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The Cheapest Return Perth to Kuala Lumpur Flights.Show One Way

JQ Return flights from $224
Dep. Wed 05/Oct/16Ret. Tue 11/Oct/16Economy$224
Dep. Sat 22/Oct/16Ret. Tue 01/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Sat 22/Oct/16Ret. Wed 02/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Sat 22/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Sat 22/Oct/16Ret. Sat 05/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Sat 22/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Mon 24/Oct/16Ret. Tue 01/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Mon 24/Oct/16Ret. Wed 02/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Mon 24/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Mon 24/Oct/16Ret. Sat 05/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Mon 24/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Tue 01/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Wed 02/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Sat 05/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Tue 25/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Wed 26/Oct/16Ret. Tue 01/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Wed 26/Oct/16Ret. Wed 02/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Wed 26/Oct/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Wed 26/Oct/16Ret. Sat 05/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Wed 26/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Wed 02/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Sat 05/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Wed 09/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Tue 01/Nov/16Ret. Thu 10/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Wed 02/Nov/16Ret. Thu 03/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Wed 02/Nov/16Ret. Sat 05/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Wed 02/Nov/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Wed 02/Nov/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Wed 02/Nov/16Ret. Wed 09/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Wed 02/Nov/16Ret. Thu 10/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Thu 03/Nov/16Ret. Sat 05/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Thu 03/Nov/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Thu 03/Nov/16Ret. Tue 08/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Thu 03/Nov/16Ret. Wed 09/Nov/16Economy$224
Dep. Thu 03/Nov/16Ret. Thu 10/Nov/16Economy$224
AK,D7 Return flights from $229
Dep. Fri 05/Aug/16Ret. Fri 12/Aug/16Economy$229
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economy$229
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$239
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$568
AK Return flights from $234
Dep. Fri 05/Aug/16Ret. Fri 12/Aug/16Economy$234
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economy$234
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$244
Dep. Sun 07/Aug/16Ret. Mon 08/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sun 07/Aug/16Ret. Thu 11/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sun 07/Aug/16Ret. Sun 14/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sun 07/Aug/16Ret. Wed 17/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sun 07/Aug/16Ret. Sat 20/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sun 07/Aug/16Ret. Tue 23/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sun 07/Aug/16Ret. Fri 26/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sun 07/Aug/16Ret. Mon 29/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sun 07/Aug/16Ret. Thu 01/Sep/16Economy$268
Dep. Sun 07/Aug/16Ret. Sun 04/Sep/16Economy$268
Dep. Wed 10/Aug/16Ret. Thu 11/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Wed 10/Aug/16Ret. Sun 14/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Wed 10/Aug/16Ret. Wed 17/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Wed 10/Aug/16Ret. Sat 20/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Wed 10/Aug/16Ret. Tue 23/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Wed 10/Aug/16Ret. Fri 26/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Wed 10/Aug/16Ret. Mon 29/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Wed 10/Aug/16Ret. Thu 01/Sep/16Economy$268
Dep. Wed 10/Aug/16Ret. Sun 04/Sep/16Economy$268
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sun 14/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Wed 17/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sat 20/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Tue 23/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Fri 26/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Mon 29/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Thu 01/Sep/16Economy$268
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sun 04/Sep/16Economy$268
Dep. Tue 16/Aug/16Ret. Wed 17/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Tue 16/Aug/16Ret. Sat 20/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Tue 16/Aug/16Ret. Tue 23/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Tue 16/Aug/16Ret. Fri 26/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Tue 16/Aug/16Ret. Mon 29/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Tue 16/Aug/16Ret. Thu 01/Sep/16Economy$268
Dep. Tue 16/Aug/16Ret. Sun 04/Sep/16Economy$268
Dep. Fri 19/Aug/16Ret. Sat 20/Aug/16Economy$268
Dep. Fri 19/Aug/16Ret. Tue 23/Aug/16Economy$268
D7 Return flights from $237
Dep. Fri 05/Aug/16Ret. Fri 12/Aug/16Economy$237
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economy$237
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$242
Dep. Fri 03/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economy$338
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Sun 10/Jul/16Economy$507
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$567
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 13/Jul/16Economy$629
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$669
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$693
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Sun 03/Jul/16Economy$759
AK,OD Return flights from $271
Dep. Fri 05/Aug/16Ret. Fri 12/Aug/16Economy$271
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economy$271
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$283
Dep. Fri 03/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economy$346
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Sun 10/Jul/16Economy$493
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 13/Jul/16Economy$591
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$626
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$643
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Sun 03/Jul/16Economy$733
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$749
D7,OD Return flights from $278
Dep. Fri 05/Aug/16Ret. Fri 12/Aug/16Economy$278
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economy$309
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$319
Dep. Fri 03/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economy$423
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Sun 10/Jul/16Economy$475
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 13/Jul/16Economy$604
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$676
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$678
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Sun 03/Jul/16Economy$720
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$726
AK,JQ Return flights from $291
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economy$291
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$305
Dep. Fri 05/Aug/16Ret. Fri 12/Aug/16Economy$338
Dep. Fri 03/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economy$349
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Sun 10/Jul/16Economy$556
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 13/Jul/16Economy$591
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$624
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$625
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$735
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Sun 03/Jul/16Economy$741
3K Return flights from $310
Dep. Fri 03/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economy$310
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$341
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economy$412
Dep. Fri 05/Aug/16Ret. Fri 12/Aug/16Economy$483
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$616
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Sun 10/Jul/16Economy$681
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$768
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Sun 03/Jul/16Economy$771
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 13/Jul/16Economy$826
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$839
3K,D7,TZ Return flights from $316
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$316
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Sun 10/Jul/16Economy$720
3K,D7 Return flights from $321
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economy$321
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$326
Dep. Fri 03/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economy$360
Dep. Fri 05/Aug/16Ret. Fri 12/Aug/16Economy$363
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 13/Jul/16Economy$602
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Sun 10/Jul/16Economy$611
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$684
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$684
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$790
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Sun 03/Jul/16Economy$797
OD Return flights from $324
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$324
Dep. Fri 05/Aug/16Ret. Fri 12/Aug/16Economy$330
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economy$331
Dep. Fri 03/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economy$347
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Sun 10/Jul/16Economy$600
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Sun 03/Jul/16Economy$674
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$674
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$695
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$716
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 13/Jul/16Economy$721
AK,D7,JQ Return flights from $335
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$335
D7,JQ Return flights from $337
Dep. Fri 03/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economy$337
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 13/Jul/16Economy$605
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$718
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Sun 03/Jul/16Economy$734
JQ,OD Return flights from $343
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$343
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economy$350
Dep. Fri 03/Feb/17Ret. Wed 15/Feb/17Economy$364
Dep. Fri 05/Aug/16Ret. Fri 12/Aug/16Economy$375
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Sun 10/Jul/16Economy$540
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$619
Dep. Wed 06/Jul/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$673
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$701
Dep. Fri 01/Jul/16Ret. Sun 03/Jul/16Economy$717
Dep. Mon 04/Jul/16Ret. Wed 13/Jul/16Economy$834
D7,JQ,OD Return flights from $353
Dep. Mon 31/Oct/16Ret. Mon 07/Nov/16Economy$353
Dep. Sat 13/Aug/16Ret. Sun 28/Aug/16Economy$746

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Perth? Check out our domestic flights to Perth. If Perth is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Kuala Lumpur from Australia and flights to Malaysia.

Return flights shown. Show One-Way Flights.

Monthly Average Prices for Perth to Kuala Lumpur Return Airfares (AUD)

  -$485$282$289$272$358$368$553$336$355  -  -
  -$540$381$420$437$375  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -$565$430$422$552  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -$674$476$580$498  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -$938$579  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -  -  -$367  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • KLIA train station is within a kilometre from Kuala Lumpur airport.
  • It is 4,140 km from Kuala Lumpur to Perth.
  • 5 hrs 30 mins is the shortest one-way trip from Perth to Kuala Lumpur
  • Kuala Lumpur is in the same time zone as Perth.
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