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The Cheapest Return Melbourne to Rome Flights.Show One Way

CA Return flights from $994
Dep. Wed 01/Nov/17Ret. Wed 29/Nov/17Economy$994
Dep. Wed 02/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,067
Dep. Fri 04/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,067
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Wed 11/Jul/18Economy$1,183
Dep. Sat 25/Nov/17Ret. Sat 09/Dec/17Economy$1,358
Dep. Tue 31/Oct/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,526
Dep. Sun 29/Apr/18Ret. Tue 29/May/18Economy$1,745
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$1,989
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$2,038
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$2,926
Dep. Thu 10/Aug/17Ret. Fri 15/Sep/17Economy$2,934
Dep. Tue 08/Aug/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$3,124
Dep. Tue 10/Oct/17Ret. Fri 20/Oct/17Economy$3,428
Dep. Wed 02/Aug/17Ret. Mon 04/Sep/17Economy$3,945
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$3,966
Dep. Mon 04/Sep/17Ret. Fri 29/Sep/17Economy$4,075
Dep. Fri 01/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$4,175
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$4,630
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$5,423
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$6,463
Dep. Mon 28/Aug/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economy$7,911
CZ Return flights from $1,109
Dep. Tue 31/Oct/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,109
Dep. Wed 01/Nov/17Ret. Wed 29/Nov/17Economy$1,109
Dep. Fri 01/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,146
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$1,155
Dep. Sat 25/Nov/17Ret. Sat 09/Dec/17Economy$1,197
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,203
Dep. Wed 02/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,230
Dep. Fri 04/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,230
Dep. Sun 29/Apr/18Ret. Tue 29/May/18Economy$1,230
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,239
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,246
Dep. Tue 08/Aug/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$1,253
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Thu 19/Oct/17Economy$1,257
Dep. Tue 10/Oct/17Ret. Fri 20/Oct/17Economy$1,290
Dep. Thu 10/Aug/17Ret. Fri 15/Sep/17Economy$1,349
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$1,349
Dep. Wed 02/Aug/17Ret. Mon 04/Sep/17Economy$1,391
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,431
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$1,438
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Wed 11/Jul/18Economy$1,438
Dep. Mon 04/Sep/17Ret. Fri 29/Sep/17Economy$1,567
Dep. Mon 28/Aug/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economy$1,685
Dep. Wed 06/Jun/18Ret. Thu 19/Jul/18Economy$1,948
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Economy$4,907
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Business$5,361
CA,VA Return flights from $1,128
Dep. Wed 02/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,128
Dep. Fri 04/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,148
Dep. Tue 31/Oct/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,249
Dep. Sat 25/Nov/17Ret. Sat 09/Dec/17Economy$1,431
Dep. Wed 01/Nov/17Ret. Wed 29/Nov/17Economy$1,928
Dep. Sun 29/Apr/18Ret. Tue 29/May/18Economy$2,060
Dep. Tue 08/Aug/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$2,390
Dep. Wed 02/Aug/17Ret. Mon 04/Sep/17Economy$2,464
Dep. Thu 10/Aug/17Ret. Fri 15/Sep/17Economy$2,464
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$2,556
Dep. Tue 10/Oct/17Ret. Fri 20/Oct/17Economy$2,873
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$3,007
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Thu 19/Oct/17Economy$3,013
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Wed 11/Jul/18Economy$3,365
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Economy$3,407
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$3,588
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$3,752
Dep. Fri 01/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$3,779
Dep. Mon 04/Sep/17Ret. Fri 29/Sep/17Economy$3,872
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$3,931
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$4,011
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$4,577
Dep. Mon 28/Aug/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economy$4,797
QR Return flights from $1,152
Dep. Wed 01/Nov/17Ret. Wed 29/Nov/17Economy$1,152
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$1,218
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Thu 19/Oct/17Economy$1,279
Dep. Tue 31/Oct/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,318
Dep. Sat 25/Nov/17Ret. Sat 09/Dec/17Economy$1,393
Dep. Wed 02/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,541
Dep. Tue 10/Oct/17Ret. Fri 20/Oct/17Economy$1,556
Dep. Fri 04/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,573
Dep. Sun 29/Apr/18Ret. Tue 29/May/18Economy$1,589
Dep. Wed 02/Aug/17Ret. Mon 04/Sep/17Economy$1,687
Dep. Wed 06/Jun/18Ret. Thu 19/Jul/18Economy$1,748
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,815
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,815
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,846
Dep. Fri 01/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,851
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Wed 11/Jul/18Economy$1,867
Dep. Thu 10/Aug/17Ret. Fri 15/Sep/17Economy$2,122
Dep. Mon 04/Sep/17Ret. Fri 29/Sep/17Economy$2,141
Dep. Mon 28/Aug/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economy$2,145
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$2,153
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$2,158
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$2,470
Dep. Tue 08/Aug/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$2,593
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Economy$4,601
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Business$5,770
CZ,KL Return flights from $1,154
Dep. Tue 31/Oct/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,154
Dep. Wed 01/Nov/17Ret. Wed 29/Nov/17Economy$1,154
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$1,219
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Economy$1,247
Dep. Wed 02/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,247
Dep. Fri 04/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,247
Dep. Sun 29/Apr/18Ret. Tue 29/May/18Economy$1,263
Dep. Tue 08/Aug/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$1,282
Dep. Sat 25/Nov/17Ret. Sat 09/Dec/17Economy$1,303
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Thu 19/Oct/17Economy$1,312
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,317
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,317
Dep. Fri 01/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,317
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,317
Dep. Tue 10/Oct/17Ret. Fri 20/Oct/17Economy$1,334
Dep. Thu 10/Aug/17Ret. Fri 15/Sep/17Economy$1,403
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$1,487
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Wed 11/Jul/18Economy$1,487
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$1,516
Dep. Wed 02/Aug/17Ret. Mon 04/Sep/17Economy$1,526
Dep. Mon 28/Aug/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economy$1,779
Dep. Mon 04/Sep/17Ret. Fri 29/Sep/17Economy$1,877
Dep. Wed 06/Jun/18Ret. Thu 19/Jul/18Economy$2,530
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Business$5,717
AF,CZ Return flights from $1,177
Dep. Wed 01/Nov/17Ret. Wed 29/Nov/17Economy$1,177
Dep. Tue 31/Oct/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,177
Dep. Sat 25/Nov/17Ret. Sat 09/Dec/17Economy$1,239
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$1,264
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Economy$1,270
Dep. Sun 29/Apr/18Ret. Tue 29/May/18Economy$1,270
Dep. Wed 02/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,270
Dep. Fri 04/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,270
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,291
Dep. Fri 01/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,310
Dep. Tue 08/Aug/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$1,319
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,320
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Thu 19/Oct/17Economy$1,336
Dep. Tue 10/Oct/17Ret. Fri 20/Oct/17Economy$1,357
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,417
Dep. Thu 10/Aug/17Ret. Fri 15/Sep/17Economy$1,427
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$1,445
Dep. Wed 02/Aug/17Ret. Mon 04/Sep/17Economy$1,477
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Wed 11/Jul/18Economy$1,514
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$1,514
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,538
Dep. Mon 04/Sep/17Ret. Fri 29/Sep/17Economy$1,757
Dep. Mon 28/Aug/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economy$1,802
Dep. Wed 06/Jun/18Ret. Thu 19/Jul/18Economy$2,134
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Business$5,751
EY Return flights from $1,188
Dep. Wed 01/Nov/17Ret. Wed 29/Nov/17Economy$1,188
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$1,230
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Thu 19/Oct/17Economy$1,272
Dep. Tue 31/Oct/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,333
Dep. Tue 10/Oct/17Ret. Fri 20/Oct/17Economy$1,361
Dep. Tue 08/Aug/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$1,493
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,525
Dep. Thu 10/Aug/17Ret. Fri 15/Sep/17Economy$1,549
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Economy$1,565
Dep. Wed 02/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,565
Dep. Sun 29/Apr/18Ret. Tue 29/May/18Economy$1,571
Dep. Wed 02/Aug/17Ret. Mon 04/Sep/17Economy$1,575
Dep. Sat 25/Nov/17Ret. Sat 09/Dec/17Economy$1,608
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$1,610
Dep. Fri 04/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,613
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,642
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,680
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,680
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$1,695
Dep. Mon 28/Aug/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economy$1,739
Dep. Mon 04/Sep/17Ret. Fri 29/Sep/17Economy$1,745
Dep. Fri 01/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,760
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Business$6,728
MU Return flights from $1,208
Dep. Tue 31/Oct/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,208
Dep. Tue 10/Oct/17Ret. Fri 20/Oct/17Economy$1,208
Dep. Tue 08/Aug/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$1,299
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$1,299
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$1,304
Dep. Wed 01/Nov/17Ret. Wed 29/Nov/17Economy$1,316
Dep. Wed 02/Aug/17Ret. Mon 04/Sep/17Economy$1,335
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Thu 19/Oct/17Economy$1,349
Dep. Sat 25/Nov/17Ret. Sat 09/Dec/17Economy$1,349
Dep. Fri 01/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,398
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,398
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,448
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,448
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$1,448
Dep. Thu 10/Aug/17Ret. Fri 15/Sep/17Economy$1,611
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Economy$1,624
Dep. Wed 02/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,624
Dep. Sun 29/Apr/18Ret. Tue 29/May/18Economy$1,647
Dep. Fri 04/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,647
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,697
Dep. Mon 04/Sep/17Ret. Fri 29/Sep/17Economy$1,914
Dep. Mon 28/Aug/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economy$1,939
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Wed 11/Jul/18Economy$5,273
Dep. Wed 06/Jun/18Ret. Thu 19/Jul/18Economy$5,273
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Business$6,634
TG Return flights from $1,225
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Economy$1,225
Dep. Wed 02/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,227
Dep. Fri 04/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,227
Dep. Tue 10/Oct/17Ret. Fri 20/Oct/17Economy$1,531
Dep. Tue 08/Aug/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$1,536
Dep. Wed 02/Aug/17Ret. Mon 04/Sep/17Economy$1,826
Dep. Thu 10/Aug/17Ret. Fri 15/Sep/17Economy$1,828
Dep. Tue 31/Oct/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$2,004
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$2,299
Dep. Mon 04/Sep/17Ret. Fri 29/Sep/17Economy$2,477
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Business$5,901
AZ,CZ Return flights from $1,229
Dep. Wed 01/Nov/17Ret. Wed 29/Nov/17Economy$1,229
Dep. Tue 31/Oct/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,314
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Economy$1,324
Dep. Sun 29/Apr/18Ret. Tue 29/May/18Economy$1,324
Dep. Wed 02/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,374
Dep. Fri 04/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,374
Dep. Sat 25/Nov/17Ret. Sat 09/Dec/17Economy$1,392
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$1,445
Dep. Tue 10/Oct/17Ret. Fri 20/Oct/17Economy$1,471
Dep. Fri 01/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,490
Dep. Tue 08/Aug/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$1,500
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,545
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,566
Dep. Thu 10/Aug/17Ret. Fri 15/Sep/17Economy$1,586
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,606
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$1,661
Dep. Wed 02/Aug/17Ret. Mon 04/Sep/17Economy$1,828
Dep. Mon 28/Aug/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economy$1,908
Dep. Mon 04/Sep/17Ret. Fri 29/Sep/17Economy$1,929
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$2,554
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$5,252
AF,CZ,KL Return flights from $1,274
Dep. Wed 02/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,274
Dep. Fri 04/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,274
Dep. Sat 25/Nov/17Ret. Sat 09/Dec/17Economy$1,280
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Economy$1,287
Dep. Sun 29/Apr/18Ret. Tue 29/May/18Economy$1,287
Dep. Wed 01/Nov/17Ret. Wed 29/Nov/17Economy$1,317
Dep. Tue 10/Oct/17Ret. Fri 20/Oct/17Economy$1,409
Dep. Thu 10/Aug/17Ret. Fri 15/Sep/17Economy$1,430
Dep. Tue 08/Aug/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$1,434
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,434
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,434
Dep. Fri 01/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,434
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,434
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$1,434
Dep. Wed 02/Aug/17Ret. Mon 04/Sep/17Economy$1,454
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$1,503
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Thu 19/Oct/17Economy$1,506
Dep. Fri 01/Jun/18Ret. Wed 11/Jul/18Economy$1,519
Dep. Mon 28/Aug/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economy$1,806
Dep. Mon 04/Sep/17Ret. Fri 29/Sep/17Economy$1,889
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Business$5,740
AZ,HU Return flights from $1,278
Dep. Tue 31/Oct/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,278
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,559
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$2,030
Dep. Tue 08/Aug/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$2,598
HU Return flights from $1,287
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$1,287
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,333
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,636
BA,JQ Return flights from $1,334
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Thu 19/Oct/17Economy$1,334
Dep. Wed 01/Nov/17Ret. Wed 29/Nov/17Economy$1,352
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$1,411
Dep. Sat 25/Nov/17Ret. Sat 09/Dec/17Economy$1,549
Dep. Tue 10/Oct/17Ret. Fri 20/Oct/17Economy$1,586
Dep. Wed 02/Aug/17Ret. Mon 04/Sep/17Economy$1,662
Dep. Tue 31/Oct/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,802
Dep. Thu 10/Aug/17Ret. Fri 15/Sep/17Economy$1,883
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,975
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,979
Dep. Wed 02/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$2,042
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Economy$2,043
Dep. Sun 29/Apr/18Ret. Tue 29/May/18Economy$2,053
Dep. Fri 04/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$2,075
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$2,145
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$2,186
Dep. Fri 01/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$2,223
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$2,242
Dep. Mon 04/Sep/17Ret. Fri 29/Sep/17Economy$2,270
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$2,309
Dep. Mon 28/Aug/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economy$2,445
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Business$8,185
EK Return flights from $1,357
Dep. Tue 31/Oct/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,357
Dep. Thu 12/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$1,357
Dep. Wed 01/Nov/17Ret. Wed 29/Nov/17Economy$1,357
Dep. Tue 10/Oct/17Ret. Fri 20/Oct/17Economy$1,367
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Thu 19/Oct/17Economy$1,394
Dep. Sat 25/Nov/17Ret. Sat 09/Dec/17Economy$1,403
Dep. Tue 08/Aug/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$1,501
Dep. Sun 29/Apr/18Ret. Tue 29/May/18Economy$1,501
Dep. Wed 02/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,501
Dep. Wed 02/Aug/17Ret. Mon 04/Sep/17Economy$1,507
Dep. Fri 04/May/18Ret. Wed 30/May/18Economy$1,533
Dep. Wed 30/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,563
Dep. Thu 10/Aug/17Ret. Fri 15/Sep/17Economy$1,574
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,606
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$1,617
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,625
Dep. Thu 31/Aug/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,677
Dep. Fri 01/Sep/17Ret. Sat 09/Sep/17Economy$1,708
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$1,723
Dep. Mon 28/Aug/17Ret. Thu 28/Sep/17Economy$2,026
Dep. Mon 04/Sep/17Ret. Fri 29/Sep/17Economy$2,089
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Economy$5,342
Dep. Thu 26/Apr/18Ret. Sun 27/May/18Business$6,936

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Melbourne? Check out our domestic flights to Melbourne. If Melbourne is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Rome from Australia and flights to Italy.

Return flights shown. Show One-Way Flights.

Monthly Average Prices for Melbourne to Rome Return Airfares (AUD)

+2  -$1892$1975  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -$1868  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -$1768  -$1575  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -  -$1792  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -  -  -  -$7542  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -$6531  -  -  -
+2  -  -  -  -  -  -$2401  -$6316  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • 20 hrs 30 mins is the quickest one-way trip between Melbourne and Roma (Rome), stopping over Singapore
  • 38 airlines operate between Roma (Rome) and Melbourne. This includes Alitalia, Air India, JAL, airberlin, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International, Air Seychelles.
  • The PARKROYAL Melbourne Airport is within a kilometre from Melbourne airport.
  • Melbourne is 9 hours ahead of Roma (Rome).
How to get from Melbourne to Rome
Melbourne (MEL)
Singapore (SIN)
7h 55m
Layover - 50m
Singapore (SIN)
Rome (FCO)
12h 40m
Make your own way from Fiumicino Aeroporto to Roma Termini
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