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The Cheapest Return Brisbane to Phuket Flights.Show One Way

JQ Return flights from $582
Dep. Tue 17/Oct/17Ret. Mon 23/Oct/17Economy$582
Dep. Tue 08/May/18Ret. Tue 15/May/18Economy$617
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Fri 10/Nov/17Economy$620
Dep. Sat 18/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$620
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 18/Dec/17Economy$630
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$669
Dep. Sun 26/Nov/17Ret. Fri 22/Dec/17Economy$694
Dep. Mon 07/May/18Ret. Thu 17/May/18Economy$714
Dep. Sun 03/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$730
Dep. Tue 29/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economy$746
Dep. Fri 16/Mar/18Ret. Sat 31/Mar/18Economy$815
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Tue 10/Oct/17Economy$867
Dep. Sun 13/Aug/17Ret. Tue 29/Aug/17Economy$906
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economy$966
Dep. Fri 12/Jan/18Ret. Fri 26/Jan/18Economy$1,038
Dep. Wed 11/Apr/18Ret. Sun 22/Apr/18Economy$1,057
Dep. Sun 06/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,080
Dep. Sat 14/Apr/18Ret. Tue 24/Apr/18Economy$1,229
Dep. Mon 07/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,281
Dep. Tue 25/Jul/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,304
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economy$1,587
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Sun 03/Jun/18Economy$8,709
Dep. Sat 26/May/18Ret. Sun 03/Jun/18Economy$8,730
AK,D7,JQ,TT Return flights from $641
Dep. Tue 17/Oct/17Ret. Mon 23/Oct/17Economy$641
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$674
Dep. Sun 03/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$677
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 18/Dec/17Economy$691
Dep. Sat 18/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$693
Dep. Sun 13/Aug/17Ret. Tue 29/Aug/17Economy$698
Dep. Tue 29/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economy$702
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economy$728
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Fri 10/Nov/17Economy$738
Dep. Fri 12/Jan/18Ret. Fri 26/Jan/18Economy$1,017
Dep. Sun 26/Nov/17Ret. Fri 22/Dec/17Economy$1,051
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economy$1,466
D7,JQ,MH,TT Return flights from $659
Dep. Tue 17/Oct/17Ret. Mon 23/Oct/17Economy$659
Dep. Sun 03/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$709
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 18/Dec/17Economy$717
Dep. Sun 13/Aug/17Ret. Tue 29/Aug/17Economy$723
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$745
Dep. Sun 06/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$777
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Tue 10/Oct/17Economy$780
Dep. Mon 07/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$934
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economy$1,552
CZ Return flights from $669
Dep. Tue 17/Oct/17Ret. Mon 23/Oct/17Economy$669
Dep. Fri 16/Mar/18Ret. Sat 31/Mar/18Economy$680
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Fri 10/Nov/17Economy$699
Dep. Mon 07/May/18Ret. Thu 17/May/18Economy$741
Dep. Tue 08/May/18Ret. Tue 15/May/18Economy$741
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Sun 03/Jun/18Economy$743
Dep. Sat 26/May/18Ret. Sun 03/Jun/18Economy$743
Dep. Mon 04/Jun/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$743
Dep. Fri 08/Jun/18Ret. Sat 16/Jun/18Economy$743
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Tue 10/Oct/17Economy$746
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$755
Dep. Sat 18/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$755
Dep. Sun 03/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$794
Dep. Tue 29/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economy$841
Dep. Wed 11/Apr/18Ret. Sun 22/Apr/18Economy$848
Dep. Sat 14/Apr/18Ret. Tue 24/Apr/18Economy$851
Dep. Tue 25/Jul/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$940
Dep. Mon 07/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$948
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economy$948
Dep. Sun 06/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,034
Dep. Fri 12/Jan/18Ret. Fri 26/Jan/18Economy$1,044
Dep. Sun 13/Aug/17Ret. Tue 29/Aug/17Economy$1,409
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 18/Dec/17Economy$1,409
Dep. Sun 26/Nov/17Ret. Fri 22/Dec/17Economy$1,474
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economy$1,705
SQ Return flights from $673
Dep. Tue 17/Oct/17Ret. Mon 23/Oct/17Economy$673
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$678
Dep. Tue 29/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economy$685
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Tue 10/Oct/17Economy$720
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Fri 10/Nov/17Economy$767
Dep. Sat 18/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$799
Dep. Sat 14/Apr/18Ret. Tue 24/Apr/18Economy$879
Dep. Mon 07/May/18Ret. Thu 17/May/18Economy$879
Dep. Tue 08/May/18Ret. Tue 15/May/18Economy$879
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Sun 03/Jun/18Economy$879
Dep. Sat 26/May/18Ret. Sun 03/Jun/18Economy$879
Dep. Mon 04/Jun/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$889
Dep. Fri 08/Jun/18Ret. Sat 16/Jun/18Economy$906
Dep. Tue 25/Jul/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$917
Dep. Fri 16/Mar/18Ret. Sat 31/Mar/18Economy$917
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economy$918
Dep. Sun 03/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$919
Dep. Wed 11/Apr/18Ret. Sun 22/Apr/18Economy$919
Dep. Fri 12/Jan/18Ret. Fri 26/Jan/18Economy$928
Dep. Sun 26/Nov/17Ret. Fri 22/Dec/17Economy$953
Dep. Sun 06/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$956
Dep. Mon 07/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$956
Dep. Sun 13/Aug/17Ret. Tue 29/Aug/17Economy$993
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 18/Dec/17Economy$1,004
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economy$1,420
AK,D7,JQ Return flights from $677
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 18/Dec/17Economy$677
Dep. Sun 26/Nov/17Ret. Fri 22/Dec/17Economy$846
Dep. Fri 12/Jan/18Ret. Fri 26/Jan/18Economy$1,030
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economy$1,444
3K,JQ,TR,TT Return flights from $679
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Fri 10/Nov/17Economy$679
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Tue 10/Oct/17Economy$708
Dep. Sun 06/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$745
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economy$754
Dep. Tue 29/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economy$757
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 18/Dec/17Economy$788
Dep. Mon 07/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$902
Dep. Sun 26/Nov/17Ret. Fri 22/Dec/17Economy$960
Dep. Tue 25/Jul/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,076
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economy$1,597
AK,JQ,MH Return flights from $687
Dep. Sat 18/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$687
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$727
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Fri 10/Nov/17Economy$730
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Tue 10/Oct/17Economy$856
MI,SQ Return flights from $689
Dep. Tue 29/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economy$689
Dep. Tue 17/Oct/17Ret. Mon 23/Oct/17Economy$689
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$689
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Tue 10/Oct/17Economy$730
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Fri 10/Nov/17Economy$772
Dep. Sat 18/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$822
Dep. Sat 14/Apr/18Ret. Tue 24/Apr/18Economy$882
Dep. Mon 07/May/18Ret. Thu 17/May/18Economy$882
Dep. Tue 08/May/18Ret. Tue 15/May/18Economy$882
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Sun 03/Jun/18Economy$882
Dep. Sat 26/May/18Ret. Sun 03/Jun/18Economy$882
Dep. Fri 08/Jun/18Ret. Sat 16/Jun/18Economy$890
Dep. Mon 04/Jun/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$906
Dep. Tue 25/Jul/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$919
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economy$919
Dep. Sun 03/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$919
Dep. Fri 16/Mar/18Ret. Sat 31/Mar/18Economy$919
Dep. Wed 11/Apr/18Ret. Sun 22/Apr/18Economy$919
Dep. Sun 26/Nov/17Ret. Fri 22/Dec/17Economy$956
Dep. Fri 12/Jan/18Ret. Fri 26/Jan/18Economy$956
Dep. Mon 07/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$969
Dep. Sun 06/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$974
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 18/Dec/17Economy$1,006
Dep. Sun 13/Aug/17Ret. Tue 29/Aug/17Economy$1,030
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economy$1,466
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Business$4,836
3K,JQ Return flights from $689
Dep. Sat 18/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$689
AK,D7,TT Return flights from $690
Dep. Tue 17/Oct/17Ret. Mon 23/Oct/17Economy$690
Dep. Tue 29/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economy$710
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$719
Dep. Sun 13/Aug/17Ret. Tue 29/Aug/17Economy$727
Dep. Sat 18/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$744
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economy$1,559
3K,AK,D7,JQ,TR,TT Return flights from $697
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Tue 10/Oct/17Economy$697
Dep. Mon 07/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$865
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economy$879
Dep. Tue 25/Jul/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$919
Dep. Sun 06/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$988
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economy$1,316
JQ,TR,TT Return flights from $698
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Fri 10/Nov/17Economy$698
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Tue 10/Oct/17Economy$732
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economy$754
Dep. Sun 26/Nov/17Ret. Fri 22/Dec/17Economy$898
TG Return flights from $699
Dep. Fri 16/Mar/18Ret. Sat 31/Mar/18Economy$699
Dep. Wed 11/Apr/18Ret. Sun 22/Apr/18Economy$699
Dep. Sat 14/Apr/18Ret. Tue 24/Apr/18Economy$699
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Fri 10/Nov/17Economy$746
Dep. Mon 07/May/18Ret. Thu 17/May/18Economy$815
Dep. Tue 08/May/18Ret. Tue 15/May/18Economy$815
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Sun 03/Jun/18Economy$815
Dep. Sat 26/May/18Ret. Sun 03/Jun/18Economy$815
Dep. Mon 04/Jun/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$815
Dep. Fri 08/Jun/18Ret. Sat 16/Jun/18Economy$815
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Tue 10/Oct/17Economy$889
Dep. Tue 29/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economy$892
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$896
Dep. Tue 17/Oct/17Ret. Mon 23/Oct/17Economy$945
Dep. Sat 18/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$970
Dep. Tue 25/Jul/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,012
Dep. Sun 06/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,012
Dep. Mon 07/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,012
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economy$1,012
Dep. Sun 03/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$1,044
Dep. Sun 26/Nov/17Ret. Fri 22/Dec/17Economy$1,044
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 18/Dec/17Economy$1,044
Dep. Sun 13/Aug/17Ret. Tue 29/Aug/17Economy$1,057
Dep. Fri 12/Jan/18Ret. Fri 26/Jan/18Economy$1,133
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economy$1,523
CX,KA Return flights from $699
Dep. Mon 30/Oct/17Ret. Fri 10/Nov/17Economy$699
Dep. Tue 25/Jul/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$882
Dep. Tue 08/May/18Ret. Tue 15/May/18Economy$930
Dep. Mon 04/Jun/18Ret. Tue 19/Jun/18Economy$930
Dep. Fri 16/Mar/18Ret. Sat 31/Mar/18Economy$939
Dep. Tue 17/Oct/17Ret. Mon 23/Oct/17Economy$949
Dep. Wed 11/Apr/18Ret. Sun 22/Apr/18Economy$949
Dep. Mon 07/May/18Ret. Thu 17/May/18Economy$949
Dep. Fri 01/Dec/17Ret. Mon 18/Dec/17Economy$972
Dep. Thu 16/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$981
Dep. Fri 08/Jun/18Ret. Sat 16/Jun/18Economy$987
Dep. Fri 12/Jan/18Ret. Fri 26/Jan/18Economy$991
Dep. Sat 14/Apr/18Ret. Tue 24/Apr/18Economy$1,006
Dep. Fri 25/May/18Ret. Sun 03/Jun/18Economy$1,006
Dep. Sat 26/May/18Ret. Sun 03/Jun/18Economy$1,006
Dep. Sat 18/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$1,010
Dep. Sun 06/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,102
Dep. Tue 29/Aug/17Ret. Wed 06/Sep/17Economy$1,181
Dep. Mon 07/Aug/17Ret. Tue 15/Aug/17Economy$1,208
Dep. Sat 02/Sep/17Ret. Fri 08/Sep/17Economy$1,212
Dep. Sun 03/Sep/17Ret. Wed 13/Sep/17Economy$1,231
Dep. Tue 03/Oct/17Ret. Tue 10/Oct/17Economy$1,278
Dep. Sun 13/Aug/17Ret. Tue 29/Aug/17Economy$1,832
Dep. Sun 26/Nov/17Ret. Fri 22/Dec/17Economy$1,944
Dep. Fri 22/Dec/17Ret. Wed 03/Jan/18Economy$2,149

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Brisbane? Check out our domestic flights to Brisbane. If Brisbane is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Phuket from Australia and flights to Thailand.

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Monthly Average Prices for Brisbane to Phuket Return Airfares (AUD)

+3  -  -  -  -$772  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -  -  -$757  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+3  -  -  -  -$798  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+3  -$808  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -$797  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -  -$768  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -$728  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • Brisbane to Phuket, the quickest return flight is 21 hours and 15 minutes flying Virgin Australia. Stopovers include Singapore
  • Brisbane has the International Air Transport Association (IATA) airport code of BNE.
  • Brisbane is 3 hours earlier than Phuket. You may feel jetlagged after the journey.
  • 16 airlines fly from Phuket to Brisbane. This includes China Southern Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Finnair, Etihad Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines, Qantas Airways, EVA Air plus more.
How to get from Brisbane to Phuket
Brisbane (BNE)
Singapore (SIN)
8h 20m
Layover - 55m
Singapore (SIN)
Phuket (HKT)
1h 45m
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