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JQ One-Way flights from $247
Dep. Mon 13/Oct/14Economy$247
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Economy$247
Dep. Sat 18/Oct/14Economy$247
Dep. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$247
Dep. Fri 24/Oct/14Economy$247
Dep. Sat 25/Oct/14Economy$247
Dep. Sun 26/Oct/14Economy$247
Dep. Sat 01/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Sun 02/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Sun 09/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Mon 10/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Fri 14/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Sat 15/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Sun 16/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Mon 17/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Wed 19/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Thu 20/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Fri 21/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Sat 22/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Sun 23/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Mon 24/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Wed 26/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$247
Dep. Mon 01/Dec/14Economy$247
Dep. Wed 03/Dec/14Economy$247
Dep. Thu 04/Dec/14Economy$247
Dep. Fri 05/Dec/14Economy$247
Dep. Sat 06/Dec/14Economy$247
Dep. Sun 07/Dec/14Economy$247
Dep. Wed 10/Dec/14Economy$247
Dep. Wed 04/Feb/15Economy$257
Dep. Thu 12/Feb/15Economy$257
Dep. Fri 13/Feb/15Economy$257
Dep. Sat 14/Feb/15Economy$257
VA One-Way flights from $295
Dep. Mon 19/Jan/15Economy$295
Dep. Tue 20/Jan/15Economy$295
Dep. Sun 01/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Mon 02/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Tue 03/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Wed 04/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Thu 05/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Fri 06/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Sat 07/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Thu 12/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Fri 13/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Sat 14/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Sun 15/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Mon 16/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Tue 17/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Wed 18/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Thu 19/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Fri 20/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Sat 21/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Sun 22/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Mon 23/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Tue 24/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Wed 25/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Thu 26/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Fri 27/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Sat 28/Feb/15Economy$295
Dep. Wed 18/Mar/15Economy$295
Dep. Thu 19/Mar/15Economy$295
Dep. Fri 20/Mar/15Economy$295
Dep. Sun 22/Mar/15Economy$295
Dep. Mon 23/Mar/15Economy$295
Dep. Tue 24/Mar/15Economy$295
Dep. Wed 25/Mar/15Economy$295
Dep. Thu 26/Mar/15Economy$295
Dep. Fri 27/Mar/15Economy$295
Dep. Sat 28/Mar/15Economy$295
Dep. Sun 29/Mar/15Economy$295
Dep. Mon 30/Mar/15Economy$295
Dep. Tue 31/Mar/15Economy$295
AK,D7 One-Way flights from $299
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$299
Dep. Thu 02/Oct/14Economy$316
Dep. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$316
Dep. Mon 29/Sep/14Economy$319
Dep. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$444
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$483
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Economy$489
Dep. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$534
AK One-Way flights from $300
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$300
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Economy$300
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Economy$300
Dep. Thu 16/Oct/14Economy$300
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$300
Dep. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$300
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Economy$300
Dep. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$300
Dep. Tue 11/Nov/14Economy$300
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Economy$316
Dep. Thu 02/Oct/14Economy$316
Dep. Wed 15/Oct/14Economy$316
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Economy$316
Dep. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$316
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Economy$316
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Economy$316
Dep. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$316
Dep. Mon 19/Jan/15Economy$316
Dep. Tue 20/Jan/15Economy$316
Dep. Thu 22/Jan/15Economy$316
Dep. Fri 23/Jan/15Economy$316
Dep. Sat 24/Jan/15Economy$316
Dep. Sun 25/Jan/15Economy$316
Dep. Mon 26/Jan/15Economy$316
Dep. Tue 27/Jan/15Economy$316
Dep. Wed 28/Jan/15Economy$316
Dep. Thu 29/Jan/15Economy$316
Dep. Mon 25/Aug/14Economy$320
Dep. Tue 30/Sep/14Economy$320
Dep. Mon 13/Oct/14Economy$320
Dep. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$320
Dep. Wed 22/Oct/14Economy$323
Dep. Thu 23/Oct/14Economy$323
Dep. Sat 31/Jan/15Economy$323
Dep. Thu 04/Sep/14Economy$334
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Economy$334
Dep. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$334
Dep. Mon 10/Nov/14Economy$334
Dep. Fri 30/Jan/15Economy$334
D7,QZ One-Way flights from $369
Dep. Mon 29/Sep/14Economy$369
Dep. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$477
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$516
JQ,VF One-Way flights from $378
Dep. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$378
Dep. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$454
Dep. Thu 02/Oct/14Economy$620
GA One-Way flights from $394
Dep. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$394
Dep. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$394
Dep. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$394
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$404
Dep. Thu 02/Oct/14Economy$421
Dep. Mon 29/Sep/14Economy$458
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$566
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Economy$780
JQ,QF One-Way flights from $398
Dep. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$398
Dep. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$399
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$399
Dep. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$399
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$428
Dep. Thu 02/Oct/14Economy$467
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Economy$500
Dep. Mon 29/Sep/14Economy$583
CX One-Way flights from $689
Dep. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$689
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$706
Dep. Thu 02/Oct/14Economy$819
Dep. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$819
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$1,436
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Economy$1,552
Dep. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$2,018
Dep. Mon 29/Sep/14Business$4,524
BI One-Way flights from $710
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Economy$710
Dep. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$710
Dep. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$710
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Business$1,583
PR One-Way flights from $716
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Economy$716
EK,MH One-Way flights from $769
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$769
Dep. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$769
Dep. Thu 02/Oct/14Economy$855
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Economy$862
Dep. Mon 29/Sep/14Economy$862
Dep. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$862
Dep. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$1,007
SQ One-Way flights from $774
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$774
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$774
Dep. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$774
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Economy$838
Dep. Mon 29/Sep/14Economy$838
Dep. Thu 02/Oct/14Economy$838
Dep. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$838
Dep. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$966
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Business$3,225
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Business$3,225
MH One-Way flights from $792
Dep. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$792
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$809
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$823
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Economy$865
Dep. Mon 29/Sep/14Economy$865
Dep. Thu 02/Oct/14Economy$865
Dep. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$865
Dep. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$1,049
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Business$3,087
QF,VF One-Way flights from $803
Dep. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$803
Dep. Wed 11/Feb/15Economy$964
Dep. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$1,043

Do you need to catch a flight to Melbourne? Check out our domestic flights to Melbourne. If Melbourne is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Denpasar (Bali) from Australia. Flight prices are from searches in the last 24 hours and may have changed.
How to get from Melbourne to Denpasar/Bali
Melbourne (MEL)
Denpasar (DPS)
6h 10m