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The Cheapest Return Brisbane to Hobart Flights.Show One Way

JQ Return flights from $297
Dep. Thu 03/Aug/17Ret. Tue 08/Aug/17Economy$297
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 12/Nov/17Economy$312
Dep. Mon 18/Sep/17Ret. Mon 25/Sep/17Economy$323
Dep. Sun 17/Sep/17Ret. Sun 24/Sep/17Economy$341
Dep. Sat 23/Sep/17Ret. Sat 30/Sep/17Economy$353
Dep. Fri 05/May/17Ret. Wed 10/May/17Economy$364
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economy$367
Dep. Sat 01/Jul/17Ret. Sat 08/Jul/17Economy$369
Dep. Sat 16/Sep/17Ret. Sat 23/Sep/17Economy$392
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$398
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economy$402
Dep. Fri 03/Mar/17Ret. Tue 14/Mar/17Economy$415
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$417
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Economy$475
Dep. Fri 31/Mar/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$506
Dep. Wed 12/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$550
Dep. Thu 13/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$652
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Business$1,006
JQ,TT Return flights from $312
Dep. Thu 03/Aug/17Ret. Tue 08/Aug/17Economy$312
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economy$354
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economy$368
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$376
Dep. Sat 01/Jul/17Ret. Sat 08/Jul/17Economy$378
Dep. Fri 05/May/17Ret. Wed 10/May/17Economy$385
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$395
Dep. Fri 03/Mar/17Ret. Tue 14/Mar/17Economy$420
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Economy$448
Dep. Wed 12/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$496
Dep. Fri 31/Mar/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$513
Dep. Thu 13/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$672
JQ,VA Return flights from $312
Dep. Thu 03/Aug/17Ret. Tue 08/Aug/17Economy$312
Dep. Sun 17/Sep/17Ret. Sun 24/Sep/17Economy$326
Dep. Sat 01/Jul/17Ret. Sat 08/Jul/17Economy$344
Dep. Fri 05/May/17Ret. Wed 10/May/17Economy$347
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 12/Nov/17Economy$351
Dep. Mon 18/Sep/17Ret. Mon 25/Sep/17Economy$360
Dep. Sat 23/Sep/17Ret. Sat 30/Sep/17Economy$379
Dep. Fri 31/Mar/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$400
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Economy$405
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$410
Dep. Sat 16/Sep/17Ret. Sat 23/Sep/17Economy$411
Dep. Fri 03/Mar/17Ret. Tue 14/Mar/17Economy$411
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economy$417
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$421
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economy$464
Dep. Wed 12/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$478
Dep. Thu 13/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$561
JQ,QF Return flights from $324
Dep. Mon 18/Sep/17Ret. Mon 25/Sep/17Economy$324
Dep. Sat 23/Sep/17Ret. Sat 30/Sep/17Economy$332
Dep. Sat 01/Jul/17Ret. Sat 08/Jul/17Economy$332
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 12/Nov/17Economy$346
Dep. Thu 03/Aug/17Ret. Tue 08/Aug/17Economy$349
Dep. Fri 05/May/17Ret. Wed 10/May/17Economy$352
Dep. Sun 17/Sep/17Ret. Sun 24/Sep/17Economy$402
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Economy$403
Dep. Sat 16/Sep/17Ret. Sat 23/Sep/17Economy$411
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$466
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economy$470
VA Return flights from $341
Dep. Thu 03/Aug/17Ret. Tue 08/Aug/17Economy$341
Dep. Fri 05/May/17Ret. Wed 10/May/17Economy$360
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Mon 01/Jan/18Economy$362
Dep. Sat 16/Sep/17Ret. Sat 23/Sep/17Economy$375
Dep. Sun 17/Sep/17Ret. Sun 24/Sep/17Economy$375
Dep. Mon 18/Sep/17Ret. Mon 25/Sep/17Economy$375
Dep. Sat 01/Jul/17Ret. Sat 08/Jul/17Economy$376
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 12/Nov/17Economy$379
Dep. Sat 23/Sep/17Ret. Sat 30/Sep/17Economy$404
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economy$428
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$428
Dep. Fri 03/Mar/17Ret. Tue 14/Mar/17Economy$428
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$428
Dep. Wed 12/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$431
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economy$432
Dep. Fri 31/Mar/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$446
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Economy$460
Dep. Thu 13/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$488
Dep. Thu 13/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Business$2,334
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Business$2,664
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Business$2,920
QF Return flights from $347
Dep. Mon 18/Sep/17Ret. Mon 25/Sep/17Economy$347
Dep. Sat 23/Sep/17Ret. Sat 30/Sep/17Economy$347
Dep. Fri 05/May/17Ret. Wed 10/May/17Economy$351
Dep. Sat 16/Sep/17Ret. Sat 23/Sep/17Economy$353
Dep. Thu 03/Aug/17Ret. Tue 08/Aug/17Economy$358
Dep. Sat 01/Jul/17Ret. Sat 08/Jul/17Economy$360
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 12/Nov/17Economy$364
Dep. Sun 17/Sep/17Ret. Sun 24/Sep/17Economy$401
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Economy$455
Dep. Fri 03/Mar/17Ret. Tue 14/Mar/17Economy$487
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$491
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Mon 01/Jan/18Economy$507
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economy$510
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$510
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economy$522
Dep. Wed 12/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$540
Dep. Fri 31/Mar/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$582
Dep. Thu 13/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$606
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Business$2,427
Dep. Thu 13/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Business$2,434
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Business$2,837
QF,VA Return flights from $354
Dep. Fri 05/May/17Ret. Wed 10/May/17Economy$354
Dep. Sat 16/Sep/17Ret. Sat 23/Sep/17Economy$361
Dep. Thu 03/Aug/17Ret. Tue 08/Aug/17Economy$378
Dep. Sat 01/Jul/17Ret. Sat 08/Jul/17Economy$398
Dep. Sun 17/Sep/17Ret. Sun 24/Sep/17Economy$398
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 12/Nov/17Economy$398
Dep. Sat 23/Sep/17Ret. Sat 30/Sep/17Economy$424
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Economy$476
Dep. Wed 12/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$483
Dep. Sat 23/Dec/17Ret. Mon 01/Jan/18Economy$485
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economy$511
Dep. Thu 13/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$551
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Mon 06/Mar/17Economy$635
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$635
Dep. Mon 18/Sep/17Ret. Mon 25/Sep/17Economy$668
Dep. Fri 03/Mar/17Ret. Tue 14/Mar/17Economy$736
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$736
Dep. Fri 31/Mar/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$819
JQ,TT,VA Return flights from $370
Dep. Thu 03/Aug/17Ret. Tue 08/Aug/17Economy$370
Dep. Fri 05/May/17Ret. Wed 10/May/17Economy$415
Dep. Sat 01/Jul/17Ret. Sat 08/Jul/17Economy$434
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$493
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economy$493
Dep. Sat 04/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$501
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Economy$512
Dep. Fri 31/Mar/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$576
Dep. Wed 12/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$603
Dep. Thu 13/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$616
TT Return flights from $370
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$370
QF,TT Return flights from $381
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Economy$381
TT,VA Return flights from $387
Dep. Thu 03/Aug/17Ret. Tue 08/Aug/17Economy$387
Dep. Wed 12/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$431
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Thu 09/Mar/17Economy$445
Dep. Mon 06/Mar/17Ret. Fri 10/Mar/17Economy$445
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Economy$478
Dep. Thu 13/Apr/17Ret. Tue 18/Apr/17Economy$758
JQ,QF,TT Return flights from $415
Dep. Thu 06/Apr/17Ret. Fri 14/Apr/17Economy$415

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Hobart Travel Information

Hobart is the densely populated capital of the beautiful island state of Tasmania in Australia. Originally founded as a penal colony in 1804, the city of Hobart is the second oldest capital city in Australia following Sydney, New South Wales. The 4,170 ft. Mount Wellington dominates the skyline. The city itself is the administrative and financial heart of Tasmania that serves as a home port for Australian and also French Antarctic operations.

The Great Small City

The enticing city of Hobart is truly one of the most engaging and desirable cities found anywhere in the world. As Australia's second oldest city, it offers a rich blend of cultural heritage including a vibrant art and lively sporting society along with a low-stress and relaxed lifestyle.

The city itself is famous for its architectural buildings, fine restaurants, diverse festivals, and beautiful parks. Hobart is essentially the gateway to the finest boutique wines, quality food, and Tasmania’s renowned salmon, cheese, crayfish, chocolates, beer, and fresh strawberries and raspberries. The unique locale of the city offers an appealing ambiance like no other city in the world.

The Ambiance of Hobart

Hobart also has a rich maritime history and is literally defined and shaped by water. A wide range of craft including catamarans, ocean racing yachts, kayaks, fishing boats, square riggers, and Antarctic supply vessels work the busy waters of the Derwent River.

The port serves as a central focus for Hobart providing both an active commercial hub in addition to a place where local residents and visitors can enjoy spending time leisurely strolling along the many docks chatting with interesting local fisherman or perhaps sampling a bit of fresh produce at one of the several restaurants and cafes found around the scenic cove.

Monthly Average Prices for Brisbane to Hobart One-Way Airfares (AUD)

$216$203$199$190$204  -  -$222  -  -  -  -
  -$729  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -$714  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
$160$159$174$159$153$142$141$148$149$153$202  -
$446$402$423$346$281$292  -$349$348  -  -  -
$235$198$210$171$196  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
$311$256$283$231$243  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -$732  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • BNE is the IATA code for Brisbane.
  • The distance from Brisbane to Hobart is 1,789 kilometres.
  • The nearest hotel to Hobart airport is The Hobart Airport Tourist Park at 2 Flight Street, Cambridge .
  • 2 hours and 45 minutes is the shortest one-way flight from Brisbane to Hobart
How to get from Brisbane to Hobart
Brisbane (BNE)
Hobart (HBA)
2h 50m

The route Brisbane (BNE) to Hobart (HBA) is serviced by:

Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Qantas
The distance from Brisbane (BNE) to Hobart (HBA) is:
1,789 kilometres (1,112 miles)
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