Flights to Hawaii (USA) from $469 Return

Posted On 11/Aug/17 - This deal has Expired

Jetstar are having a sale on flights to Hawaii, USA. Travel in Jan - May/18. Flights are direct from Sydney & Melbourne. Jetstar is a budget airline so meals + bags are extra.

Click the links below to see all the flights. We have also provided some sample dates, click them and once the search has completed you can change the dates.

These prices won’t last long – usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it unfortunately means the sale has ended.

Sydney to Honolulu Flights $469 Return.
22/Jan05/Feb$469View Flight
26/Jan09/Feb$469View Flight
27/Jan10/Feb$469View Flight
28/Jan11/Feb$469View Flight
29/Jan12/Feb$469View Flight
01/Feb15/Feb$469View Flight
03/Feb17/Feb$469View Flight
04/Feb18/Feb$469View Flight
05/Feb19/Feb$469View Flight
06/Feb20/Feb$469View Flight
Melbourne to Honolulu Flights $506 Return.
26/Jan09/Feb$506View Flight
28/Jan11/Feb$506View Flight
02/Feb16/Feb$506View Flight
09/Feb23/Feb$506View Flight
11/Feb25/Feb$506View Flight
16/Feb02/Mar$506View Flight
18/Feb04/Mar$506View Flight
23/Feb09/Mar$506View Flight
09/Mar23/Mar$506View Flight
18/Apr02/May$506View Flight
Gold Coast to Honolulu Flights $568 Return.
22/Jan05/Feb$568View Flight
05/Feb19/Feb$568View Flight
06/Feb20/Feb$568View Flight
09/Feb23/Feb$568View Flight
11/Feb25/Feb$568View Flight
12/Feb26/Feb$568View Flight
13/Feb27/Feb$568View Flight
16/Feb02/Mar$568View Flight
18/Feb04/Mar$568View Flight
19/Feb05/Mar$568View Flight
Hobart to Honolulu Flights $577 Return.
03/Mar18/Mar$577View Flight
08/Mar23/Mar$577View Flight
05/Mar18/Mar$577View Flight
02/Mar18/Mar$577View Flight
20/Feb04/Mar$577View Flight
06/Mar18/Mar$577View Flight
01/Mar18/Mar$577View Flight
06/Mar23/Mar$577View Flight
12/Mar23/Mar$577View Flight
05/Mar23/Mar$577View Flight
Brisbane to Honolulu Flights $620 Return.
22/Jan05/Feb$620View Flight
26/Jan09/Feb$620View Flight
29/Jan12/Feb$620View Flight
05/Feb19/Feb$620View Flight
06/Feb20/Feb$620View Flight
09/Feb23/Feb$620View Flight
12/Feb26/Feb$620View Flight
13/Feb27/Feb$620View Flight
16/Feb02/Mar$620View Flight
19/Feb05/Mar$620View Flight
Adelaide to Honolulu Flights $649 Return.
01/May15/May$649View Flight
02/May16/May$649View Flight
04/May18/May$649View Flight
08/May22/May$649View Flight
09/May23/May$649View Flight
11/May25/May$649View Flight
15/May29/May$649View Flight
16/May30/May$649View Flight
26/Apr11/May$649View Flight
30/Apr15/May$649View Flight
Cairns to Honolulu Flights $701 Return.
22/Jan05/Feb$701View Flight
26/Jan09/Feb$701View Flight
29/Jan12/Feb$701View Flight
04/Feb18/Feb$701View Flight
05/Feb19/Feb$701View Flight
06/Feb20/Feb$701View Flight
09/Feb23/Feb$701View Flight
11/Feb25/Feb$701View Flight
12/Feb26/Feb$701View Flight
13/Feb27/Feb$701View Flight
Perth to Honolulu Flights $758 Return.
09/Feb23/Feb$758View Flight
16/Feb02/Mar$758View Flight
23/Feb09/Mar$758View Flight
08/May22/May$758View Flight
09/May23/May$758View Flight
11/May25/May$758View Flight
15/May29/May$758View Flight
16/May30/May$758View Flight
02/Feb17/Feb$758View Flight
09/Feb24/Feb$758View Flight
Flights to Honolulu - All Other Departure Cities.

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