,VA,VF Return flights from $593
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Fri 14/Nov/14Economy$593
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Fri 21/Nov/14Economy$614
Dep. Sun 31/Aug/14Ret. Fri 05/Sep/14Economy$622
Dep. Fri 19/Sep/14Ret. Sun 28/Sep/14Economy$864
Dep. Sat 20/Sep/14Ret. Tue 30/Sep/14Economy$883
Dep. Sat 20/Sep/14Ret. Fri 03/Oct/14Economy$1,002
AK,D7,QZ Return flights from $594
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$594
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14First$594
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$594
Dep. Thu 16/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$660
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$669
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Wed 10/Sep/14Economy$671
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$671
Dep. Tue 02/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$689
Dep. Tue 02/Sep/14Ret. Thu 11/Sep/14Economy$691
Dep. Sun 02/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$691
Dep. Thu 23/Oct/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$694
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Wed 26/Nov/14Economy$701
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Thu 16/Oct/14Economy$712
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Sun 07/Sep/14Economy$722
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$763
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Fri 12/Sep/14Economy$768
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$768
Dep. Sat 01/Nov/14Ret. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$779
Dep. Fri 07/Nov/14Ret. Wed 19/Nov/14Economy$781
Dep. Fri 05/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$788
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$788
Dep. Tue 25/Nov/14Ret. Wed 03/Dec/14Economy$799
Dep. Fri 21/Nov/14Ret. Sat 29/Nov/14Economy$801
Dep. Fri 21/Nov/14Ret. Sun 30/Nov/14Economy$801
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$802
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Thu 18/Sep/14Economy$802
Dep. Sat 01/Nov/14Ret. Wed 12/Nov/14Economy$812
Dep. Tue 25/Nov/14Ret. Thu 04/Dec/14Economy$812
Dep. Wed 08/Oct/14Ret. Sat 18/Oct/14Economy$843
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Mon 02/Mar/15Economy$853
Dep. Thu 09/Oct/14Ret. Thu 16/Oct/14Economy$853
Dep. Tue 12/May/15Ret. Wed 27/May/15Economy$860
Dep. Mon 18/Aug/14Ret. Tue 26/Aug/14Economy$865
Dep. Wed 13/May/15Ret. Wed 27/May/15Economy$867
Dep. Sun 17/May/15Ret. Wed 27/May/15Economy$867
Dep. Mon 02/Mar/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$871
Dep. Sun 17/Aug/14Ret. Tue 26/Aug/14Economy$878
Dep. Sat 06/Sep/14Ret. Fri 12/Sep/14Economy$878
Dep. Thu 30/Apr/15Ret. Sun 10/May/15Economy$881

Do you need to catch a flight to Melbourne? Check out our domestic flights to Melbourne. If Melbourne is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Denpasar (Bali) from Australia. Flight prices are from searches in the last 24 hours and may have changed.
How to get from Melbourne to Denpasar/Bali
Melbourne (MEL)
Denpasar (DPS)
6h 10m