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The Cheapest Return Brisbane to Phuket Flights.Show One Way

OD Return flights from $611
Dep. Tue 09/Oct/18Ret. Wed 17/Oct/18Economy$611
Dep. Tue 09/Oct/18Ret. Thu 18/Oct/18Economy$611
Dep. Wed 05/Sep/18Ret. Wed 12/Sep/18Economy$649
Dep. Fri 16/Mar/18Ret. Sat 31/Mar/18Economy$703
Dep. Fri 10/Aug/18Ret. Sat 18/Aug/18Economy$712
Dep. Tue 13/Mar/18Ret. Wed 28/Mar/18Economy$717
Dep. Sat 12/May/18Ret. Mon 21/May/18Economy$775
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Sat 26/May/18Economy$804
Dep. Sat 28/Jul/18Ret. Sat 04/Aug/18Economy$808
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Thu 10/May/18Economy$813
Dep. Mon 03/Sep/18Ret. Fri 14/Sep/18Economy$825
Dep. Wed 06/Jun/18Ret. Wed 20/Jun/18Economy$825
Dep. Sun 23/Sep/18Ret. Sun 30/Sep/18Economy$872
Dep. Sun 11/Feb/18Ret. Sun 18/Feb/18Economy$900
Dep. Fri 09/Feb/18Ret. Sat 17/Feb/18Economy$903
Dep. Sat 28/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$925
Dep. Thu 01/Feb/18Ret. Fri 16/Feb/18Economy$930
Dep. Mon 16/Apr/18Ret. Thu 26/Apr/18Economy$951
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$971
Dep. Thu 19/Apr/18Ret. Fri 27/Apr/18Economy$990
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 27/Apr/18Economy$993
Dep. Sun 24/Jun/18Ret. Tue 03/Jul/18Economy$1,003
Dep. Fri 13/Apr/18Ret. Sat 21/Apr/18Economy$1,017
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,177
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,201
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,288
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,315
CZ Return flights from $629
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Thu 10/May/18Economy$629
Dep. Sat 28/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$629
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Sat 26/May/18Economy$629
Dep. Sat 12/May/18Ret. Mon 21/May/18Economy$629
Dep. Tue 13/Mar/18Ret. Wed 28/Mar/18Economy$639
Dep. Fri 16/Mar/18Ret. Sat 31/Mar/18Economy$689
Dep. Mon 16/Apr/18Ret. Thu 26/Apr/18Economy$731
Dep. Thu 19/Apr/18Ret. Fri 27/Apr/18Economy$731
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 27/Apr/18Economy$731
Dep. Mon 03/Sep/18Ret. Fri 14/Sep/18Economy$746
Dep. Wed 05/Sep/18Ret. Wed 12/Sep/18Economy$746
Dep. Tue 16/Oct/18Ret. Tue 30/Oct/18Economy$746
Dep. Fri 13/Apr/18Ret. Sat 21/Apr/18Economy$768
Dep. Sat 28/Jul/18Ret. Sat 04/Aug/18Economy$805
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$842
Dep. Tue 09/Oct/18Ret. Wed 17/Oct/18Economy$856
Dep. Tue 09/Oct/18Ret. Thu 18/Oct/18Economy$856
Dep. Sun 24/Jun/18Ret. Tue 03/Jul/18Economy$858
Dep. Fri 10/Aug/18Ret. Sat 18/Aug/18Economy$870
Dep. Wed 06/Jun/18Ret. Wed 20/Jun/18Economy$898
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,000
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,000
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,049
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,049
Dep. Thu 01/Feb/18Ret. Fri 16/Feb/18Economy$1,175
Dep. Sun 11/Feb/18Ret. Sun 18/Feb/18Economy$1,255
Dep. Sun 23/Sep/18Ret. Sun 30/Sep/18Economy$1,264
Dep. Mon 12/Feb/18Ret. Sat 24/Feb/18Economy$1,318
Dep. Mon 05/Feb/18Ret. Fri 09/Feb/18Economy$1,737
Dep. Mon 05/Feb/18Ret. Thu 22/Feb/18Economy$1,751
Dep. Fri 09/Feb/18Ret. Sat 17/Feb/18Economy$2,162
3K,TR,TT Return flights from $671
Dep. Sat 12/May/18Ret. Mon 21/May/18Economy$671
Dep. Thu 19/Apr/18Ret. Fri 27/Apr/18Economy$846
Dep. Mon 16/Apr/18Ret. Thu 26/Apr/18Economy$871
3K,AK,D7,JQ,TR,TT Return flights from $684
Dep. Sat 12/May/18Ret. Mon 21/May/18Economy$684
Dep. Wed 06/Jun/18Ret. Wed 20/Jun/18Economy$855
Dep. Fri 10/Aug/18Ret. Sat 18/Aug/18Economy$865
Dep. Sun 24/Jun/18Ret. Tue 03/Jul/18Economy$890
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Sat 26/May/18Economy$905
Dep. Sat 28/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$920
Dep. Mon 16/Apr/18Ret. Thu 26/Apr/18Economy$997
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,001
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,102
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,133
CZ,PG Return flights from $685
Dep. Tue 13/Mar/18Ret. Wed 28/Mar/18Economy$685
Dep. Sat 28/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$685
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Thu 10/May/18Economy$685
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Sat 26/May/18Economy$685
Dep. Sat 12/May/18Ret. Mon 21/May/18Economy$685
Dep. Fri 16/Mar/18Ret. Sat 31/Mar/18Economy$696
Dep. Sat 28/Jul/18Ret. Sat 04/Aug/18Economy$701
Dep. Mon 03/Sep/18Ret. Fri 14/Sep/18Economy$746
Dep. Wed 05/Sep/18Ret. Wed 12/Sep/18Economy$746
Dep. Tue 16/Oct/18Ret. Tue 30/Oct/18Economy$746
Dep. Thu 19/Apr/18Ret. Fri 27/Apr/18Economy$768
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 27/Apr/18Economy$768
Dep. Fri 13/Apr/18Ret. Sat 21/Apr/18Economy$772
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$799
Dep. Mon 16/Apr/18Ret. Thu 26/Apr/18Economy$815
Dep. Tue 09/Oct/18Ret. Wed 17/Oct/18Economy$860
Dep. Tue 09/Oct/18Ret. Thu 18/Oct/18Economy$860
Dep. Sun 24/Jun/18Ret. Tue 03/Jul/18Economy$865
Dep. Fri 10/Aug/18Ret. Sat 18/Aug/18Economy$903
Dep. Wed 06/Jun/18Ret. Wed 20/Jun/18Economy$986
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,006
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,006
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,066
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,066
Dep. Sun 23/Sep/18Ret. Sun 30/Sep/18Economy$1,272
Dep. Thu 01/Feb/18Ret. Fri 16/Feb/18Economy$1,304
Dep. Mon 05/Feb/18Ret. Fri 09/Feb/18Economy$1,369
Dep. Sun 11/Feb/18Ret. Sun 18/Feb/18Economy$1,534
Dep. Mon 05/Feb/18Ret. Thu 22/Feb/18Economy$9,696
Dep. Mon 12/Feb/18Ret. Sat 24/Feb/18Economy$9,696
3K,JQ,TR Return flights from $686
Dep. Sat 12/May/18Ret. Mon 21/May/18Economy$686
Dep. Sat 28/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$735
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Thu 10/May/18Economy$804
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Sat 26/May/18Economy$829
Dep. Thu 01/Feb/18Ret. Fri 16/Feb/18Economy$841
Dep. Wed 06/Jun/18Ret. Wed 20/Jun/18Economy$849
Dep. Thu 19/Apr/18Ret. Fri 27/Apr/18Economy$967
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$995
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,025
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,220
MH Return flights from $705
Dep. Wed 05/Sep/18Ret. Wed 12/Sep/18Economy$705
Dep. Mon 03/Sep/18Ret. Fri 14/Sep/18Economy$712
Dep. Wed 06/Jun/18Ret. Wed 20/Jun/18Economy$717
Dep. Sat 28/Jul/18Ret. Sat 04/Aug/18Economy$8,085
3K,JQ,TR,TT Return flights from $723
Dep. Sat 28/Jul/18Ret. Sat 04/Aug/18Economy$723
Dep. Sat 28/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$740
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Sat 26/May/18Economy$812
Dep. Thu 19/Apr/18Ret. Fri 27/Apr/18Economy$864
Dep. Fri 13/Apr/18Ret. Sat 21/Apr/18Economy$890
Dep. Mon 16/Apr/18Ret. Thu 26/Apr/18Economy$982
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,104
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,177
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,207
3K,AK,D7,JQ,TR,VA Return flights from $740
Dep. Sat 12/May/18Ret. Mon 21/May/18Economy$740
3K,EK Return flights from $745
Dep. Sat 12/May/18Ret. Mon 21/May/18Economy$745
Dep. Tue 13/Mar/18Ret. Wed 28/Mar/18Economy$748
Dep. Wed 06/Jun/18Ret. Wed 20/Jun/18Economy$756
Dep. Sat 28/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$759
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Thu 10/May/18Economy$759
Dep. Sat 28/Jul/18Ret. Sat 04/Aug/18Economy$762
Dep. Wed 05/Sep/18Ret. Wed 12/Sep/18Economy$771
Dep. Tue 09/Oct/18Ret. Wed 17/Oct/18Economy$771
Dep. Mon 12/Feb/18Ret. Sat 24/Feb/18Economy$781
Dep. Tue 09/Oct/18Ret. Thu 18/Oct/18Economy$787
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Sat 26/May/18Economy$790
Dep. Thu 19/Apr/18Ret. Fri 27/Apr/18Economy$792
Dep. Fri 10/Aug/18Ret. Sat 18/Aug/18Economy$793
Dep. Fri 16/Mar/18Ret. Sat 31/Mar/18Economy$794
Dep. Mon 05/Feb/18Ret. Thu 22/Feb/18Economy$801
Dep. Mon 03/Sep/18Ret. Fri 14/Sep/18Economy$818
Dep. Fri 20/Apr/18Ret. Fri 27/Apr/18Economy$824
Dep. Thu 01/Feb/18Ret. Fri 16/Feb/18Economy$880
Dep. Sun 23/Sep/18Ret. Sun 30/Sep/18Economy$988
Dep. Fri 13/Apr/18Ret. Sat 21/Apr/18Economy$991
Dep. Mon 05/Feb/18Ret. Fri 09/Feb/18Economy$1,059
Dep. Fri 13/Apr/18Ret. Fri 13/Apr/18Economy$1,097
Dep. Mon 16/Apr/18Ret. Thu 26/Apr/18Economy$1,185
Dep. Sun 11/Feb/18Ret. Sun 18/Feb/18Economy$1,236
Dep. Sun 24/Jun/18Ret. Tue 03/Jul/18Economy$1,358
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,423
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,423
Dep. Fri 09/Feb/18Ret. Sat 17/Feb/18Economy$1,429
Dep. Wed 28/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,514
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,525
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,525
3K,EK,JQ,TR Return flights from $747
Dep. Sat 28/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$747
Dep. Sat 12/May/18Ret. Mon 21/May/18Economy$779
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Thu 10/May/18Economy$836
Dep. Thu 19/Apr/18Ret. Fri 27/Apr/18Economy$936
Dep. Mon 16/Apr/18Ret. Thu 26/Apr/18Economy$945
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$947
Dep. Thu 01/Feb/18Ret. Fri 16/Feb/18Economy$960
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$993
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,186
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,218
Dep. Fri 13/Apr/18Ret. Fri 13/Apr/18Economy$1,278
Dep. Sun 11/Feb/18Ret. Sun 18/Feb/18Economy$1,304
AK,D7,JQ,OD Return flights from $750
Dep. Tue 13/Mar/18Ret. Wed 28/Mar/18Economy$750
Dep. Sat 12/May/18Ret. Mon 21/May/18Economy$924
Dep. Sun 11/Feb/18Ret. Sun 18/Feb/18Economy$1,042
Dep. Fri 09/Feb/18Ret. Sat 17/Feb/18Economy$1,145
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,161
3K,EK,TR,TT Return flights from $752
Dep. Sat 28/Jul/18Ret. Sat 04/Aug/18Economy$752
Dep. Sat 28/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$752
Dep. Tue 13/Mar/18Ret. Wed 28/Mar/18Economy$834
Dep. Thu 19/Apr/18Ret. Fri 27/Apr/18Economy$867
Dep. Mon 12/Feb/18Ret. Sat 24/Feb/18Economy$910
Dep. Mon 16/Apr/18Ret. Thu 26/Apr/18Economy$938
Dep. Thu 01/Feb/18Ret. Fri 16/Feb/18Economy$985
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,078
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$1,129
Dep. Thu 29/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,175
Dep. Fri 13/Apr/18Ret. Sat 21/Apr/18Economy$1,188
Dep. Fri 13/Apr/18Ret. Fri 13/Apr/18Economy$1,239
3K,EK,FD,JQ,TR Return flights from $758
Dep. Sat 28/Apr/18Ret. Sat 12/May/18Economy$758
Dep. Wed 06/Jun/18Ret. Wed 20/Jun/18Economy$848
Dep. Mon 16/Apr/18Ret. Thu 26/Apr/18Economy$959
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sat 07/Apr/18Economy$984
Dep. Thu 01/Feb/18Ret. Fri 16/Feb/18Economy$990
Dep. Fri 30/Mar/18Ret. Sun 08/Apr/18Economy$1,013
3K,JQ,TT Return flights from $761
Dep. Sat 05/May/18Ret. Sat 26/May/18Economy$761
Dep. Sat 28/Jul/18Ret. Sat 04/Aug/18Economy$863
Dep. Sun 11/Feb/18Ret. Sun 18/Feb/18Economy$1,265

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Brisbane? Check out our domestic flights to Brisbane. If Brisbane is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Phuket from Australia and flights to Thailand.

Return flights shown. Show One-Way Flights.

Monthly Average Prices for Brisbane to Phuket Return Airfares (AUD)

+2  -$964$871$1001$1050  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+3  -  -  -  -$868  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+3  -  -  -$1146$827  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -  -$1044$862  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -$961$931$964$875  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -$972$939$1016$913  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -$765$762$849$649$665  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • Brisbane to Phuket, the shortest return flight is 21 hours and 15 minutes with Singapore Airlines. Singapore
  • The nearest hotel to Phuket airport is The Benetti lodge which is within a km away.
  • 18 airlines fly the route between Phuket and Brisbane. They include Hainan Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Air Seychelles, Cathay Pacific Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airways, Jetstar Airways and more.
  • Phuket is 3 hours behind Brisbane. You may be jetlagged after the journey.
How to get from Brisbane to Phuket
Brisbane (BNE)
Singapore (SIN)
8h 20m
Layover - 55m
Singapore (SIN)
Phuket (HKT)
1h 45m
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