Cheap Flights Perth to Phuket, Thailand.

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JQ,TR Return flights from $371
Dep. Tue 27/Jan/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$371
Dep. Tue 03/Feb/15Ret. Sat 14/Feb/15Economy$424
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$426
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$437
Dep. Sat 15/Nov/14Ret. Sat 22/Nov/14Economy$442
Dep. Mon 16/Feb/15Ret. Tue 24/Feb/15Economy$453
Dep. Mon 13/Oct/14Ret. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$462
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$462
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$462
Dep. Mon 15/Sep/14Ret. Fri 19/Sep/14Economy$482
Dep. Sun 12/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$485
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sun 07/Dec/14Economy$497
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$518
Dep. Mon 25/Aug/14Ret. Thu 25/Sep/14Economy$532
Dep. Wed 14/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$542
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sat 18/Oct/14Economy$542
Dep. Thu 11/Sep/14Ret. Tue 16/Sep/14Economy$551
Dep. Sat 20/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$565
Dep. Fri 16/Jan/15Ret. Mon 26/Jan/15Economy$567
Dep. Thu 15/Jan/15Ret. Thu 22/Jan/15Economy$578
Dep. Tue 09/Dec/14Ret. Fri 19/Dec/14Economy$677
Dep. Tue 23/Dec/14Ret. Tue 30/Dec/14Economy$790
Dep. Fri 19/Dec/14Ret. Fri 26/Dec/14Economy$873
Dep. Sun 28/Dec/14Ret. Sat 10/Jan/15Economy$909
TR Return flights from $379
Dep. Tue 27/Jan/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$379
Dep. Sat 15/Nov/14Ret. Sat 22/Nov/14Economy$411
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$418
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Thu 18/Dec/14Economy$435
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$438
Dep. Mon 16/Feb/15Ret. Tue 24/Feb/15Economy$438
Dep. Tue 04/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$447
Dep. Mon 13/Oct/14Ret. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$450
Dep. Tue 11/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$456
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$464
Dep. Tue 28/Oct/14Ret. Mon 17/Nov/14Economy$465
Dep. Tue 03/Feb/15Ret. Sat 14/Feb/15Economy$476
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sun 07/Dec/14Economy$477
Dep. Wed 14/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$498
Dep. Fri 24/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$502
Dep. Mon 15/Sep/14Ret. Fri 19/Sep/14Economy$506
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$508
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$508
Dep. Sun 12/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$523
Dep. Mon 25/Aug/14Ret. Thu 25/Sep/14Economy$532
Dep. Fri 19/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$533
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sat 18/Oct/14Economy$533
Dep. Thu 15/Jan/15Ret. Thu 22/Jan/15Economy$537
Dep. Mon 08/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$539
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$553
Dep. Fri 16/Jan/15Ret. Mon 26/Jan/15Economy$568
Dep. Thu 11/Sep/14Ret. Tue 16/Sep/14Economy$578
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$584
Dep. Sat 20/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$621
Dep. Tue 09/Dec/14Ret. Fri 19/Dec/14Economy$640
Dep. Wed 10/Dec/14Ret. Sat 20/Dec/14Economy$667
Dep. Sat 27/Sep/14Ret. Sun 05/Oct/14Economy$718
Dep. Sat 27/Sep/14Ret. Fri 10/Oct/14Economy$759
Dep. Tue 23/Dec/14Ret. Tue 30/Dec/14Economy$773
Dep. Sun 28/Dec/14Ret. Sat 10/Jan/15Economy$887
Dep. Fri 19/Dec/14Ret. Fri 26/Dec/14Economy$904
JQ Return flights from $385
Dep. Tue 27/Jan/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$385
Dep. Tue 10/Mar/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$385
Dep. Tue 10/Mar/15Ret. Mon 30/Mar/15Economy$391
Dep. Tue 10/Mar/15Ret. Tue 31/Mar/15Economy$391
Dep. Tue 10/Mar/15Ret. Tue 05/May/15Economy$391
Dep. Tue 10/Mar/15Ret. Wed 06/May/15Economy$391
Dep. Wed 28/Jan/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$393
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Wed 03/Dec/14Economy$395
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$395
Dep. Wed 28/Jan/15Ret. Mon 30/Mar/15Economy$399
Dep. Wed 28/Jan/15Ret. Tue 31/Mar/15Economy$399
Dep. Wed 28/Jan/15Ret. Tue 05/May/15Economy$399
Dep. Wed 28/Jan/15Ret. Wed 06/May/15Economy$399
Dep. Wed 11/Mar/15Ret. Mon 30/Mar/15Economy$399
Dep. Wed 11/Mar/15Ret. Tue 31/Mar/15Economy$399
Dep. Wed 11/Mar/15Ret. Tue 05/May/15Economy$399
Dep. Wed 11/Mar/15Ret. Wed 06/May/15Economy$399
Dep. Tue 05/May/15Ret. Wed 06/May/15Economy$399
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Wed 24/Dec/14Economy$401
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Mon 30/Mar/15Economy$401
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Tue 31/Mar/15Economy$401
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Tue 05/May/15Economy$401
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Wed 06/May/15Economy$401
Dep. Tue 17/Feb/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$402
Dep. Wed 28/Jan/15Ret. Tue 10/Mar/15Economy$403
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Tue 02/Dec/14Economy$405
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Tue 10/Mar/15Economy$405
Dep. Tue 17/Feb/15Ret. Mon 30/Mar/15Economy$408
Dep. Tue 17/Feb/15Ret. Tue 31/Mar/15Economy$408
Dep. Tue 17/Feb/15Ret. Tue 05/May/15Economy$408
Dep. Tue 17/Feb/15Ret. Wed 06/May/15Economy$408
Dep. Tue 10/Mar/15Ret. Mon 04/May/15Economy$408
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Thu 04/Dec/14Economy$411
Dep. Tue 18/Nov/14Ret. Thu 25/Dec/14Economy$411
Dep. Tue 17/Feb/15Ret. Tue 10/Mar/15Economy$412
Dep. Tue 10/Mar/15Ret. Fri 27/Mar/15Economy$415
Dep. Wed 28/Jan/15Ret. Mon 04/May/15Economy$416
Dep. Wed 11/Mar/15Ret. Mon 04/May/15Economy$416
Dep. Tue 14/Apr/15Ret. Tue 05/May/15Economy$417
TR,TT Return flights from $424
Dep. Fri 10/Apr/15Ret. Sat 25/Apr/15Economy$424
Dep. Sat 15/Nov/14Ret. Sat 22/Nov/14Economy$445
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$452
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$472
Dep. Mon 16/Feb/15Ret. Tue 24/Feb/15Economy$473
Dep. Tue 04/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$481
Dep. Mon 13/Oct/14Ret. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$484
Dep. Tue 11/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$490
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$499
Dep. Tue 28/Oct/14Ret. Mon 17/Nov/14Economy$500
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sun 07/Dec/14Economy$511
Dep. Wed 14/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$532
Dep. Fri 24/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$536
Dep. Mon 15/Sep/14Ret. Fri 19/Sep/14Economy$540
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$542
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$542
Dep. Fri 19/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$567
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sat 18/Oct/14Economy$567
Dep. Thu 15/Jan/15Ret. Thu 22/Jan/15Economy$572
Dep. Fri 16/Jan/15Ret. Mon 26/Jan/15Economy$602
Dep. Tue 09/Dec/14Ret. Fri 19/Dec/14Economy$674
Dep. Sat 27/Sep/14Ret. Sun 05/Oct/14Economy$753
Dep. Tue 23/Dec/14Ret. Tue 30/Dec/14Economy$807
Dep. Sun 28/Dec/14Ret. Sat 10/Jan/15Economy$922
AK Return flights from $426
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Thu 25/Dec/14Economy$426
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Fri 26/Dec/14Economy$426
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Thu 09/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Sat 11/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Wed 15/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Thu 16/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Fri 24/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Thu 28/May/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Thu 04/Jun/15Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Thu 23/Oct/14Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Thu 30/Oct/14Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Thu 18/Dec/14Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Wed 24/Dec/14Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Thu 25/Dec/14Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 06/Mar/15Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 03/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 10/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Sat 11/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Wed 15/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Thu 23/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Sat 25/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Sat 30/May/15Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Wed 03/Jun/15Economy$426
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Thu 04/Jun/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Thu 18/Dec/14Economy$426
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Fri 26/Dec/14Economy$426
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Fri 06/Mar/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Thu 09/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Sat 11/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Wed 15/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Thu 23/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Fri 24/Apr/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Sat 30/May/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Wed 03/Jun/15Economy$426
Dep. Fri 31/Oct/14Ret. Thu 04/Jun/15Economy$426
Dep. Wed 05/Nov/14Ret. Thu 18/Dec/14Economy$426
AK,D7,TR Return flights from $432
Dep. Sat 15/Nov/14Ret. Sat 22/Nov/14Economy$432
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$453
Dep. Tue 04/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$474
Dep. Tue 11/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$477
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$486
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sun 07/Dec/14Economy$488
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$488
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$488
Dep. Tue 28/Oct/14Ret. Mon 17/Nov/14Economy$490
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$492
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$495
Dep. Fri 24/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$507
Dep. Mon 25/Aug/14Ret. Thu 25/Sep/14Economy$521
Dep. Fri 19/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$530
Dep. Thu 11/Sep/14Ret. Tue 16/Sep/14Economy$537
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sat 18/Oct/14Economy$537
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$605
Dep. Wed 10/Dec/14Ret. Sat 20/Dec/14Economy$646
Dep. Sat 27/Sep/14Ret. Sun 05/Oct/14Economy$683
Dep. Tue 09/Dec/14Ret. Fri 19/Dec/14Economy$688
Dep. Sun 28/Dec/14Ret. Sat 10/Jan/15Economy$858
AK,D7 Return flights from $446
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Thu 18/Dec/14Economy$446
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$491
Dep. Tue 04/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$492
Dep. Tue 28/Oct/14Ret. Mon 17/Nov/14Economy$518
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$522
Dep. Tue 11/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$522
Dep. Mon 25/Aug/14Ret. Thu 25/Sep/14Economy$523
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$541
Dep. Thu 11/Sep/14Ret. Tue 16/Sep/14Economy$554
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$554
Dep. Sun 12/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$554
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$570
Dep. Sat 15/Nov/14Ret. Sat 22/Nov/14Economy$590
Dep. Fri 19/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$594
Dep. Fri 24/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$624
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$634
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sat 18/Oct/14Economy$645
Dep. Sat 27/Sep/14Ret. Sun 05/Oct/14Economy$649
Dep. Tue 27/Jan/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$663
Dep. Mon 16/Feb/15Ret. Tue 24/Feb/15Economy$696
Dep. Tue 03/Feb/15Ret. Sat 14/Feb/15Economy$748
Dep. Thu 15/Jan/15Ret. Thu 22/Jan/15Economy$749
Dep. Wed 14/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$787
Dep. Wed 10/Dec/14Ret. Sat 20/Dec/14Economy$792
Dep. Tue 09/Dec/14Ret. Fri 19/Dec/14Economy$797
Dep. Mon 15/Sep/14Ret. Fri 19/Sep/14Economy$914
Dep. Fri 19/Dec/14Ret. Fri 26/Dec/14Economy$921
Dep. Fri 16/Jan/15Ret. Mon 26/Jan/15Economy$935
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$1,022
Dep. Sun 28/Dec/14Ret. Sat 10/Jan/15Economy$1,046
Dep. Tue 23/Dec/14Ret. Tue 30/Dec/14Economy$1,066
Dep. Mon 08/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$1,164
TT Return flights from $448
Dep. Tue 27/Jan/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$448
Dep. Fri 10/Apr/15Ret. Sat 25/Apr/15Economy$458
Dep. Sat 15/Nov/14Ret. Sat 22/Nov/14Economy$479
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$487
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Thu 18/Dec/14Economy$504
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$507
Dep. Mon 16/Feb/15Ret. Tue 24/Feb/15Economy$507
Dep. Tue 04/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$515
Dep. Mon 13/Oct/14Ret. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$518
Dep. Tue 11/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$524
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$533
Dep. Tue 28/Oct/14Ret. Mon 17/Nov/14Economy$534
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sun 07/Dec/14Economy$545
Dep. Tue 03/Feb/15Ret. Sat 14/Feb/15Economy$546
Dep. Wed 14/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$566
Dep. Fri 24/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$570
Dep. Mon 15/Sep/14Ret. Fri 19/Sep/14Economy$574
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$577
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$577
Dep. Sun 12/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$591
Dep. Fri 19/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$601
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sat 18/Oct/14Economy$601
Dep. Thu 15/Jan/15Ret. Thu 22/Jan/15Economy$606
Dep. Mon 08/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$608
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$621
Dep. Fri 16/Jan/15Ret. Mon 26/Jan/15Economy$636
Dep. Thu 11/Sep/14Ret. Tue 16/Sep/14Economy$647
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$653
Dep. Sat 20/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$689
Dep. Tue 09/Dec/14Ret. Fri 19/Dec/14Economy$708
Dep. Wed 10/Dec/14Ret. Sat 20/Dec/14Economy$735
Dep. Sat 27/Sep/14Ret. Sun 05/Oct/14Economy$787
Dep. Tue 23/Dec/14Ret. Tue 30/Dec/14Economy$841
Dep. Sun 28/Dec/14Ret. Sat 10/Jan/15Economy$956
Dep. Fri 19/Dec/14Ret. Fri 26/Dec/14Economy$973
3K,TR Return flights from $451
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$451
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$484
Dep. Mon 15/Sep/14Ret. Fri 19/Sep/14Economy$507
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$511
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$511
Dep. Sun 12/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$518
Dep. Tue 27/Jan/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$528
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$543
Dep. Mon 08/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$548
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$554
Dep. Wed 10/Dec/14Ret. Sat 20/Dec/14Economy$568
Dep. Sat 20/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$581
Dep. Fri 16/Jan/15Ret. Mon 26/Jan/15Economy$591
Dep. Thu 15/Jan/15Ret. Thu 22/Jan/15Economy$594
Dep. Fri 19/Dec/14Ret. Fri 26/Dec/14Economy$898
3K Return flights from $455
Dep. Tue 03/Feb/15Ret. Sat 14/Feb/15Economy$455
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$462
Dep. Sun 12/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$503
Dep. Fri 17/Oct/14Ret. Thu 18/Dec/14Economy$512
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$514
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$522
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$522
Dep. Sat 15/Nov/14Ret. Sat 22/Nov/14Economy$525
Dep. Mon 16/Feb/15Ret. Tue 24/Feb/15Economy$527
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$534
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$548
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$550
Dep. Mon 15/Sep/14Ret. Fri 19/Sep/14Economy$551
Dep. Mon 08/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$553
Dep. Mon 25/Aug/14Ret. Thu 25/Sep/14Economy$555
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sat 18/Oct/14Economy$607
Dep. Thu 11/Sep/14Ret. Tue 16/Sep/14Economy$611
Dep. Tue 27/Jan/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$617
Dep. Thu 15/Jan/15Ret. Thu 22/Jan/15Economy$640
Dep. Wed 10/Dec/14Ret. Sat 20/Dec/14Economy$642
Dep. Tue 21/Oct/14Ret. Wed 29/Oct/14Economy$643
Dep. Fri 24/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$645
Dep. Wed 14/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$656
Dep. Fri 16/Jan/15Ret. Mon 26/Jan/15Economy$662
Dep. Sat 20/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$676
Dep. Tue 11/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$696
Dep. Tue 28/Oct/14Ret. Mon 17/Nov/14Economy$706
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sun 07/Dec/14Economy$724
Dep. Tue 04/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$742
Dep. Tue 09/Dec/14Ret. Fri 19/Dec/14Economy$859
Dep. Fri 19/Dec/14Ret. Fri 26/Dec/14Economy$918
Dep. Sat 27/Sep/14Ret. Sun 05/Oct/14Economy$919
Dep. Sat 27/Sep/14Ret. Fri 10/Oct/14Economy$943
Dep. Fri 19/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$962
Dep. Tue 23/Dec/14Ret. Tue 30/Dec/14Economy$973
Dep. Sun 28/Dec/14Ret. Sat 10/Jan/15Economy$1,055
Dep. Fri 26/Sep/14Ret. Sat 04/Oct/14Economy$1,160
JQ,TT Return flights from $460
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$460
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$460
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$471
Dep. Sat 15/Nov/14Ret. Sat 22/Nov/14Economy$476
Dep. Mon 16/Feb/15Ret. Tue 24/Feb/15Economy$487
Dep. Mon 13/Oct/14Ret. Mon 20/Oct/14Economy$496
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$496
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$496
Dep. Mon 15/Sep/14Ret. Fri 19/Sep/14Economy$516
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sun 07/Dec/14Economy$531
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$552
Dep. Wed 14/Jan/15Ret. Wed 21/Jan/15Economy$576
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sat 18/Oct/14Economy$576
Dep. Sat 20/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$599
Dep. Fri 16/Jan/15Ret. Mon 26/Jan/15Economy$601
Dep. Thu 15/Jan/15Ret. Thu 22/Jan/15Economy$612
Dep. Tue 09/Dec/14Ret. Fri 19/Dec/14Economy$711
Dep. Tue 23/Dec/14Ret. Tue 30/Dec/14Economy$824
Dep. Sun 28/Dec/14Ret. Sat 10/Jan/15Economy$943
AK,D7,JQ Return flights from $462
Dep. Sat 15/Nov/14Ret. Sat 22/Nov/14Economy$462
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$465
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$474
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$481
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$507
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sun 07/Dec/14Economy$508
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$508
Dep. Thu 11/Sep/14Ret. Tue 16/Sep/14Economy$509
Dep. Mon 25/Aug/14Ret. Thu 25/Sep/14Economy$526
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$585
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sat 18/Oct/14Economy$586
Dep. Sat 20/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$643
Dep. Wed 10/Dec/14Ret. Sat 20/Dec/14Economy$644
Dep. Tue 09/Dec/14Ret. Fri 19/Dec/14Economy$725
Dep. Fri 19/Dec/14Ret. Fri 26/Dec/14Economy$873
AK,D7,TT Return flights from $466
Dep. Sat 15/Nov/14Ret. Sat 22/Nov/14Economy$466
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$487
Dep. Tue 04/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$508
Dep. Tue 11/Nov/14Ret. Tue 18/Nov/14Economy$511
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$520
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Sun 07/Dec/14Economy$522
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$522
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$522
Dep. Tue 28/Oct/14Ret. Mon 17/Nov/14Economy$524
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$526
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$529
Dep. Fri 24/Oct/14Ret. Fri 31/Oct/14Economy$541
Dep. Fri 19/Sep/14Ret. Fri 26/Sep/14Economy$564
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sat 18/Oct/14Economy$571
Dep. Sat 27/Sep/14Ret. Sun 05/Oct/14Economy$719
Dep. Tue 09/Dec/14Ret. Fri 19/Dec/14Economy$722
Dep. Sun 28/Dec/14Ret. Sat 10/Jan/15Economy$892
3K,JQ Return flights from $470
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$470
Dep. Sun 12/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$497
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$531
Dep. Sat 11/Oct/14Ret. Sun 19/Oct/14Economy$534
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$555
Dep. Mon 15/Sep/14Ret. Fri 19/Sep/14Economy$558
Dep. Mon 08/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$560
Dep. Wed 10/Dec/14Ret. Sat 20/Dec/14Economy$566
Dep. Fri 16/Jan/15Ret. Mon 26/Jan/15Economy$664
Dep. Tue 03/Feb/15Ret. Sat 14/Feb/15Economy$807
Dep. Thu 11/Sep/14Ret. Tue 16/Sep/14Economy$811
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$895
Dep. Tue 09/Dec/14Ret. Fri 19/Dec/14Economy$910
Dep. Fri 19/Dec/14Ret. Fri 26/Dec/14Economy$926
Dep. Tue 04/Nov/14Ret. Thu 13/Nov/14Economy$943
Dep. Tue 27/Jan/15Ret. Wed 11/Mar/15Economy$972
Dep. Sat 27/Sep/14Ret. Fri 10/Oct/14Economy$1,199
Dep. Tue 23/Dec/14Ret. Tue 30/Dec/14Economy$1,435
Dep. Fri 26/Sep/14Ret. Sat 04/Oct/14Economy$3,984
Dep. Sat 27/Sep/14Ret. Sun 05/Oct/14Economy$3,984
3K,TT Return flights from $485
Dep. Mon 20/Oct/14Ret. Tue 28/Oct/14Economy$485
Dep. Tue 14/Oct/14Ret. Tue 21/Oct/14Economy$518
Dep. Mon 15/Sep/14Ret. Fri 19/Sep/14Economy$541
Dep. Sat 29/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$545
Dep. Sun 30/Nov/14Ret. Mon 08/Dec/14Economy$545
Dep. Tue 09/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$577
Dep. Mon 08/Sep/14Ret. Mon 15/Sep/14Economy$582
Dep. Sat 20/Sep/14Ret. Sat 27/Sep/14Economy$615
Dep. Fri 16/Jan/15Ret. Mon 26/Jan/15Economy$625
Dep. Thu 15/Jan/15Ret. Thu 22/Jan/15Economy$628

Do you need to catch a flight to Perth? Check out our domestic flights to Perth. If Perth is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Phuket from Australia. Flight prices are from searches in the last 24 hours and may have changed.

Monthly Average Prices for Perth to Phuket Return Flights

3K$895$688$640$619  -$801$572$536$751$524  -  -
AB$3944$3944  -$3941  -$3937  -  -$3952  -  -  -
CX$1030$1256$1113$1077  -$1926$1218$1030$1371$1059  -$1388
CZ  -$1217$722  -  -  -  -  -$1018$730  -  -
Jetstar$712$632$630$652$717$744$523$527$621$496  -  -
MH$742$823$820$749  -$1230$740$758$1072$974  -$1077
OZ  -  -  -$6404  -  -$6538  -  -$6307  -$6404
Qantas$1278$1416$1391$1285  -$1673$1251
How to get from Perth to Phuket
Perth (PER)
Phuket (HKT)
6h 15m