How To Save Money By Avoiding Hidden Fees On Scoot

By Gath Adams on 28/May/2014

If you’ve flown on a lot of budget airlines, you know that these carriers are notorious for slipping in extra fees. And the Singapore-based Scoot is no different.

Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to avoid the extra charges when you’re booking your flight. Here are some strategies to help save you money:

Watch Out for the Convenience Fee

When you are making your booking with Scoot airlines, make sure that you keep an eye out for the sneaky “convenience fee” that they will add on to your ticket price.

The airline claims to charge this fee for using a credit card to make your purchase – but it is much higher than the standard Visa or Mastercard fee. For example, book a $400 flight and you could end up paying $8.

The way the website is set up is very deceiving, as you will not see the convenience fee until you start to type in your credit card number. Many people find this very frustrating and believe that the amount should be included in the ticket price instead of being surprised at the end.

If you are in Singapore, you can pay for your flight via the Self Service Automated Machine at the Post Office to avoid this fee.

Don't Click The 'Flybag' Option

If you can travel light and take only carry-on luggage with you for your trip, you will save yourself the fees for checking in your baggage. The cost of 15kg of checked-in baggage on Scoot is $20, which really adds a lot to your flight!

Also, you will save yourself time because you won’t have to check your baggage or wait for it to come through the baggage carousel.

When you are booking online, click the “Fly” option rather than the “Flybag” option – and watch the final price go down instantly!

Deselect The 'FlyBagEat'

As you can see from this screenshot of a flight from Singapore to Bangkok, adding food to your flight increases the cost considerably! If you can bring a sandwich, a cereal bar and some fruit you will save yourself a lot of money. In fact, even if you buy a sandwich from the airport before you fly, it will still be cheaper than an inflight meal.

When you are booking your flight, deselect the “FlyBagEat” option and click on “Fly” instead. On this flight from Singapore to Bangkok I booked, the difference was a savings of $35!

Make Sure 'Stream on My Device' Is Not Selected

Another somewhat irritating aspect of the booking process on Scoot airlines is the fact that you will be charged an extra $15 each way if you want to be able to stream the entertainment channels on your device. However, if you can entertain yourself this is another way to save money – so bring along a book, a laptop with movies to watch or a deck of cards.

This option comes up on the second booking screen entitled “Passenger Details”. Under the “Entertainment” tab, make sure that “Stream on My Device” is deselected.

These are just a few of the ways that you can avoid the extra fees and charges on Scoot airlines and fly for cheaper.

Do you have any tips for avoiding extra charges on Scoot? Share them with us in the comments below.

By Gath Adams on 28/May/2014
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