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The Cheapest One Way Sydney to Perth Flights.

TT One-Way flights from $124
Dep. Thu 06 Feb$124
Dep. Mon 23 Mar$124
TTShow more Flights
Dep. Wed 04 Mar$174
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$182
Dep. Wed 30 Oct$182
Dep. Tue 24 Sep$183
Dep. Tue 29 Oct$183
Dep. Wed 27 Nov$183
Dep. Tue 04 Feb$183
Dep. Wed 05 Feb$183
Dep. Wed 08 Apr$184
Dep. Tue 26 Nov$193
Dep. Mon 06 Apr$193
Dep. Thu 14 Nov$194
Dep. Thu 05 Mar$194
Dep. Thu 12 Mar$194
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$195
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$195
Dep. Mon 25 Nov$204
Dep. Mon 20 Jan$204
Dep. Sun 01 Dec$205
Dep. Mon 03 Feb$205
Dep. Thu 23 Jan$206
Dep. Fri 20 Sep$223
Dep. Tue 15 Oct$223
Dep. Fri 07 Feb$223
Dep. Sun 15 Mar$223
Dep. Sun 05 Apr$223
Dep. Sun 31 May$223
Dep. Fri 18 Oct$224
Dep. Fri 13 Mar$224
Dep. Sat 01 Feb$236
Dep. Sun 29 Sep$246
Dep. Fri 24 Jan$248
Dep. Fri 31 Jan$248
Dep. Sun 02 Feb$248
Dep. Mon 14 Oct$266
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$282
Dep. Fri 27 Sep$286
JQ One-Way flights from $124
Dep. Sat 01 Feb$124
Dep. Sat 08 Feb$124
JQShow more Flights
Dep. Fri 13 Mar$124
Dep. Thu 06 Feb$129
Dep. Wed 05 Feb$132
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$133
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$133
Dep. Thu 23 Jan$140
Dep. Mon 03 Feb$140
Dep. Thu 12 Mar$140
Dep. Sat 14 Mar$140
Dep. Sun 15 Mar$140
Dep. Mon 06 Apr$140
Dep. Sun 31 May$140
Dep. Fri 07 Feb$142
Dep. Thu 05 Mar$143
Dep. Fri 31 Jan$147
Dep. Wed 04 Mar$148
Dep. Sat 04 Apr$192
Dep. Mon 25 Nov$204
Dep. Sun 02 Feb$204
Dep. Sun 05 Apr$204
Dep. Tue 29 Oct$208
Dep. Tue 26 Nov$209
Dep. Tue 04 Feb$209
Dep. Wed 30 Oct$215
Dep. Mon 23 Mar$216
Dep. Thu 14 Nov$220
Dep. Tue 24 Sep$221
Dep. Sun 01 Dec$221
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$221
Dep. Mon 20 Jan$221
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$236
Dep. Sat 19 Oct$248
Dep. Tue 15 Oct$250
Dep. Mon 14 Oct$251
Dep. Wed 27 Nov$276
Dep. Fri 24 Jan$276
Dep. Fri 18 Oct$279
VA One-Way flights from $159
Dep. Mon 23 Mar$159
Dep. Mon 20 Jan$160
VAShow more Flights
Dep. Mon 03 Feb$160
Dep. Fri 07 Feb$160
Dep. Mon 06 Apr$160
Dep. Thu 12 Mar$160
Dep. Fri 13 Mar$160
Dep. Sat 14 Mar$160
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$160
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$160
Dep. Fri 24 Jan$160
Dep. Sat 08 Feb$160
Dep. Sun 15 Mar$161
Dep. Sat 01 Feb$161
Dep. Tue 04 Feb$161
Dep. Wed 05 Feb$161
Dep. Thu 06 Feb$161
Dep. Sun 31 May$161
Dep. Thu 23 Jan$163
Dep. Fri 31 Jan$164
Dep. Wed 04 Mar$166
Dep. Thu 05 Mar$166
Dep. Thu 14 Nov$188
Dep. Tue 26 Nov$188
Dep. Wed 27 Nov$188
Dep. Mon 25 Nov$188
Dep. Sun 01 Dec$189
Dep. Wed 30 Oct$189
Dep. Tue 29 Oct$195
Dep. Wed 08 Apr$202
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$234
Dep. Sun 02 Feb$234
Dep. Tue 24 Sep$237
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$238
Dep. Sat 04 Apr$243
Dep. Sun 05 Apr$243
Dep. Tue 15 Oct$298
Dep. Tue 24 Dec$300
Dep. Wed 25 Dec$302
QF One-Way flights from $184
Dep. Sun 31 May$184
Dep. Thu 06 Feb$194
QFShow more Flights
Dep. Wed 04 Mar$194
Dep. Thu 05 Mar$194
Dep. Thu 12 Mar$194
Dep. Mon 20 Jan$197
Dep. Fri 31 Jan$197
Dep. Sun 02 Feb$197
Dep. Tue 04 Feb$197
Dep. Wed 05 Feb$197
Dep. Mon 03 Feb$199
Dep. Fri 07 Feb$199
Dep. Sun 15 Mar$199
Dep. Mon 23 Mar$202
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$202
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$202
Dep. Thu 23 Jan$202
Dep. Fri 24 Jan$202
Dep. Sat 08 Feb$202
Dep. Fri 13 Mar$202
Dep. Sat 14 Mar$202
Dep. Tue 29 Oct$207
Dep. Mon 25 Nov$210
Dep. Wed 27 Nov$210
Dep. Thu 14 Nov$212
Dep. Wed 30 Oct$216
Dep. Tue 26 Nov$216
Dep. Mon 06 Apr$245
Dep. Wed 08 Apr$257
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$290
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$291
Dep. Sat 01 Feb$291
Dep. Sun 01 Dec$310
Dep. Thu 19 Sep$331
Dep. Sat 04 Apr$333
Dep. Sat 19 Oct$337
Dep. Sun 05 Apr$338
Dep. Fri 18 Oct$348
Dep. Tue 24 Dec$354
JQ,TT One-Way flights from $207
Dep. Tue 04 Feb$207
Dep. Mon 20 Jan$215
JQ,TTShow more Flights
Dep. Tue 26 Nov$223
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$237
Dep. Sat 19 Oct$242
Dep. Mon 14 Oct$243
Dep. Tue 29 Oct$262
Dep. Wed 30 Oct$262
Dep. Sat 01 Feb$275
Dep. Tue 15 Oct$305
Dep. Tue 24 Sep$307
Dep. Wed 08 Apr$315
Dep. Sun 02 Feb$339
Dep. Sat 14 Mar$349
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$365
Dep. Mon 23 Dec$371
Dep. Fri 27 Sep$422
Dep. Fri 20 Dec$524
JQ,QF One-Way flights from $224
Dep. Sat 19 Oct$224
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$293
JQ,QFShow more Flights
Dep. Wed 04 Mar$312
Dep. Thu 14 Nov$354
Dep. Fri 20 Dec$362
Dep. Thu 12 Mar$369
Dep. Fri 13 Mar$383
Dep. Sat 14 Mar$388
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$392
Dep. Thu 05 Mar$412
Dep. Wed 25 Dec$520
Dep. Sun 15 Mar$522
Dep. Sat 04 Apr$522
Dep. Mon 06 Apr$522
Dep. Wed 08 Apr$522
Dep. Tue 15 Oct$525
Dep. Tue 29 Oct$525
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$525
Dep. Tue 26 Nov$526
Dep. Mon 20 Jan$526
Dep. Tue 04 Feb$526
Dep. Thu 06 Feb$526
Dep. Sat 08 Feb$526
Dep. Sun 05 Apr$534
Dep. Sun 02 Feb$542
Dep. Tue 24 Dec$561
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$561
Dep. Tue 24 Sep$566
Dep. Mon 14 Oct$582
Dep. Sun 01 Dec$584
Dep. Fri 24 Jan$585
Dep. Fri 07 Feb$588
Dep. Sat 01 Feb$593
Dep. Fri 31 Jan$611
Dep. Thu 26 Dec$612
Dep. Fri 20 Sep$622
Dep. Wed 05 Feb$642
Dep. Mon 25 Nov$647
Dep. Wed 27 Nov$647
TT,VA One-Way flights from $252
Dep. Mon 03 Feb$252
Dep. Mon 23 Mar$252
TT,VAShow more Flights
Dep. Tue 04 Feb$253
Dep. Mon 20 Jan$254
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$266
Dep. Sat 01 Feb$267
Dep. Mon 06 Apr$270
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$296
Dep. Sat 14 Mar$302
Dep. Sun 02 Feb$312
Dep. Wed 30 Oct$317
Dep. Sat 04 Apr$332
Dep. Fri 31 Jan$342
Dep. Fri 13 Mar$380
Dep. Fri 18 Oct$420
Dep. Mon 23 Dec$446
Dep. Tue 15 Oct$452
Dep. Sat 19 Oct$491
Dep. Fri 27 Sep$600
Dep. Sat 21 Dec$660
JQ,VA One-Way flights from $254
Dep. Mon 20 Jan$254
Dep. Thu 06 Feb$254
JQ,VAShow more Flights
Dep. Tue 04 Feb$255
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$268
Dep. Tue 21 Jan$269
Dep. Sun 02 Feb$271
Dep. Tue 29 Oct$272
Dep. Wed 05 Feb$276
Dep. Tue 26 Nov$277
Dep. Mon 23 Mar$287
Dep. Mon 25 Nov$300
Dep. Wed 30 Oct$310
Dep. Sun 05 Apr$312
Dep. Mon 06 Apr$324
Dep. Tue 15 Oct$329
Dep. Thu 14 Nov$331
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$339
Dep. Fri 31 Jan$339
Dep. Fri 07 Feb$342
Dep. Sat 04 Apr$353
Dep. Thu 23 Jan$359
Dep. Wed 25 Dec$361
Dep. Mon 03 Feb$364
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$368
Dep. Thu 05 Mar$388
Dep. Sun 31 May$390
Dep. Fri 20 Dec$407
Dep. Tue 24 Dec$414
Dep. Wed 08 Apr$414
Dep. Fri 18 Oct$418
Dep. Mon 14 Oct$433
Dep. Fri 20 Sep$445
Dep. Mon 23 Dec$504
Dep. Sun 22 Dec$597
Dep. Thu 26 Dec$598
Dep. Fri 27 Sep$641
Dep. Sat 21 Dec$720
QF,TT One-Way flights from $314
Dep. Sat 19 Oct$314
Dep. Wed 22 Jan$331
QF,TTShow more Flights
Dep. Sat 14 Mar$346
QF,VA One-Way flights from $344
Dep. Sat 18 Jan$344
Dep. Sat 14 Mar$344
QF,VAShow more Flights
Dep. Thu 05 Mar$347
Dep. Wed 04 Mar$357
Dep. Fri 13 Mar$364
Dep. Fri 27 Dec$371
Dep. Sun 31 May$513
Dep. Sun 01 Dec$537
Dep. Sun 19 Jan$592
Dep. Fri 31 Jan$593
Dep. Wed 05 Feb$593
Dep. Fri 24 Jan$594
Dep. Mon 03 Feb$594
Dep. Fri 07 Feb$595
Dep. Fri 20 Dec$612
Dep. Tue 24 Sep$702
Dep. Wed 30 Oct$716
Dep. Mon 25 Nov$716
Dep. Wed 27 Nov$717
Dep. Sun 05 Apr$1,151
NZ One-Way flights from $1,027
Dep. Tue 29 Oct$1,027

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Sydney? Check out our domestic flights to Sydney. If Sydney is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Perth from Australia and flights to Australia.

Perth Travel Information

Perth is the fourth largest city in the country of Australia. It has a population of nearly two million people as of 2014. The city boasts a proud history that dates back to 1829 when it was founded by British Admiral James Stirling. The city is named after Perth, Scotland. There are many historic landmarks and enjoyable destinations in the city of Perth.

Perth Attractions

The Perth Zoo is a popular tourist destination in the city. The zoo sits on 41 acres of land and is home to 1258 different animals in 164 species. The largest aquarium in Australia is also located in Perth. The Aquarium of Western Australia is also the 10th largest aquarium in the world and houses over 4,000 fish. Several beautiful national parks are located in Perth. These include Avon Valley National Park, John Forrest National Park, and Yanchep National Park. Yanchep National Park is noted for its koala colonies, a popular Australian animal. There are also several theme parks in Perth, including Adventure World. Adventure World has both thrill and water rides.

Historical sites of interest in Perth include the Freemantle Railway Station. This station was an important hub for gold miners arriving in Australia in the late 19th century. The Freemantle War Memorial is located in Perth and honors Australians who served in the First World War. There is also the Lincoln Street Ventilation Stack. This structure is the second largest sewer pipe in Australia. More interestingly, it was also used as a secret code base during the Second World War.

Perth is an exciting Australian destination that has attractions for all types of people. Consider visiting this fine city soon.

Did you know...

  • Sydney is 2 hours in front of Perth. You might be jetlagged after the trip.
  • The closest hotel to Sydney airport is The Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel located at 8 Arrival Court, Mascot .
  • Sydney to Perth, the quickest return flight is 5 hrs 5 mins on Tigerair Australia, stopping over
How to get from Sydney to Perth
Sydney (SYD)
Perth (PER)
5h 5m