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Cheap Flights Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. Return flights from $478

We have heaps of cheap airfares available to many overseas locations. For more cheap airfares from your nearest airport check out Cheap International Flights from Melbourne or else all Flights to Ho Chi Minh City from Australia. Flight prices are from searches in the last 24 hours and may have changed.
Return flights shown. Show One-Way Flights.
JQ Return flights from $478
Dep. Thu 31/Jul/14Ret. Thu 14/Aug/14Economy$478
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Fri 15/Aug/14Economy$649
Dep. Thu 18/Sep/14Ret. Tue 04/Nov/14Economy$674
Dep. Tue 15/Jul/14Ret. Thu 24/Jul/14Economy$689
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Ret. Sun 28/Sep/14Economy$792
Dep. Wed 30/Apr/14Ret. Tue 06/May/14Economy$796
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14Economy$818
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$855
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$866
Dep. Sun 07/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$866
Dep. Sat 20/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,139
3K,JQ Return flights from $501
Dep. Thu 31/Jul/14Ret. Thu 14/Aug/14First$501
Dep. Thu 31/Jul/14Ret. Thu 14/Aug/14Economy$508
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Fri 15/Aug/14First$672
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Fri 15/Aug/14Economy$682
Dep. Thu 18/Sep/14Ret. Tue 04/Nov/14Economy$699
Dep. Tue 15/Jul/14Ret. Thu 24/Jul/14First$712
Dep. Tue 15/Jul/14Ret. Thu 24/Jul/14Economy$744
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Ret. Sun 28/Sep/14Economy$816
Dep. Wed 30/Apr/14Ret. Tue 06/May/14First$819
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14First$841
Dep. Wed 30/Apr/14Ret. Tue 06/May/14Economy$844
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14Economy$851
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15First$878
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$888
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15First$890
Dep. Sun 07/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15First$890
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$899
Dep. Sun 07/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$899
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$947
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$1,044
Dep. Sat 20/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15First$1,163
Dep. Sat 20/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,193
AK,D7,JQ Return flights from $542
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$542
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$584
Dep. Tue 15/Jul/14Ret. Thu 24/Jul/14Economy$608
Dep. Tue 02/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$610
Dep. Wed 30/Apr/14Ret. Tue 06/May/14Economy$671
Dep. Sat 23/Aug/14Ret. Sat 30/Aug/14Economy$675
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$676
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Fri 15/Aug/14Economy$684
Dep. Thu 18/Sep/14Ret. Tue 04/Nov/14Economy$695
Dep. Wed 11/Jun/14Ret. Sat 21/Jun/14Economy$737
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14Economy$743
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Ret. Sun 28/Sep/14Economy$808
Dep. Sat 20/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,177
AK,D7 Return flights from $558
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$558
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$588
Dep. Thu 17/Jul/14Ret. Sat 02/Aug/14Economy$629
Dep. Thu 31/Jul/14Ret. Thu 14/Aug/14Economy$645
Dep. Sat 23/Aug/14Ret. Sat 30/Aug/14Economy$659
Dep. Wed 30/Apr/14Ret. Tue 06/May/14Economy$673
Dep. Thu 05/Jun/14Ret. Mon 09/Jun/14Economy$680
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$703
Dep. Thu 18/Sep/14Ret. Tue 04/Nov/14Economy$703
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Fri 15/Aug/14Economy$713
Dep. Tue 02/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$734
Dep. Wed 11/Jun/14Ret. Sat 21/Jun/14Economy$769
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14Economy$803
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Ret. Sun 28/Sep/14Economy$819
Dep. Tue 15/Jul/14Ret. Thu 24/Jul/14Economy$849
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,073
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,086
Dep. Sun 07/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,086
Dep. Sat 20/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,239
3K,AK,D7,JQ Return flights from $572
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$572
Dep. Tue 02/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$627
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$697
Dep. Sat 23/Aug/14Ret. Sat 30/Aug/14Economy$698
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Fri 15/Aug/14Economy$717
Dep. Thu 18/Sep/14Ret. Tue 04/Nov/14Economy$720
Dep. Wed 11/Jun/14Ret. Sat 21/Jun/14Economy$769
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14Economy$776
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Ret. Sun 28/Sep/14Economy$850
Dep. Thu 05/Jun/14Ret. Mon 09/Jun/14Economy$989
AK,JQ Return flights from $588
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$588
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$631
Dep. Tue 15/Jul/14Ret. Thu 24/Jul/14Economy$651
Dep. Tue 02/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$656
Dep. Wed 30/Apr/14Ret. Tue 06/May/14Economy$714
Dep. Sat 23/Aug/14Ret. Sat 30/Aug/14Economy$721
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$723
Dep. Wed 11/Jun/14Ret. Sat 21/Jun/14Economy$784
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14Economy$789
3K,AK,JQ Return flights from $618
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$618
Dep. Tue 02/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$673
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$743
Dep. Sat 23/Aug/14Ret. Sat 30/Aug/14Economy$744
Dep. Wed 11/Jun/14Ret. Sat 21/Jun/14Economy$816
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14Economy$822
Dep. Thu 05/Jun/14Ret. Mon 09/Jun/14Economy$1,032
AK Return flights from $641
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$641
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$671
Dep. Thu 17/Jul/14Ret. Sat 02/Aug/14Economy$716
Dep. Thu 31/Jul/14Ret. Thu 14/Aug/14Economy$728
Dep. Sat 23/Aug/14Ret. Sat 30/Aug/14Economy$742
Dep. Wed 30/Apr/14Ret. Tue 06/May/14Economy$756
Dep. Thu 05/Jun/14Ret. Mon 09/Jun/14Economy$763
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$786
Dep. Thu 18/Sep/14Ret. Tue 04/Nov/14Economy$786
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Fri 15/Aug/14Economy$796
Dep. Tue 02/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$817
Dep. Wed 11/Jun/14Ret. Sat 21/Jun/14Economy$856
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14Economy$886
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Ret. Sun 28/Sep/14Economy$902
Dep. Tue 15/Jul/14Ret. Thu 24/Jul/14Economy$932
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,169
Dep. Sun 07/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,169
Dep. Sat 20/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,322
MH Return flights from $716
Dep. Wed 30/Apr/14Ret. Tue 06/May/14Economy$716
Dep. Thu 05/Jun/14Ret. Mon 09/Jun/14Economy$716
Dep. Wed 11/Jun/14Ret. Sat 21/Jun/14Economy$716
Dep. Thu 31/Jul/14Ret. Thu 14/Aug/14Economy$716
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Fri 15/Aug/14Economy$716
Dep. Sat 23/Aug/14Ret. Sat 30/Aug/14Economy$716
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$716
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$716
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Ret. Sun 28/Sep/14Economy$737
Dep. Thu 17/Jul/14Ret. Sat 02/Aug/14Economy$812
Dep. Tue 15/Jul/14Ret. Thu 24/Jul/14Economy$830
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$991
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$991
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$991
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14Economy$1,093
Dep. Tue 02/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$1,265
Dep. Sun 07/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,267
Dep. Sat 20/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,639
JQ,PR Return flights from $719
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$719
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$720
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$750
Dep. Sat 23/Aug/14Ret. Sat 30/Aug/14Economy$834
Dep. Wed 11/Jun/14Ret. Sat 21/Jun/14Economy$870
QF Return flights from $723
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$723
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$877
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Ret. Sun 28/Sep/14Economy$885
Dep. Sat 23/Aug/14Ret. Sat 30/Aug/14Economy$919
Dep. Thu 31/Jul/14Ret. Thu 14/Aug/14Economy$936
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Fri 15/Aug/14Economy$937
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$953
Dep. Wed 11/Jun/14Ret. Sat 21/Jun/14Economy$983
Dep. Tue 15/Jul/14Ret. Thu 24/Jul/14Economy$983
Dep. Thu 18/Sep/14Ret. Tue 04/Nov/14Economy$999
Dep. Thu 17/Jul/14Ret. Sat 02/Aug/14Economy$1,015
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14Economy$1,047
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,060
Dep. Wed 30/Apr/14Ret. Tue 06/May/14Economy$1,063
Dep. Thu 05/Jun/14Ret. Mon 09/Jun/14Economy$1,078
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$1,107
Dep. Tue 02/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$1,330
Dep. Sat 20/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,472
3K,QF Return flights from $735
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$735
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$768
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Fri 15/Aug/14Economy$771
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Ret. Sun 28/Sep/14Economy$901
Dep. Sat 23/Aug/14Ret. Sat 30/Aug/14Economy$919
Dep. Thu 31/Jul/14Ret. Thu 14/Aug/14Economy$935
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$970
Dep. Thu 18/Sep/14Ret. Tue 04/Nov/14Economy$999
Dep. Wed 11/Jun/14Ret. Sat 21/Jun/14Economy$999
Dep. Tue 15/Jul/14Ret. Thu 24/Jul/14Economy$999
Dep. Thu 05/Jun/14Ret. Mon 09/Jun/14Economy$1,015
Dep. Thu 17/Jul/14Ret. Sat 02/Aug/14Economy$1,015
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14Economy$1,062
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,075
Dep. Wed 30/Apr/14Ret. Tue 06/May/14Economy$1,078
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$1,130
Dep. Tue 02/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$1,424
Dep. Sat 20/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,482
AK,D7,PR Return flights from $736
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$736
Dep. Sat 23/Aug/14Ret. Sat 30/Aug/14Economy$827
Dep. Thu 17/Jul/14Ret. Sat 02/Aug/14Economy$897
Dep. Wed 11/Jun/14Ret. Sat 21/Jun/14Economy$902
SQ Return flights from $738
Dep. Wed 30/Apr/14Ret. Tue 06/May/14Economy$738
Dep. Thu 05/Jun/14Ret. Mon 09/Jun/14Economy$738
Dep. Wed 11/Jun/14Ret. Sat 21/Jun/14Economy$738
Dep. Thu 31/Jul/14Ret. Thu 14/Aug/14Economy$738
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Fri 15/Aug/14Economy$738
Dep. Sat 23/Aug/14Ret. Sat 30/Aug/14Economy$738
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$738
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$792
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$814
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Ret. Sun 28/Sep/14Economy$846
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14Economy$905
Dep. Thu 18/Sep/14Ret. Tue 04/Nov/14Economy$964
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,057
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,116
Dep. Thu 17/Jul/14Ret. Sat 02/Aug/14Economy$1,229
Dep. Tue 15/Jul/14Ret. Thu 24/Jul/14Economy$1,237
Dep. Tue 02/Dec/14Ret. Sun 14/Dec/14Economy$1,268
Dep. Sun 07/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,268
Dep. Sat 20/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,562
SQ,VA Return flights from $747
Dep. Fri 01/Aug/14Ret. Fri 15/Aug/14Economy$747
Dep. Sun 07/Sep/14Ret. Sat 13/Sep/14Economy$747
Dep. Wed 10/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$801
Dep. Thu 05/Jun/14Ret. Mon 09/Jun/14Economy$843
Dep. Sat 13/Sep/14Ret. Sun 28/Sep/14Economy$856
Dep. Wed 11/Jun/14Ret. Sat 21/Jun/14Economy$911
Dep. Thu 31/Jul/14Ret. Thu 14/Aug/14Economy$911
Dep. Sun 21/Sep/14Ret. Wed 01/Oct/14Economy$915
Dep. Wed 12/Nov/14Ret. Thu 27/Nov/14Economy$916
Dep. Wed 30/Apr/14Ret. Tue 06/May/14Economy$951
Dep. Thu 18/Sep/14Ret. Tue 04/Nov/14Economy$1,040
Dep. Sat 23/Aug/14Ret. Sat 30/Aug/14Economy$1,051
Dep. Sat 20/Dec/14Ret. Sat 03/Jan/15Economy$1,703
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