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TT Return flights from $192
Dep. Tue 06/Feb/18Ret. Wed 07/Feb/18Economy$192
Dep. Tue 06/Feb/18Ret. Tue 13/Feb/18Economy$192
Dep. Tue 06/Feb/18Ret. Tue 20/Feb/18Economy$192
Dep. Tue 06/Feb/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$192
Dep. Wed 07/Feb/18Ret. Tue 13/Feb/18Economy$192
Dep. Wed 07/Feb/18Ret. Tue 20/Feb/18Economy$192
Dep. Wed 07/Feb/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$192
Dep. Tue 13/Feb/18Ret. Tue 20/Feb/18Economy$192
Dep. Tue 13/Feb/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$192
Dep. Tue 20/Feb/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$192
Dep. Wed 26/Jul/17Ret. Fri 28/Jul/17Economy$202
Dep. Sun 30/Jul/17Ret. Thu 03/Aug/17Economy$202
Dep. Mon 29/Jan/18Ret. Tue 06/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Mon 29/Jan/18Ret. Wed 07/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Mon 29/Jan/18Ret. Tue 13/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Mon 29/Jan/18Ret. Tue 20/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Mon 29/Jan/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Tue 30/Jan/18Ret. Tue 06/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Tue 30/Jan/18Ret. Wed 07/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Tue 30/Jan/18Ret. Tue 13/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Tue 30/Jan/18Ret. Tue 20/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Tue 30/Jan/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Wed 31/Jan/18Ret. Tue 06/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Wed 31/Jan/18Ret. Wed 07/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Wed 31/Jan/18Ret. Tue 13/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Wed 31/Jan/18Ret. Tue 20/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Wed 31/Jan/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Mon 05/Feb/18Ret. Tue 06/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Mon 05/Feb/18Ret. Wed 07/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Mon 05/Feb/18Ret. Tue 13/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Mon 05/Feb/18Ret. Tue 20/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Mon 05/Feb/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Tue 06/Feb/18Ret. Mon 12/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Tue 06/Feb/18Ret. Mon 19/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Wed 07/Feb/18Ret. Mon 12/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Wed 07/Feb/18Ret. Mon 19/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Tue 13/Feb/18Ret. Mon 19/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Mon 19/Feb/18Ret. Tue 20/Feb/18Economy$202
Dep. Mon 19/Feb/18Ret. Wed 21/Feb/18Economy$202
JQ,TT Return flights from $208
Dep. Sun 30/Jul/17Ret. Thu 03/Aug/17Economy$208
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Sun 13/Aug/17Economy$208
Dep. Wed 26/Jul/17Ret. Fri 28/Jul/17Economy$214
Dep. Fri 30/Jun/17Ret. Mon 03/Jul/17Economy$258
Dep. Sun 02/Jul/17Ret. Mon 10/Jul/17Economy$286
Dep. Fri 07/Jul/17Ret. Sun 09/Jul/17Economy$319
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Fri 29/Dec/17Economy$340
Dep. Wed 20/Dec/17Ret. Mon 25/Dec/17Economy$341
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 04/Dec/17Economy$551
JQ Return flights from $213
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Sun 13/Aug/17Economy$213
Dep. Wed 26/Jul/17Ret. Fri 28/Jul/17Economy$233
Dep. Sun 30/Jul/17Ret. Thu 03/Aug/17Economy$240
Dep. Fri 30/Jun/17Ret. Mon 03/Jul/17Economy$287
Dep. Sun 02/Jul/17Ret. Mon 10/Jul/17Economy$328
Dep. Fri 07/Jul/17Ret. Sun 09/Jul/17Economy$334
Dep. Wed 20/Dec/17Ret. Mon 25/Dec/17Economy$374
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Fri 29/Dec/17Economy$375
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 04/Dec/17Economy$684
JQ,VA Return flights from $246
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Sun 13/Aug/17Economy$246
Dep. Wed 26/Jul/17Ret. Fri 28/Jul/17Economy$269
Dep. Sun 30/Jul/17Ret. Thu 03/Aug/17Economy$282
Dep. Fri 30/Jun/17Ret. Mon 03/Jul/17Economy$305
Dep. Wed 20/Dec/17Ret. Mon 25/Dec/17Economy$319
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Fri 29/Dec/17Economy$353
Dep. Fri 07/Jul/17Ret. Sun 09/Jul/17Economy$363
Dep. Sun 02/Jul/17Ret. Mon 10/Jul/17Economy$371
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 04/Dec/17Economy$607
TT,VA Return flights from $250
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Sun 13/Aug/17Economy$250
Dep. Wed 26/Jul/17Ret. Fri 28/Jul/17Economy$257
Dep. Sun 30/Jul/17Ret. Thu 03/Aug/17Economy$270
Dep. Fri 30/Jun/17Ret. Mon 03/Jul/17Economy$294
Dep. Wed 20/Dec/17Ret. Mon 25/Dec/17Economy$296
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Fri 29/Dec/17Economy$309
Dep. Sun 02/Jul/17Ret. Mon 10/Jul/17Economy$323
Dep. Fri 07/Jul/17Ret. Sun 09/Jul/17Economy$323
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 04/Dec/17Economy$407
VA Return flights from $264
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Sun 13/Aug/17Economy$264
Dep. Wed 20/Dec/17Ret. Mon 25/Dec/17Economy$284
Dep. Wed 26/Jul/17Ret. Fri 28/Jul/17Economy$312
Dep. Sun 30/Jul/17Ret. Thu 03/Aug/17Economy$314
Dep. Fri 30/Jun/17Ret. Mon 03/Jul/17Economy$337
Dep. Fri 07/Jul/17Ret. Sun 09/Jul/17Economy$387
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Fri 29/Dec/17Economy$411
Dep. Sun 02/Jul/17Ret. Mon 10/Jul/17Economy$425
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 04/Dec/17Economy$458
Dep. Fri 07/Jul/17Ret. Sun 09/Jul/17Business$2,488
JQ,QF Return flights from $266
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Sun 13/Aug/17Economy$266
Dep. Wed 26/Jul/17Ret. Fri 28/Jul/17Economy$283
Dep. Fri 07/Jul/17Ret. Sun 09/Jul/17Economy$326
Dep. Sun 02/Jul/17Ret. Mon 10/Jul/17Economy$331
Dep. Fri 30/Jun/17Ret. Mon 03/Jul/17Economy$331
Dep. Sun 30/Jul/17Ret. Thu 03/Aug/17Economy$344
Dep. Wed 20/Dec/17Ret. Mon 25/Dec/17Economy$360
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Fri 29/Dec/17Economy$424
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 04/Dec/17Economy$606
QF,TT Return flights from $269
Dep. Wed 26/Jul/17Ret. Fri 28/Jul/17Economy$269
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Sun 13/Aug/17Economy$270
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Fri 29/Dec/17Economy$293
Dep. Wed 20/Dec/17Ret. Mon 25/Dec/17Economy$314
Dep. Fri 30/Jun/17Ret. Mon 03/Jul/17Economy$316
Dep. Fri 07/Jul/17Ret. Sun 09/Jul/17Economy$318
Dep. Sun 02/Jul/17Ret. Mon 10/Jul/17Economy$326
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 04/Dec/17Economy$450
QF Return flights from $276
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Sun 13/Aug/17Economy$276
Dep. Wed 20/Dec/17Ret. Mon 25/Dec/17Economy$303
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Fri 29/Dec/17Economy$303
Dep. Wed 26/Jul/17Ret. Fri 28/Jul/17Economy$306
Dep. Sun 30/Jul/17Ret. Thu 03/Aug/17Economy$346
Dep. Sun 02/Jul/17Ret. Mon 10/Jul/17Economy$389
Dep. Fri 07/Jul/17Ret. Sun 09/Jul/17Economy$426
Dep. Fri 30/Jun/17Ret. Mon 03/Jul/17Economy$454
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 04/Dec/17Economy$461
Dep. Fri 07/Jul/17Ret. Sun 09/Jul/17Business$2,704
QF,VA Return flights from $294
Dep. Wed 20/Dec/17Ret. Mon 25/Dec/17Economy$294
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Sun 13/Aug/17Economy$306
Dep. Wed 26/Jul/17Ret. Fri 28/Jul/17Economy$328
Dep. Sun 30/Jul/17Ret. Thu 03/Aug/17Economy$332
Dep. Fri 07/Jul/17Ret. Sun 09/Jul/17Economy$371
Dep. Sun 02/Jul/17Ret. Mon 10/Jul/17Economy$371
Dep. Fri 30/Jun/17Ret. Mon 03/Jul/17Economy$372
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Fri 29/Dec/17Economy$402
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 04/Dec/17Economy$470
JQ,TT,VA Return flights from $347
Dep. Wed 26/Jul/17Ret. Fri 28/Jul/17Economy$347
Dep. Sun 02/Jul/17Ret. Mon 10/Jul/17Economy$352
Dep. Fri 11/Aug/17Ret. Sun 13/Aug/17Economy$380
Dep. Fri 30/Jun/17Ret. Mon 03/Jul/17Economy$416
Dep. Sun 30/Jul/17Ret. Thu 03/Aug/17Economy$416
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Fri 29/Dec/17Economy$420
Dep. Wed 20/Dec/17Ret. Mon 25/Dec/17Economy$438
Dep. Fri 07/Jul/17Ret. Sun 09/Jul/17Economy$506
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 04/Dec/17Economy$591
JQ,QF,VA Return flights from $428
Dep. Sun 30/Jul/17Ret. Thu 03/Aug/17Economy$428
Dep. Sun 02/Jul/17Ret. Mon 10/Jul/17Economy$440
Dep. Fri 07/Jul/17Ret. Sun 09/Jul/17Economy$476
Dep. Fri 30/Jun/17Ret. Mon 03/Jul/17Economy$520
NZ,QF Return flights from $1,212
Dep. Sun 30/Jul/17Ret. Thu 03/Aug/17Economy$1,212
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 04/Dec/17Economy$1,219
Dep. Wed 26/Jul/17Ret. Fri 28/Jul/17Economy$1,227
Dep. Mon 25/Dec/17Ret. Fri 29/Dec/17Economy$1,406
Dep. Fri 30/Jun/17Ret. Mon 03/Jul/17Economy$1,415

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Adelaide Travel Information

The city of Adelaide, Australia is the capital and commercial center of the state of South Australia. Its residents (Adelaideans) number over 1.3 million, making it one of Australia's largest cities. It is also a large city in terms of area - its metropolitan area stretches more than 50 miles along the coast of Gulf St. Vincent and over 10 miles inland on the Adelaide Plains to the eastern mountain and hill country. From the beginning, the city was carefully gridded out and still today enjoys a relatively effective highway system. Two airports- Adelaide and Parafield- and several inter-state roadways connect the city to the country and to the world. Internally, the Adelaide Metro transport system offers bus, train, and tram options for traveling around town.

The city is filled with or is near to numerous parks, gardens, beaches, and art galleries. It also has a public zoo and is conducive to whale watching. There are many sports events and festivals in the city as well. The climate is mild year long, and thousands of tourists pour in throughout each year. Adelaide has been ranked among the world's "most livable" cities - meaning the living conditions and quality of life there are considered quite exceptional.

Historical places to visit in Adelaide

Of historical interest are Adelaide's many landmarks and monuments along with a multitude of old buildings from the mid-1800's. One should see the decorative Adelaide Town Hall near Victoria Square, Parliament House, old mansions such as Ayers Historic House, and Old Adelaide Gaol. The Gaol was a prison and has towers, a bell, prison cells, and graves. One should visit the famous vineyard-covered "wine country" just outside of town in the hilly Mt. Lofty area. Among its many museums are South Australian Museum and National Railway Museum. A haven for religious and political liberty from its earliest days, it is not surprising to find Adelaide the home to many old and impressive churches and cathedrals. Among them are St. Peter's Cathedral, St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, and North Adelaide Baptist Church with its exceptionally large and well-piped pipe organ.

Monthly Average Prices for Brisbane to Adelaide One-Way Airfares (AUD)

  -  -$161$159  -$254  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -$326$306  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
$127$144$135$152$135$147$184$129$132$149  -  -
$451$537$435$652$527$261$352$239$246  -  -  -
$247$245$199$209  -$196$228  -  -  -  -  -
$282$312$257$267$299$300$293  -  -  -  -  -
$217$207$156$163$183$170$201$185$160$169$176  -
  -$689$849$705  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • It is 1,617 km from Brisbane to Adelaide.
  • The Novotel Brisbane Airport is 3 kms from Brisbane airport.
  • 5 airlines operate the route between Adelaide and Brisbane. They are Jetstar Airways, Air New Zealand, Qantas Airways, Virgin Australia, TigerAir Australia.
  • Brisbane is 1 hr 30 mins earlier than Adelaide. You may feel jetlagged after the flight.
How to get from Brisbane to Adelaide
1h 10m

The route Brisbane (BNE) to Adelaide (ADL) is serviced by:

Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Qantas, Tiger
The distance from Brisbane (BNE) to Adelaide (ADL) is:
1,617 kilometres (1,005 miles)
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