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The Cheapest Return Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City Flights.Show One Way

AK Return flights from $399
Dep. Sun 16/Oct/16Ret. Sun 06/Nov/16Economy$399
Dep. Sun 16/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economy$399
Dep. Sun 23/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$399
Dep. Mon 24/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$399
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$399
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Wed 16/Nov/16Economy$399
Dep. Sun 30/Oct/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economy$399
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Wed 16/Nov/16Economy$399
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Sun 31/Jul/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Wed 03/Aug/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Sat 06/Aug/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Fri 12/Aug/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Thu 08/Sep/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Fri 23/Sep/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Wed 05/Oct/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Fri 14/Oct/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Wed 26/Oct/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Tue 01/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Fri 04/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Sat 19/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Tue 22/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Fri 25/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Mon 28/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Thu 01/Dec/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Wed 07/Dec/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Fri 16/Dec/16Economy$405
Dep. Fri 15/Jul/16Ret. Thu 22/Dec/16Economy$405
Dep. Mon 18/Jul/16Ret. Sun 31/Jul/16Economy$405
Dep. Mon 18/Jul/16Ret. Wed 03/Aug/16Economy$405
Dep. Mon 18/Jul/16Ret. Sat 06/Aug/16Economy$405
Dep. Mon 18/Jul/16Ret. Fri 12/Aug/16Economy$405
Dep. Mon 18/Jul/16Ret. Thu 08/Sep/16Economy$405
Dep. Mon 18/Jul/16Ret. Fri 23/Sep/16Economy$405
Dep. Mon 18/Jul/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economy$405
Dep. Mon 18/Jul/16Ret. Wed 05/Oct/16Economy$405
Dep. Mon 18/Jul/16Ret. Fri 14/Oct/16Economy$405
Dep. Mon 18/Jul/16Ret. Wed 26/Oct/16Economy$405
Dep. Mon 18/Jul/16Ret. Tue 01/Nov/16Economy$405
AK,D7 Return flights from $404
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Thu 22/Sep/16Economy$404
Dep. Sun 16/Oct/16Ret. Sun 06/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Sun 16/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Sun 23/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Mon 24/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Wed 16/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Sun 30/Oct/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Wed 16/Nov/16Economy$405
Dep. Wed 20/Jul/16Ret. Sat 30/Jul/16Economy$457
Dep. Wed 20/Jul/16Ret. Sun 31/Jul/16Economy$457
Dep. Fri 20/Jan/17Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$549
Dep. Fri 13/Jan/17Ret. Tue 07/Feb/17Economy$589
Dep. Fri 20/Jan/17Ret. Tue 07/Feb/17Economy$589
Dep. Fri 20/Jan/17Ret. Thu 09/Feb/17Economy$589
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Fri 30/Sep/16Economy$621
Dep. Fri 03/Mar/17Ret. Fri 17/Mar/17Economy$704
Dep. Thu 15/Dec/16Ret. Thu 22/Dec/16Economy$721
Dep. Mon 09/Jan/17Ret. Fri 20/Jan/17Economy$729
Dep. Thu 29/Dec/16Ret. Thu 16/Feb/17Economy$884
Dep. Sun 25/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$884
Dep. Thu 29/Dec/16Ret. Sat 11/Feb/17Economy$924
Dep. Thu 29/Dec/16Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economy$924
Dep. Wed 28/Dec/16Ret. Thu 16/Feb/17Economy$934
Dep. Fri 23/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$934
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$934
Dep. Mon 26/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$934
Dep. Tue 27/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$934
Dep. Wed 28/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$934
Dep. Tue 03/Jan/17Ret. Tue 24/Jan/17Economy$1,046
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Tue 12/Jul/16Economy$1,274
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Thu 07/Jul/16Economy$1,534
Dep. Tue 28/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$1,547
Dep. Tue 28/Jun/16Ret. Thu 07/Jul/16Economy$1,644
AK,JQ Return flights from $446
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Thu 22/Sep/16Economy$446
Dep. Sun 23/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$525
Dep. Mon 24/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$525
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$525
Dep. Sun 16/Oct/16Ret. Sun 06/Nov/16Economy$528
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Wed 16/Nov/16Economy$609
Dep. Sun 30/Oct/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economy$633
Dep. Wed 20/Jul/16Ret. Sat 30/Jul/16Economy$663
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Wed 16/Nov/16Economy$663
Dep. Wed 20/Jul/16Ret. Sun 31/Jul/16Economy$687
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Fri 30/Sep/16Economy$695
Dep. Fri 13/Jan/17Ret. Tue 07/Feb/17Economy$784
Dep. Thu 15/Dec/16Ret. Thu 22/Dec/16Economy$795
Dep. Mon 09/Jan/17Ret. Fri 20/Jan/17Economy$815
Dep. Thu 29/Dec/16Ret. Thu 16/Feb/17Economy$842
Dep. Thu 29/Dec/16Ret. Sat 11/Feb/17Economy$846
Dep. Wed 28/Dec/16Ret. Thu 16/Feb/17Economy$911
Dep. Tue 27/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$942
Dep. Wed 28/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$948
Dep. Thu 29/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$1,026
Dep. Fri 23/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$1,067
Dep. Sat 24/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$1,067
Dep. Sun 25/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$1,067
Dep. Mon 26/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$1,077
Dep. Thu 29/Dec/16Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economy$1,096
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Tue 12/Jul/16Economy$1,144
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Thu 07/Jul/16Economy$1,429
Dep. Tue 28/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$1,463
Dep. Tue 28/Jun/16Ret. Thu 07/Jul/16Economy$1,559
AK,D7,JQ Return flights from $452
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Thu 22/Sep/16Economy$452
Dep. Fri 20/Jan/17Ret. Thu 09/Feb/17Economy$542
Dep. Wed 20/Jul/16Ret. Sat 30/Jul/16Economy$611
Dep. Thu 15/Dec/16Ret. Thu 22/Dec/16Economy$793
Dep. Thu 29/Dec/16Ret. Thu 16/Feb/17Economy$846
Dep. Thu 29/Dec/16Ret. Sat 11/Feb/17Economy$850
Dep. Wed 28/Dec/16Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economy$994
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Tue 12/Jul/16Economy$1,098
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Thu 07/Jul/16Economy$1,255
Dep. Tue 28/Jun/16Ret. Thu 07/Jul/16Economy$1,396
Dep. Tue 28/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$1,426
AK,BL,JQ Return flights from $456
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Thu 22/Sep/16Economy$456
Dep. Thu 15/Dec/16Ret. Thu 22/Dec/16Economy$795
AK,BL,D7,JQ Return flights from $461
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Thu 22/Sep/16Economy$461
Dep. Sun 23/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$704
Dep. Mon 24/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$704
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$704
Dep. Thu 15/Dec/16Ret. Thu 22/Dec/16Economy$793
Dep. Tue 28/Jun/16Ret. Thu 07/Jul/16Economy$1,396
Dep. Tue 28/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$1,426
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Thu 07/Jul/16Economy$1,620
JQ Return flights from $494
Dep. Mon 26/Sep/16Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economy$494
Dep. Mon 26/Sep/16Ret. Mon 20/Mar/17Economy$494
Dep. Mon 26/Sep/16Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economy$494
Dep. Mon 26/Sep/16Ret. Mon 03/Apr/17Economy$494
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Mon 20/Mar/17Economy$494
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economy$494
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Mon 03/Apr/17Economy$494
Dep. Mon 20/Mar/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economy$494
Dep. Mon 20/Mar/17Ret. Mon 03/Apr/17Economy$494
Dep. Wed 28/Sep/16Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economy$504
Dep. Wed 28/Sep/16Ret. Mon 20/Mar/17Economy$504
Dep. Wed 28/Sep/16Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economy$504
Dep. Wed 28/Sep/16Ret. Mon 03/Apr/17Economy$504
Dep. Thu 29/Sep/16Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economy$508
Dep. Thu 29/Sep/16Ret. Mon 20/Mar/17Economy$508
Dep. Thu 29/Sep/16Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economy$508
Dep. Thu 29/Sep/16Ret. Mon 03/Apr/17Economy$508
Dep. Mon 08/Aug/16Ret. Sun 14/Aug/16Economy$521
Dep. Mon 08/Aug/16Ret. Thu 22/Sep/16Economy$521
Dep. Mon 15/Aug/16Ret. Thu 22/Sep/16Economy$521
Dep. Mon 22/Aug/16Ret. Thu 22/Sep/16Economy$521
Dep. Mon 29/Aug/16Ret. Thu 22/Sep/16Economy$521
Dep. Mon 26/Sep/16Ret. Mon 01/May/17Economy$522
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Mon 01/May/17Economy$522
Dep. Mon 20/Mar/17Ret. Mon 01/May/17Economy$522
Dep. Mon 24/Apr/17Ret. Mon 01/May/17Economy$522
Dep. Mon 27/Feb/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economy$524
Dep. Mon 27/Feb/17Ret. Mon 20/Mar/17Economy$524
Dep. Mon 27/Feb/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economy$524
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Sun 26/Mar/17Economy$524
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Sun 02/Apr/17Economy$524
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Thu 04/May/17Economy$524
Dep. Mon 13/Mar/17Ret. Mon 20/Mar/17Economy$524
Dep. Mon 13/Mar/17Ret. Mon 27/Mar/17Economy$524
Dep. Mon 13/Mar/17Ret. Mon 03/Apr/17Economy$524
Dep. Mon 20/Mar/17Ret. Sun 26/Mar/17Economy$524
Dep. Mon 20/Mar/17Ret. Sun 02/Apr/17Economy$524
Dep. Mon 20/Mar/17Ret. Thu 04/May/17Economy$524
Dep. Mon 24/Apr/17Ret. Thu 04/May/17Economy$524
AK,D7,TR,TZ Return flights from $542
Dep. Sun 16/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economy$542
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Wed 16/Nov/16Economy$542
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Thu 22/Sep/16Economy$544
Dep. Sun 16/Oct/16Ret. Sun 06/Nov/16Economy$545
Dep. Sun 23/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$551
Dep. Sun 30/Oct/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economy$581
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Fri 30/Sep/16Economy$624
Dep. Wed 20/Jul/16Ret. Sun 31/Jul/16Economy$630
Dep. Wed 20/Jul/16Ret. Sat 30/Jul/16Economy$692
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Wed 16/Nov/16Economy$780
Dep. Tue 28/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$808
AK,D7,TZ Return flights from $545
Dep. Sun 16/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economy$545
Dep. Tue 28/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$778
3K,AK,D7,TZ Return flights from $546
Dep. Mon 24/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$546
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Wed 16/Nov/16Economy$554
Dep. Sun 30/Oct/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economy$673
Dep. Thu 15/Dec/16Ret. Thu 22/Dec/16Economy$1,111
TR,TZ Return flights from $564
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Thu 22/Sep/16Economy$564
Dep. Sun 30/Oct/16Ret. Wed 30/Nov/16Economy$664
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Fri 30/Sep/16Economy$669
AK,D7,VJ Return flights from $572
Dep. Wed 20/Jul/16Ret. Sun 31/Jul/16Economy$572
Dep. Wed 20/Jul/16Ret. Sat 30/Jul/16Economy$646
3K,JQ Return flights from $596
Dep. Fri 03/Mar/17Ret. Fri 17/Mar/17Economy$596
Dep. Mon 24/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$613
Dep. Sun 16/Oct/16Ret. Sun 06/Nov/16Economy$617
Dep. Sun 23/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$617
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Thu 22/Sep/16Economy$651
Dep. Fri 20/Jan/17Ret. Thu 09/Feb/17Economy$679
Dep. Wed 20/Jul/16Ret. Sun 31/Jul/16Economy$745
Dep. Wed 20/Jul/16Ret. Sat 30/Jul/16Economy$821
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Fri 30/Sep/16Economy$867
Dep. Wed 28/Dec/16Ret. Thu 16/Feb/17Economy$873
Dep. Thu 29/Dec/16Ret. Thu 16/Feb/17Economy$887
Dep. Thu 29/Dec/16Ret. Sat 11/Feb/17Economy$891
Dep. Mon 09/Jan/17Ret. Fri 20/Jan/17Economy$970
Dep. Thu 15/Dec/16Ret. Thu 22/Dec/16Economy$1,029
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Thu 07/Jul/16Economy$1,310
Dep. Tue 28/Jun/16Ret. Thu 07/Jul/16Economy$1,710
Dep. Tue 28/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$1,810
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Tue 12/Jul/16Economy$1,938
BI Return flights from $596
Dep. Sun 16/Oct/16Ret. Sun 06/Nov/16Economy$596
Dep. Sun 16/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economy$596
Dep. Sun 23/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$596
Dep. Mon 24/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$596
Dep. Fri 03/Mar/17Ret. Fri 17/Mar/17Economy$596
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Thu 22/Sep/16Economy$669
Dep. Fri 20/Jan/17Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$775
Dep. Fri 20/Jan/17Ret. Thu 09/Feb/17Economy$814
Dep. Sun 18/Sep/16Ret. Fri 30/Sep/16Economy$819
Dep. Fri 20/Jan/17Ret. Tue 07/Feb/17Economy$931
Dep. Mon 09/Jan/17Ret. Fri 20/Jan/17Economy$952
Dep. Fri 13/Jan/17Ret. Tue 07/Feb/17Economy$971
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Tue 12/Jul/16Economy$1,003
Dep. Wed 28/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$1,113
Dep. Wed 28/Dec/16Ret. Thu 16/Feb/17Economy$1,113
Dep. Mon 26/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$1,118
Dep. Fri 23/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$1,634
Dep. Sun 25/Dec/16Ret. Tue 14/Feb/17Economy$1,634
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Thu 07/Jul/16Economy$2,052
AK,D7,OD Return flights from $598
Dep. Wed 20/Jul/16Ret. Sun 31/Jul/16Economy$598
Dep. Sun 16/Oct/16Ret. Sun 06/Nov/16Economy$608
Dep. Sun 23/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$609
Dep. Mon 24/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$609
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$609
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Wed 16/Nov/16Economy$620
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Wed 16/Nov/16Economy$620
Dep. Sun 16/Oct/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economy$621
Dep. Wed 20/Jul/16Ret. Sat 30/Jul/16Economy$670
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Tue 12/Jul/16Economy$1,377

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Melbourne? Check out our domestic flights to Melbourne. If Melbourne is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Ho Chi Minh City from Australia and flights to Vietnam.

Return flights shown. Show One-Way Flights.

Monthly Average Prices for Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City Return Airfares (AUD)

+2  -$1437$1363$1365  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -$1228  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -$1451  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -  -  -$888  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -$1375$1565  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -  -  -$848  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -$1435$1388$1358  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • Ho Chi Minh City is 3 hours after Melbourne. You might be jetlagged after the flight.
  • The closest hotel to Melbourne airport is The PARKROYAL Melbourne Airport which is at Arrival Drive, Melbourne Airport .
  • 34 airlines operate the route from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City. This includes Air Philippines, Vietnam Airlines, Etihad Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Finnair, Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airways and more.
  • Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City, the quickest return trip is 15 hours and 55 minutes
How to get from Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City
Melbourne (MEL)
Ho Chi Minh City (SGN)
8h 50m
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ABN 60 115 987 687
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