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AK Return flights from $500
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Tue 11/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Mon 27/Oct/14Economy$500
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Tue 11/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Sun 19/Oct/14Ret. Mon 27/Oct/14Economy$500
Dep. Sun 19/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Sun 19/Oct/14Ret. Tue 11/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Tue 11/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Tue 11/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Tue 04/Nov/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Tue 04/Nov/14Ret. Tue 11/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Wed 05/Nov/14Ret. Tue 11/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Mon 10/Nov/14Ret. Tue 11/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$513
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Tue 04/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Mon 10/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$513
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Tue 04/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Mon 10/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Sun 19/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$513
Dep. Sun 19/Oct/14Ret. Tue 04/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Sun 19/Oct/14Ret. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Sun 19/Oct/14Ret. Mon 10/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Wed 29/Oct/14Ret. Mon 10/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Mon 03/Nov/14Ret. Mon 10/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Tue 04/Nov/14Ret. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Tue 04/Nov/14Ret. Mon 10/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Wed 05/Nov/14Ret. Thu 06/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Wed 05/Nov/14Ret. Mon 10/Nov/14Economy$513
Dep. Thu 06/Nov/14Ret. Tue 11/Nov/14Economy$513
AK,D7 Return flights from $512
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Mon 27/Oct/14Economy$512
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$519
Dep. Wed 15/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$519
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Sat 25/Oct/14Economy$546
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$610
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$710
Dep. Fri 08/Aug/14Ret. Tue 12/Aug/14Economy$800
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Sat 16/Aug/14Economy$814
Dep. Sun 14/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$1,150
Dep. Fri 02/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$1,241
Dep. Sun 21/Dec/14Ret. Tue 13/Jan/15Economy$1,530
AK,D7,JQ Return flights from $536
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Mon 27/Oct/14Economy$536
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$589
Dep. Wed 15/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$605
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Sat 25/Oct/14Economy$624
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$631
Dep. Fri 08/Aug/14Ret. Tue 12/Aug/14Economy$785
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Sat 16/Aug/14Economy$812
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$838
Dep. Sat 18/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$882
Dep. Fri 02/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$1,122
Dep. Sun 21/Dec/14Ret. Tue 13/Jan/15Economy$1,275
AK,JQ Return flights from $585
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Mon 27/Oct/14Economy$585
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$640
Dep. Wed 15/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$656
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Sat 25/Oct/14Economy$676
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$682
Dep. Fri 08/Aug/14Ret. Tue 12/Aug/14Economy$837
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Sat 16/Aug/14Economy$863
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$889
JQ Return flights from $613
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Mon 27/Oct/14Economy$613
Dep. Sat 18/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$645
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$668
Dep. Wed 15/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$704
Dep. Fri 08/Aug/14Ret. Tue 12/Aug/14Economy$784
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$791
Dep. Fri 02/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$1,003
Dep. Sun 21/Dec/14Ret. Tue 13/Jan/15Economy$1,211
3K,JQ Return flights from $636
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Mon 27/Oct/14Economy$636
Dep. Sat 18/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$667
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$692
Dep. Wed 15/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$728
Dep. Fri 08/Aug/14Ret. Tue 12/Aug/14Economy$807
Dep. Fri 02/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$1,027
3K,AK,D7,JQ Return flights from $647
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$647
3K,AK,JQ Return flights from $698
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$698
CZ Return flights from $758
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$758
Dep. Wed 15/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$806
Dep. Sat 18/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$806
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Mon 27/Oct/14Economy$854
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Sat 25/Oct/14Economy$911
Dep. Tue 24/Mar/15Ret. Thu 09/Apr/15Economy$911
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$1,012
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$1,021
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Sat 16/Aug/14Economy$1,060
Dep. Fri 08/Aug/14Ret. Tue 12/Aug/14Economy$1,132
Dep. Sun 21/Dec/14Ret. Tue 13/Jan/15Economy$1,856
Dep. Fri 02/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$1,890
MH Return flights from $798
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$798
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Sat 16/Aug/14Economy$798
Dep. Fri 08/Aug/14Ret. Tue 12/Aug/14Economy$798
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$798
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Sat 25/Oct/14Economy$798
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Mon 27/Oct/14Economy$798
Dep. Sat 18/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$798
Dep. Tue 24/Mar/15Ret. Thu 09/Apr/15Economy$798
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$802
Dep. Wed 15/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$802
Dep. Sun 21/Dec/14Ret. Tue 13/Jan/15Economy$1,614
Dep. Fri 02/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$1,614
Dep. Sun 14/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$1,632
JQ,QF Return flights from $805
Dep. Sat 18/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$805
Dep. Sun 21/Dec/14Ret. Tue 13/Jan/15Economy$1,302
Dep. Sun 14/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$4,475
VN Return flights from $824
Dep. Wed 15/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$824
Dep. Sat 18/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$824
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Mon 27/Oct/14Economy$873
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$873
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Sat 25/Oct/14Economy$921
Dep. Tue 24/Mar/15Ret. Thu 09/Apr/15Economy$945
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Sat 16/Aug/14Economy$969
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$994
Dep. Fri 02/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$1,502
Dep. Sun 14/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$1,530
Dep. Sun 21/Dec/14Ret. Tue 13/Jan/15Economy$1,647
CX,QF Return flights from $867
Dep. Fri 08/Aug/14Ret. Tue 12/Aug/14Economy$867
Dep. Wed 15/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$867
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$883
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Mon 27/Oct/14Economy$886
Dep. Sat 18/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$886
Dep. Tue 24/Mar/15Ret. Thu 09/Apr/15Economy$886
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Sat 16/Aug/14Economy$949
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$1,079
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$1,100
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Sat 25/Oct/14Economy$1,118
Dep. Fri 02/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$1,430
Dep. Sun 14/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$1,663
Dep. Sun 21/Dec/14Ret. Tue 13/Jan/15Economy$1,811
AK,CX,D7,QF Return flights from $873
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Sat 25/Oct/14Economy$873
EK Return flights from $880
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$880
Dep. Mon 01/Sep/14Ret. Mon 08/Sep/14Economy$1,001
Dep. Wed 03/Sep/14Ret. Tue 09/Sep/14Economy$1,006
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Sat 16/Aug/14Economy$1,045
Dep. Fri 08/Aug/14Ret. Tue 12/Aug/14Economy$1,083
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Sat 25/Oct/14Economy$1,101
Dep. Fri 10/Oct/14Ret. Mon 27/Oct/14Economy$1,101
Dep. Wed 15/Oct/14Ret. Wed 05/Nov/14Economy$1,101
Dep. Sat 18/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$1,101
Dep. Tue 24/Mar/15Ret. Thu 09/Apr/15Economy$1,101
Dep. Sun 21/Dec/14Ret. Tue 13/Jan/15Economy$1,504
Dep. Fri 02/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$1,553

Do you need to catch a flight to Melbourne? Check out our domestic flights to Melbourne. If Melbourne is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Ho Chi Minh City from Australia. Flight prices are from searches in the last 24 hours and may have changed.
How to get from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
Melbourne (MEL)
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)
8h 50m