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The Cheapest One Way Cairns to Melbourne (Tullamarine) Flights.

JQ One-Way flights from $101
Dep. Sun 22 Mar$101
Dep. Wed 25 Mar$115
JQShow more Flights
Dep. Fri 20 Mar$134
Dep. Sat 21 Mar$148
Dep. Mon 16 Mar$162
Dep. Tue 17 Mar$162
Dep. Mon 23 Mar$162
Dep. Thu 12 Mar$163
Dep. Tue 17 Dec$177
Dep. Thu 19 Dec$178
Dep. Mon 13 Jan$181
Dep. Tue 14 Jan$181
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$186
Dep. Tue 24 Mar$189
Dep. Fri 17 Jan$190
Dep. Mon 23 Dec$191
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$191
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$201
Dep. Tue 24 Dec$215
Dep. Thu 16 Jan$216
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$224
Dep. Wed 18 Mar$226
Dep. Sun 22 Dec$238
Dep. Wed 15 Jan$238
Dep. Mon 16 Dec$241
Dep. Thu 19 Mar$262
Dep. Sat 04 Jan$304
TT One-Way flights from $113
Dep. Tue 17 Mar$113
Dep. Thu 19 Mar$113
TTShow more Flights
Dep. Wed 18 Mar$127
Dep. Fri 20 Mar$127
Dep. Sun 22 Mar$127
Dep. Mon 23 Mar$127
Dep. Wed 25 Mar$127
Dep. Thu 12 Mar$128
Dep. Mon 16 Mar$141
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$155
Dep. Sat 21 Mar$155
Dep. Tue 24 Mar$155
Dep. Mon 23 Dec$156
Dep. Tue 24 Dec$156
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$156
Dep. Tue 14 Jan$169
Dep. Wed 15 Jan$169
Dep. Fri 17 Jan$169
Dep. Mon 13 Jan$187
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$187
Dep. Thu 19 Dec$188
Dep. Sun 22 Dec$188
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$188
Dep. Thu 16 Jan$215
Dep. Mon 16 Dec$251
Dep. Tue 17 Dec$283
Dep. Sat 04 Jan$284
VA One-Way flights from $178
Dep. Thu 12 Mar$178
Dep. Mon 16 Mar$178
VAShow more Flights
Dep. Wed 18 Mar$178
Dep. Fri 20 Mar$178
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$204
Dep. Tue 17 Mar$206
Dep. Thu 19 Mar$206
Dep. Sat 21 Mar$206
Dep. Sun 22 Mar$206
Dep. Mon 23 Mar$206
Dep. Tue 24 Mar$206
Dep. Wed 25 Mar$206
Dep. Tue 17 Dec$208
Dep. Mon 13 Jan$214
Dep. Tue 14 Jan$214
Dep. Wed 15 Jan$214
Dep. Thu 16 Jan$214
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$215
Dep. Mon 16 Dec$217
Dep. Fri 17 Jan$224
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$224
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$224
Dep. Sun 22 Dec$254
Dep. Mon 23 Dec$254
Dep. Thu 19 Dec$314
Dep. Tue 24 Dec$320
Dep. Sat 04 Jan$400
JQ,TT One-Way flights from $197
Dep. Wed 25 Mar$197
Dep. Wed 18 Mar$220
JQ,TTShow more Flights
Dep. Tue 17 Mar$232
Dep. Tue 24 Mar$232
Dep. Thu 16 Jan$245
Dep. Thu 19 Mar$250
Dep. Mon 16 Mar$252
Dep. Tue 14 Jan$258
Dep. Mon 23 Mar$264
Dep. Wed 15 Jan$266
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$278
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$285
Dep. Thu 12 Mar$289
Dep. Fri 20 Mar$289
Dep. Fri 17 Jan$308
Dep. Tue 17 Dec$340
Dep. Mon 13 Jan$368
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$410
Dep. Tue 24 Dec$427
QF One-Way flights from $206
Dep. Tue 17 Mar$206
Dep. Thu 19 Mar$206
QFShow more Flights
Dep. Sat 21 Mar$206
Dep. Sun 22 Mar$206
Dep. Mon 16 Mar$209
Dep. Tue 24 Mar$217
Dep. Wed 25 Mar$217
Dep. Thu 12 Mar$223
Dep. Wed 18 Mar$223
Dep. Fri 20 Mar$223
Dep. Sun 22 Dec$256
Dep. Mon 23 Dec$256
Dep. Tue 24 Dec$257
Dep. Mon 16 Dec$260
Dep. Thu 16 Jan$260
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$260
Dep. Mon 23 Mar$260
Dep. Mon 13 Jan$263
Dep. Thu 19 Dec$264
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$268
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$269
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$272
Dep. Tue 14 Jan$274
Dep. Tue 17 Dec$278
Dep. Wed 15 Jan$278
Dep. Fri 17 Jan$278
Dep. Sat 04 Jan$495
TT,VA One-Way flights from $259
Dep. Wed 18 Mar$259
Dep. Tue 24 Mar$259
TT,VAShow more Flights
Dep. Wed 15 Jan$269
Dep. Wed 25 Mar$270
Dep. Thu 19 Mar$274
Dep. Thu 12 Mar$282
Dep. Mon 23 Mar$284
Dep. Fri 20 Mar$288
Dep. Tue 14 Jan$290
JQ,ZL One-Way flights from $264
Dep. Mon 13 Jan$264
QF,TT One-Way flights from $281
Dep. Thu 19 Mar$281
JQ,VA One-Way flights from $284
Dep. Thu 12 Mar$284
Dep. Thu 19 Mar$299
JQ,VAShow more Flights
Dep. Fri 20 Mar$302
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$316
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$316
Dep. Thu 16 Jan$370
Dep. Fri 17 Jan$377
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$414
Dep. Tue 14 Jan$464
Dep. Tue 24 Dec$473
Dep. Sat 04 Jan$582
JQ,QF One-Way flights from $298
Dep. Tue 17 Mar$298
Dep. Sat 21 Mar$298
JQ,QFShow more Flights
Dep. Tue 24 Mar$298
Dep. Wed 25 Mar$298
Dep. Sun 22 Mar$306
Dep. Mon 16 Mar$307
Dep. Wed 18 Mar$319
Dep. Mon 23 Mar$319
Dep. Thu 19 Mar$331
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$332
Dep. Tue 17 Dec$349
Dep. Mon 13 Jan$350
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$350
Dep. Tue 24 Dec$362
Dep. Fri 20 Mar$364
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$368
Dep. Tue 14 Jan$371
Dep. Wed 15 Jan$371
Dep. Thu 16 Jan$371
Dep. Fri 17 Jan$371
Dep. Thu 12 Mar$376
Dep. Mon 16 Dec$388
Dep. Thu 19 Dec$432
Dep. Sat 04 Jan$456
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$491
Dep. Mon 23 Dec$549
Dep. Sun 22 Dec$566
QF,VA One-Way flights from $371
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$371

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Cairns? Check out our domestic flights to Cairns. If Cairns is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Melbourne (Tullamarine) from Australia and flights to Australia.

Melbourne Travel Information

All Australian airlines have crazy cheap flights to Melbourne at different times of the year. So if you're on an exciting holiday or sophisticated business trip to Melbourne, check in these prices first. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria in Australia. It is best known for its varied culture, everlasting night life, fantastic festivals for nearly everything, famous musicians, memorable events and historical attractions. The streets of Melbourne are lined with boutiques, funky bars, world-famous cafes and fine dining establishments. When flying to Melbourne (on a cheap flight of course), both locals and tourists are encouraged to get involved in the community culture and excitement.
Melbourne is also a place that’s filled with entertainment, sports events and family activities. There are wildlife parks and zoos, walking tours and sightseeing adventures. Many people enjoy Melbourne for the historical heritage and come to learn about the Aboriginals and early Europeans along with the historical structures that tell the stories of their lives. Still others come to Melbourne for some of the best spa treatments and relaxation therapies to be found in Australia. Whether you want to shop, relax or have an adventure, Melbourne has got something great to offer you.

Did you know...

  • From Melbourne to Cairns is 2,314 kilometres.
  • Cairns has the International Air Transport Association (IATA) airport code of CNS and Melbourne is MEL.
  • Cairns to Melbourne, the shortest return trip is 3 hrs 25 mins.
How to get from Cairns to Melbourne
Melbourne (Tullamarine)
2h 25m