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TR Return flights from $316
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Tue 07/Nov/17Economy$316
Dep. Mon 06/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$318
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$353
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Thu 26/Oct/17Economy$371
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Fri 09/Mar/18Economy$393
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$411
Dep. Sun 08/Oct/17Ret. Tue 17/Oct/17Economy$445
Dep. Wed 18/Apr/18Ret. Wed 20/Jun/18Economy$461
Dep. Sat 31/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$464
Dep. Fri 13/Oct/17Ret. Sun 29/Oct/17Economy$492
Dep. Mon 15/Jan/18Ret. Tue 30/Jan/18Economy$555
Dep. Mon 22/Jan/18Ret. Sun 28/Jan/18Economy$576
Dep. Sat 20/Jan/18Ret. Sat 27/Jan/18Economy$638
Dep. Wed 14/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$678
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 06/Oct/17Economy$683
Dep. Sun 10/Dec/17Ret. Sun 17/Dec/17Economy$697
Dep. Fri 29/Sep/17Ret. Sun 08/Oct/17Economy$732
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Sat 07/Oct/17Economy$804
Dep. Sat 09/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$883
Dep. Fri 05/Jan/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$883
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$900
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$981
Dep. Mon 01/Jan/18Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$1,003
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Sat 30/Dec/17Economy$1,020
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,047
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$1,050
Dep. Fri 15/Dec/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economy$1,057
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Sat 30/Dec/17Economy$1,062
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$1,070
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$1,075
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Tue 26/Dec/17Economy$1,079
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,117
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,117
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,131
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Mon 15/Jan/18Economy$1,139
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Fri 12/Jan/18Economy$1,139
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Mon 01/Jan/18Economy$1,140
Dep. Thu 14/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,157
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 15/Jan/18Economy$1,179
D7,TR Return flights from $323
Dep. Mon 06/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$323
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Fri 09/Mar/18Economy$331
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$349
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Tue 14/Nov/17Economy$353
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Thu 26/Oct/17Economy$356
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Tue 07/Nov/17Economy$370
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$396
Dep. Fri 13/Oct/17Ret. Sun 29/Oct/17Economy$400
Dep. Sat 31/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$401
Dep. Sun 08/Oct/17Ret. Tue 17/Oct/17Economy$424
Dep. Wed 14/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$433
Dep. Wed 18/Apr/18Ret. Wed 20/Jun/18Economy$455
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Mon 06/Nov/17Economy$476
Dep. Mon 15/Jan/18Ret. Tue 30/Jan/18Economy$534
Dep. Mon 22/Jan/18Ret. Sun 28/Jan/18Economy$545
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 06/Oct/17Economy$582
Dep. Sat 20/Jan/18Ret. Sat 27/Jan/18Economy$597
Dep. Sun 10/Dec/17Ret. Sun 17/Dec/17Economy$625
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Sat 07/Oct/17Economy$634
Dep. Fri 29/Sep/17Ret. Sun 08/Oct/17Economy$666
Dep. Fri 05/Jan/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$690
Dep. Sat 09/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$868
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$898
Dep. Mon 01/Jan/18Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$917
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Mon 01/Jan/18Economy$939
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$942
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Tue 26/Dec/17Economy$974
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$1,001
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Sat 30/Dec/17Economy$1,004
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,009
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Sat 30/Dec/17Economy$1,009
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$1,012
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$1,107
Dep. Fri 15/Dec/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economy$1,122
Dep. Thu 14/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,148
Dep. Sun 24/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,180
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,190
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,190
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Fri 12/Jan/18Economy$1,192
D7 Return flights from $372
Dep. Fri 13/Oct/17Ret. Sun 29/Oct/17Economy$372
Dep. Wed 14/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$402
Dep. Mon 06/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$419
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Fri 09/Mar/18Economy$435
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$435
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Thu 26/Oct/17Economy$450
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Tue 14/Nov/17Economy$450
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Tue 07/Nov/17Economy$450
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$451
Dep. Sun 08/Oct/17Ret. Tue 17/Oct/17Economy$471
Dep. Sat 31/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$471
Dep. Wed 18/Apr/18Ret. Wed 20/Jun/18Economy$504
Dep. Mon 15/Jan/18Ret. Tue 30/Jan/18Economy$511
Dep. Mon 22/Jan/18Ret. Sun 28/Jan/18Economy$530
Dep. Sun 10/Dec/17Ret. Sun 17/Dec/17Economy$538
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Mon 06/Nov/17Economy$561
Dep. Sat 20/Jan/18Ret. Sat 27/Jan/18Economy$596
Dep. Fri 29/Sep/17Ret. Sun 08/Oct/17Economy$626
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 06/Oct/17Economy$652
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Sat 07/Oct/17Economy$751
Dep. Fri 05/Jan/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$852
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Sat 30/Dec/17Economy$902
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Mon 01/Jan/18Economy$1,008
Dep. Sat 09/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,045
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Tue 26/Dec/17Economy$1,054
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,068
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$1,069
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Sat 30/Dec/17Economy$1,084
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$1,102
Dep. Mon 01/Jan/18Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$1,136
Dep. Mon 19/Feb/18Ret. Sat 17/Mar/18Business$1,155
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$1,176
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,176
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$1,257
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 15/Jan/18Economy$1,288
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Mon 15/Jan/18Economy$1,288
Dep. Thu 14/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,325
Dep. Fri 15/Dec/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economy$1,340
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,340
3K,D7,TR Return flights from $402
Dep. Mon 06/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$402
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Fri 09/Mar/18Economy$406
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$426
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Tue 14/Nov/17Economy$437
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Tue 07/Nov/17Economy$451
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Mon 06/Nov/17Economy$576
Dep. Mon 15/Jan/18Ret. Tue 30/Jan/18Economy$633
Dep. Mon 22/Jan/18Ret. Sun 28/Jan/18Economy$694
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Sat 07/Oct/17Economy$756
Dep. Mon 01/Jan/18Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$963
Dep. Sat 09/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,067
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,099
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Mon 01/Jan/18Economy$1,121
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$1,149
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,233
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,389
Dep. Thu 14/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,390
Dep. Sun 24/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,394
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,394
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,394
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Fri 12/Jan/18Economy$1,455
Dep. Sat 16/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,505
Dep. Fri 15/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,512
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,619
AK,TR Return flights from $414
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Tue 07/Nov/17Economy$414
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Thu 26/Oct/17Economy$483
Dep. Sat 31/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$578
Dep. Mon 15/Jan/18Ret. Tue 30/Jan/18Economy$609
Dep. Sun 08/Oct/17Ret. Tue 17/Oct/17Economy$780
Dep. Sat 09/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,068
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$1,142
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$1,258
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,485
3K,AK,TR Return flights from $418
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Tue 07/Nov/17Economy$418
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Mon 06/Nov/17Economy$701
Dep. Mon 06/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$707
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Fri 12/Jan/18Economy$1,307
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,329
Dep. Sun 24/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,410
AK,D7,TR Return flights from $423
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Fri 09/Mar/18Economy$423
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Thu 26/Oct/17Economy$443
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Tue 07/Nov/17Economy$443
Dep. Sat 31/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$486
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$489
Dep. Wed 14/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$495
Dep. Fri 13/Oct/17Ret. Sun 29/Oct/17Economy$511
Dep. Sun 08/Oct/17Ret. Tue 17/Oct/17Economy$556
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 06/Oct/17Economy$711
Dep. Sat 20/Jan/18Ret. Sat 27/Jan/18Economy$751
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Sat 07/Oct/17Economy$773
Dep. Fri 29/Sep/17Ret. Sun 08/Oct/17Economy$844
Dep. Sat 09/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,021
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,052
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Sat 30/Dec/17Economy$1,089
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$1,112
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Tue 26/Dec/17Economy$1,130
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$1,186
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,186
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Sat 30/Dec/17Economy$1,219
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$1,292
Dep. Thu 14/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,343
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Fri 12/Jan/18Economy$1,379
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Mon 15/Jan/18Economy$1,380
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 15/Jan/18Economy$1,432
Dep. Sat 16/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,458
Dep. Fri 15/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,465
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,472
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,573
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economy$1,688
AK Return flights from $425
Dep. Wed 11/Oct/17Ret. Sat 21/Oct/17Economy$425
Dep. Sat 14/Oct/17Ret. Sat 21/Oct/17Economy$425
Dep. Tue 17/Oct/17Ret. Sat 21/Oct/17Economy$425
Dep. Wed 11/Oct/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$441
Dep. Wed 11/Oct/17Ret. Sun 15/Oct/17Economy$441
Dep. Sat 14/Oct/17Ret. Sun 15/Oct/17Economy$441
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Sat 21/Oct/17Economy$455
Dep. Sun 08/Oct/17Ret. Sat 21/Oct/17Economy$455
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$471
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Sun 15/Oct/17Economy$471
Dep. Sun 08/Oct/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$471
Dep. Sun 08/Oct/17Ret. Sun 15/Oct/17Economy$471
Dep. Wed 11/Oct/17Ret. Wed 18/Oct/17Economy$471
Dep. Wed 11/Oct/17Ret. Mon 30/Oct/17Economy$471
Dep. Sat 14/Oct/17Ret. Wed 18/Oct/17Economy$471
Dep. Sat 14/Oct/17Ret. Mon 30/Oct/17Economy$471
Dep. Tue 17/Oct/17Ret. Wed 18/Oct/17Economy$471
Dep. Tue 17/Oct/17Ret. Mon 30/Oct/17Economy$471
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Wed 18/Oct/17Economy$501
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Mon 30/Oct/17Economy$501
Dep. Sun 08/Oct/17Ret. Wed 18/Oct/17Economy$501
Dep. Sun 08/Oct/17Ret. Mon 30/Oct/17Economy$501
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Mon 30/Oct/17Economy$501
Dep. Fri 29/Sep/17Ret. Sat 21/Oct/17Economy$521
Dep. Fri 29/Sep/17Ret. Thu 12/Oct/17Economy$537
Dep. Fri 29/Sep/17Ret. Sun 15/Oct/17Economy$537
Dep. Thu 05/Oct/17Ret. Mon 09/Oct/17Economy$561
Dep. Sun 08/Oct/17Ret. Mon 09/Oct/17Economy$561
Dep. Fri 29/Sep/17Ret. Wed 18/Oct/17Economy$567
Dep. Fri 29/Sep/17Ret. Mon 30/Oct/17Economy$567
Dep. Fri 29/Sep/17Ret. Mon 09/Oct/17Economy$627
Dep. Fri 29/Sep/17Ret. Tue 03/Oct/17Economy$740
3K,TR Return flights from $426
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Tue 07/Nov/17Economy$426
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,308
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,319
Dep. Sun 24/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,429
D7,TR,TT Return flights from $448
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Mon 06/Nov/17Economy$448
Dep. Mon 06/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$542
Dep. Sun 10/Dec/17Ret. Sun 17/Dec/17Economy$806
Dep. Mon 01/Jan/18Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$874
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$1,017
Dep. Sat 09/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,026
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,058
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,075
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,075
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Mon 15/Jan/18Economy$1,153
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,190
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Mon 15/Jan/18Economy$1,193
Dep. Fri 15/Dec/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economy$1,344
Dep. Thu 14/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,349
Dep. Sun 24/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,439
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,439
Dep. Sat 16/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,463
Dep. Thu 21/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economy$1,483
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economy$1,483
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,578
MH Return flights from $480
Dep. Fri 13/Oct/17Ret. Sun 29/Oct/17Economy$480
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Thu 26/Oct/17Economy$480
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Tue 14/Nov/17Economy$480
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Tue 07/Nov/17Economy$480
Dep. Mon 06/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$480
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$540
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Mon 06/Nov/17Economy$540
Dep. Sun 08/Oct/17Ret. Tue 17/Oct/17Economy$581
Dep. Wed 14/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$697
Dep. Sat 31/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$738
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$748
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Fri 09/Mar/18Economy$817
Dep. Mon 22/Jan/18Ret. Sun 28/Jan/18Economy$893
Dep. Wed 18/Apr/18Ret. Wed 20/Jun/18Economy$893
Dep. Sat 20/Jan/18Ret. Sat 27/Jan/18Economy$949
Dep. Fri 29/Sep/17Ret. Sun 08/Oct/17Economy$1,025
Dep. Mon 15/Jan/18Ret. Tue 30/Jan/18Economy$1,112
Dep. Sun 10/Dec/17Ret. Sun 17/Dec/17Economy$1,220
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Sat 30/Dec/17Economy$1,233
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$1,263
Dep. Fri 05/Jan/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$1,317
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$1,322
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,404
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,404
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Fri 12/Jan/18Economy$1,404
Dep. Mon 01/Jan/18Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$1,404
Dep. Sun 24/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,422
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$1,422
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Mon 01/Jan/18Economy$1,457
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$1,518
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,518
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,518
Dep. Fri 15/Dec/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economy$1,536
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Sat 30/Dec/17Economy$1,565
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Tue 26/Dec/17Economy$1,567
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,596
Dep. Sat 09/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,614
Dep. Fri 15/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,618
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Mon 15/Jan/18Economy$1,673
AK,D7,TR,TT Return flights from $485
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Mon 06/Nov/17Economy$485
Dep. Mon 22/Jan/18Ret. Sun 28/Jan/18Economy$535
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Thu 26/Oct/17Economy$636
Dep. Sat 09/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,017
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,049
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,143
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,250
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Mon 15/Jan/18Economy$1,272
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Fri 12/Jan/18Economy$1,330
Dep. Sun 24/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,332
Dep. Thu 14/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,340
Dep. Fri 15/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,422
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economy$1,447
Dep. Thu 21/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economy$1,471
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,569
D7,JQ,TR Return flights from $486
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Mon 06/Nov/17Economy$486
Dep. Fri 05/Jan/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$727
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$924
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$947
Dep. Sat 09/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,079
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Mon 01/Jan/18Economy$1,096
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$1,124
Dep. Sat 16/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,129
Dep. Thu 21/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economy$1,178
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$1,200
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Fri 12/Jan/18Economy$1,374
Dep. Fri 15/Dec/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economy$1,446
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Sun 07/Jan/18Economy$1,498
3K,D7,TR,TT Return flights from $494
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Mon 06/Nov/17Economy$494
Dep. Mon 06/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$533
Dep. Sat 20/Jan/18Ret. Sat 27/Jan/18Economy$566
Dep. Mon 01/Jan/18Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$920
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,230
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,240
MH,TR Return flights from $502
Dep. Mon 06/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$502
Dep. Fri 13/Oct/17Ret. Sun 29/Oct/17Economy$705
Dep. Mon 15/Jan/18Ret. Tue 30/Jan/18Economy$747
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Mon 06/Nov/17Economy$752
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Tue 14/Nov/17Economy$755
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Fri 09/Mar/18Economy$763
Dep. Wed 14/Feb/18Ret. Sat 03/Mar/18Economy$806
Dep. Sat 31/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$816
Dep. Thu 02/Nov/17Ret. Tue 07/Nov/17Economy$822
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Mon 20/Nov/17Economy$827
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$842
Dep. Wed 18/Oct/17Ret. Thu 26/Oct/17Economy$843
Dep. Wed 18/Apr/18Ret. Wed 20/Jun/18Economy$856
Dep. Sun 08/Oct/17Ret. Tue 17/Oct/17Economy$883
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 06/Oct/17Economy$979
Dep. Fri 29/Sep/17Ret. Sun 08/Oct/17Economy$1,090
Dep. Mon 22/Jan/18Ret. Sun 28/Jan/18Economy$1,091
Dep. Sat 20/Jan/18Ret. Sat 27/Jan/18Economy$1,104
Dep. Fri 05/Jan/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$1,167
Dep. Thu 28/Sep/17Ret. Sat 07/Oct/17Economy$1,218
Dep. Sun 10/Dec/17Ret. Sun 17/Dec/17Economy$1,243
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$1,329
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Tue 26/Dec/17Economy$1,331
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Sat 30/Dec/17Economy$1,351
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Sat 30/Dec/17Economy$1,403
Dep. Mon 01/Jan/18Ret. Sun 21/Jan/18Economy$1,426
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Mon 01/Jan/18Economy$1,438
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$1,452
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,457
Dep. Sat 09/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,477
Dep. Fri 29/Dec/17Ret. Thu 04/Jan/18Economy$1,501
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$1,554
Dep. Wed 13/Dec/17Ret. Sat 06/Jan/18Economy$1,554
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Fri 12/Jan/18Economy$1,568
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,568
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,581
Dep. Sun 24/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,585
Dep. Fri 15/Dec/17Ret. Mon 08/Jan/18Economy$1,588
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Sat 13/Jan/18Economy$1,637

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Sydney? Check out our domestic flights to Sydney. If Sydney is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Kuala Lumpur from Australia and flights to Malaysia.

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Monthly Average Prices for Sydney to Kuala Lumpur Return Airfares (AUD)

  -$363  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -  -$679  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -  -$659$681  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -  -  -$898  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -  -  -$898  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -$659  -  -  -
$991$643  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • The Hotel Nikko is the closest hotel to Kuala Lumpur airport.
  • KUL is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) airport code for Kuala Lumpur.
  • It is 6,584 km from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney.
  • Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, the quickest return flight is 16 hrs 5 mins flying Malaysia Airlines
How to get from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur
Sydney (SYD)
Kuala Lumpur (KUL)
8h 35m
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