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Cheap Flights Sydney to Adelaide, Australia.

Reverse: ADL to SYD

The Cheapest One Way Sydney to Adelaide Flights.

TT One-Way flights from $59
Depart Thu 07 Feb$59
Depart Mon 11 Feb$59
TTShow more Flights
Depart Tue 12 Feb$59
Depart Thu 14 Feb$59
Depart Fri 15 Feb$59
Depart Sun 10 Feb$59
Depart Wed 13 Feb$59
Depart Thu 21 Mar$60
Depart Wed 03 Oct$79
Depart Sat 10 Nov$79
Depart Thu 22 Nov$84
Depart Mon 19 Nov$86
Depart Mon 10 Dec$86
Depart Sat 09 Feb$86
Depart Mon 08 Oct$93
Depart Sun 18 Nov$93
Depart Sun 17 Mar$98
Depart Thu 04 Oct$118
Depart Wed 19 Dec$118
Depart Thu 27 Sep$138
Depart Tue 25 Dec$138
Depart Fri 25 Jan$138
Depart Sun 30 Dec$143
Depart Mon 24 Dec$158
Depart Sun 30 Sep$164
Depart Sun 23 Sep$178
Depart Sat 22 Sep$223
Depart Fri 28 Sep$223
Depart Sun 23 Dec$223
Depart Sat 22 Dec$283
JQ One-Way flights from $60
Depart Thu 07 Feb$60
Depart Mon 11 Feb$60
JQShow more Flights
Depart Tue 12 Feb$60
Depart Thu 21 Mar$60
Depart Sat 09 Feb$60
Depart Sun 10 Feb$60
Depart Wed 13 Feb$60
Depart Sun 17 Mar$61
Depart Thu 14 Feb$64
Depart Fri 15 Feb$97
Depart Mon 19 Nov$97
Depart Mon 08 Oct$97
Depart Mon 10 Dec$97
Depart Sun 30 Dec$104
Depart Sun 18 Nov$113
Depart Thu 22 Nov$113
Depart Wed 03 Oct$113
Depart Wed 19 Dec$113
Depart Thu 04 Oct$113
Depart Sat 10 Nov$113
Depart Sun 30 Sep$134
Depart Tue 25 Dec$134
Depart Fri 25 Jan$135
Depart Thu 27 Sep$135
Depart Sat 22 Sep$174
Depart Sun 23 Sep$175
Depart Fri 28 Sep$198
Depart Mon 24 Dec$198
Depart Sat 22 Dec$212
Depart Sun 23 Dec$237
VA One-Way flights from $109
Depart Fri 25 Jan$109
Depart Mon 11 Feb$109
VAShow more Flights
Depart Tue 12 Feb$109
Depart Thu 14 Feb$109
Depart Fri 15 Feb$109
Depart Thu 21 Mar$109
Depart Thu 07 Feb$110
Depart Sun 17 Mar$110
Depart Sat 09 Feb$110
Depart Sun 10 Feb$110
Depart Wed 13 Feb$110
Depart Sat 10 Nov$118
Depart Sun 18 Nov$118
Depart Mon 19 Nov$118
Depart Thu 22 Nov$118
Depart Mon 10 Dec$118
Depart Tue 25 Dec$129
Depart Mon 08 Oct$143
Depart Thu 27 Sep$159
Depart Wed 19 Dec$159
Depart Sun 30 Dec$160
Depart Wed 03 Oct$182
Depart Thu 04 Oct$182
Depart Sun 23 Sep$199
Depart Sun 30 Sep$211
Depart Mon 24 Dec$212
Depart Sat 22 Sep$223
Depart Sat 22 Dec$264
Depart Sun 23 Dec$328
Depart Fri 28 Sep$455
QF One-Way flights from $114
Depart Sat 09 Feb$114
Depart Sun 10 Feb$114
QFShow more Flights
Depart Mon 11 Feb$114
Depart Tue 12 Feb$114
Depart Wed 13 Feb$114
Depart Thu 14 Feb$114
Depart Fri 15 Feb$114
Depart Fri 25 Jan$116
Depart Thu 07 Feb$116
Depart Thu 21 Mar$116
Depart Sat 10 Nov$119
Depart Mon 19 Nov$119
Depart Thu 22 Nov$119
Depart Mon 10 Dec$119
Depart Sun 18 Nov$120
Depart Sun 17 Mar$122
Depart Sun 30 Dec$126
Depart Tue 25 Dec$143
Depart Thu 04 Oct$170
Depart Wed 19 Dec$170
Depart Sat 22 Sep$171
Depart Wed 03 Oct$171
Depart Mon 08 Oct$171
Depart Mon 24 Dec$195
Depart Sun 30 Sep$225
Depart Sun 23 Dec$225
Depart Thu 27 Sep$282
Depart Sat 22 Dec$284
Depart Sun 23 Sep$289
Depart Fri 28 Sep$292
JQ,TT One-Way flights from $187
Depart Wed 19 Dec$187
Depart Fri 15 Feb$197
JQ,QF One-Way flights from $224
Depart Wed 19 Dec$224
TT,VA One-Way flights from $227
Depart Wed 19 Dec$227
Depart Sun 23 Dec$400
TT,VAShow more Flights
Depart Sat 22 Dec$459
QF,TT One-Way flights from $232
Depart Thu 21 Mar$232

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Sydney? Check out our domestic flights to Sydney. If Sydney is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Adelaide from Australia and flights to Australia.

Adelaide Travel Information

As the fifth largest city in Australia, and the capitol city of South Australia, Adelaide is bustling with business, governmental, and financial happenings. Adelaide is the home of many government and financial institutions as a result. However, this is not just a city that's all work and no play. Adelaide is also known for its many festivals and sporting events. Visitors and locals alike enjoy great food and wine while they're in the city, and when it comes to relaxing, the extensive beachfront along Gulf St. Vincent is there waiting for you.

Traveling From Adelaide Airport

The Adelaide Airport is one that provides many options for getting to city centre. Because the Adelaide Airport lies only a little over 4 miles (7 km) away from city centre, the local transit options are more numerous than they normally would be for other metropolitain areas. The JetBuses (the local public transportation buses) pick up passengers on the left side of the plaza and service areas throughout the city of Adelaide. Shuttle buses are also available from the airport, servicing major hotels in the Adelaide area.

Because of the close proximity to city centre, taking a taxi from the airport to your destination is not the wildly expensive option that it would be in other cities. While there is a $2 levy for taxis leaving the airport, the overall rates tend to be deemed fairly reasonable by most passengers. And, of course, for those wishing to have access to a car during their time in Adelaide, there are half a dozen car rental services on site to help you find a car right for you.

Monthly Average Prices for Sydney to Adelaide One-Way Airfares (AUD)

  -$119  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -$166$182  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
$142$122$99  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -$130  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • The distance between Adelaide and Sydney is 1,163 km.
  • The closest train station to Adelaide airport is Subway Meats which is at 33 Wilson Street, Cowandilla .
  • ADL is the International Air Transport Association (IATA) code for Adelaide.
  • Adelaide is 1 hr 30 mins after Sydney.
How to get from Sydney to Adelaide
1h 15m