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The Cheapest Return Brisbane to Singapore Flights.Show One Way

3K,JQ Return flights from $614
Dep. Wed 16/Mar/16Ret. Fri 22/Apr/16Economy$614
Dep. Sun 27/Mar/16Ret. Sun 17/Apr/16Economy$738
Dep. Mon 18/Jan/16Ret. Sun 24/Jan/16Economy$815
Dep. Sun 03/Jan/16Ret. Sun 17/Jan/16Economy$1,057
Dep. Sun 20/Dec/15Ret. Wed 30/Dec/15Economy$1,152
Dep. Sat 05/Dec/15Ret. Sat 12/Dec/15Economy$1,319
Dep. Wed 09/Dec/15Ret. Tue 02/Feb/16Economy$1,376
Dep. Sat 12/Dec/15Ret. Sat 02/Jan/16Economy$1,531
3K,JQ,TT Return flights from $634
Dep. Wed 10/Feb/16Ret. Wed 09/Mar/16Economy$634
Dep. Wed 16/Mar/16Ret. Fri 22/Apr/16Economy$674
Dep. Mon 18/Jan/16Ret. Sun 24/Jan/16Economy$785
3K,JQ,TR Return flights from $654
Dep. Wed 16/Mar/16Ret. Fri 22/Apr/16Economy$654
Dep. Mon 18/Jan/16Ret. Sun 24/Jan/16Economy$816
Dep. Sun 03/Jan/16Ret. Sun 17/Jan/16Economy$1,050
Dep. Sat 12/Dec/15Ret. Sat 02/Jan/16Economy$1,087
Dep. Sun 20/Dec/15Ret. Wed 30/Dec/15Economy$1,091
3K,JQ,TZ Return flights from $664
Dep. Wed 16/Mar/16Ret. Fri 22/Apr/16Economy$664
Dep. Wed 10/Feb/16Ret. Wed 09/Mar/16Economy$667
Dep. Sun 27/Mar/16Ret. Sun 17/Apr/16Economy$750
Dep. Wed 09/Dec/15Ret. Tue 02/Feb/16Economy$1,001
AK,D7,JQ,TZ Return flights from $683
Dep. Sat 06/Feb/16Ret. Mon 15/Feb/16Economy$683
Dep. Wed 16/Mar/16Ret. Fri 22/Apr/16Economy$749
JQ,TZ Return flights from $684
Dep. Wed 16/Mar/16Ret. Fri 22/Apr/16Economy$684
Dep. Sun 27/Mar/16Ret. Sun 17/Apr/16Economy$712
Dep. Sat 06/Feb/16Ret. Mon 15/Feb/16Economy$746
Dep. Wed 10/Feb/16Ret. Wed 09/Mar/16Economy$763
Dep. Mon 18/Jan/16Ret. Sun 24/Jan/16Economy$800
Dep. Wed 09/Dec/15Ret. Tue 02/Feb/16Economy$977
Dep. Sat 05/Dec/15Ret. Sat 12/Dec/15Economy$991
Dep. Sun 03/Jan/16Ret. Sun 17/Jan/16Economy$1,085
3K,D7,JQ,OD Return flights from $685
Dep. Wed 16/Mar/16Ret. Fri 22/Apr/16Economy$685
3K,AK,D7,JQ Return flights from $686
Dep. Wed 10/Feb/16Ret. Wed 09/Mar/16Economy$686
Dep. Wed 16/Mar/16Ret. Fri 22/Apr/16Economy$719
3K,TT Return flights from $686
Dep. Wed 10/Feb/16Ret. Wed 09/Mar/16Economy$686
JQ Return flights from $690
Dep. Wed 10/Feb/16Ret. Mon 22/Feb/16Economy$690
Dep. Wed 10/Feb/16Ret. Thu 11/Feb/16Economy$700
Dep. Wed 10/Feb/16Ret. Fri 26/Feb/16Economy$700
Dep. Wed 24/Feb/16Ret. Fri 26/Feb/16Economy$700
Dep. Wed 10/Feb/16Ret. Fri 12/Feb/16Economy$710
Dep. Wed 10/Feb/16Ret. Sun 21/Feb/16Economy$710
Dep. Wed 10/Feb/16Ret. Thu 25/Feb/16Economy$710
Dep. Wed 17/Feb/16Ret. Mon 22/Feb/16Economy$710
Dep. Wed 24/Feb/16Ret. Thu 25/Feb/16Economy$710
Dep. Wed 03/Feb/16Ret. Tue 09/Feb/16Economy$716
Dep. Wed 03/Feb/16Ret. Mon 22/Feb/16Economy$716
Dep. Fri 19/Feb/16Ret. Mon 22/Feb/16Economy$716
Dep. Wed 10/Feb/16Ret. Thu 18/Feb/16Economy$720
Dep. Wed 10/Feb/16Ret. Sun 28/Feb/16Economy$720
Dep. Wed 17/Feb/16Ret. Fri 26/Feb/16Economy$720
Dep. Wed 24/Feb/16Ret. Sun 28/Feb/16Economy$720
Dep. Wed 03/Feb/16Ret. Mon 08/Feb/16Economy$726
Dep. Wed 03/Feb/16Ret. Thu 11/Feb/16Economy$726
Dep. Wed 03/Feb/16Ret. Fri 26/Feb/16Economy$726
Dep. Fri 19/Feb/16Ret. Fri 26/Feb/16Economy$726
Dep. Fri 12/Feb/16Ret. Mon 22/Feb/16Economy$730
Dep. Wed 17/Feb/16Ret. Sun 21/Feb/16Economy$730
Dep. Wed 17/Feb/16Ret. Thu 25/Feb/16Economy$730
Dep. Tue 02/Feb/16Ret. Tue 09/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Tue 02/Feb/16Ret. Mon 22/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Wed 03/Feb/16Ret. Fri 12/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Wed 03/Feb/16Ret. Sun 21/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Wed 03/Feb/16Ret. Thu 25/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Fri 05/Feb/16Ret. Tue 09/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Fri 05/Feb/16Ret. Mon 22/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Sun 07/Feb/16Ret. Tue 09/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Sun 07/Feb/16Ret. Mon 22/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Tue 09/Feb/16Ret. Mon 22/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Sun 14/Feb/16Ret. Mon 22/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Fri 19/Feb/16Ret. Sun 21/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Fri 19/Feb/16Ret. Thu 25/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Sun 21/Feb/16Ret. Mon 22/Feb/16Economy$736
Dep. Wed 17/Feb/16Ret. Thu 18/Feb/16Economy$740
Dep. Wed 17/Feb/16Ret. Sun 28/Feb/16Economy$740
JQ,TR,TZ Return flights from $692
Dep. Wed 16/Mar/16Ret. Fri 22/Apr/16Economy$692
Dep. Sun 27/Mar/16Ret. Sun 17/Apr/16Economy$753
Dep. Mon 18/Jan/16Ret. Sun 24/Jan/16Economy$801
Dep. Sat 05/Dec/15Ret. Sat 12/Dec/15Economy$940
Dep. Wed 09/Dec/15Ret. Tue 02/Feb/16Economy$1,002
Dep. Sat 12/Dec/15Ret. Sat 02/Jan/16Economy$1,072
Dep. Sun 03/Jan/16Ret. Sun 17/Jan/16Economy$1,078
Dep. Sun 20/Dec/15Ret. Wed 30/Dec/15Economy$1,099
3K,AK,JQ,QZ Return flights from $693
Dep. Wed 16/Mar/16Ret. Fri 22/Apr/16Economy$693
Dep. Sun 03/Jan/16Ret. Sun 17/Jan/16Economy$1,078
3K,JQ,QZ Return flights from $693
Dep. Wed 16/Mar/16Ret. Fri 22/Apr/16Economy$693
Dep. Mon 18/Jan/16Ret. Sun 24/Jan/16Economy$831
Dep. Tue 08/Dec/15Ret. Tue 02/Feb/16Economy$888
Dep. Sun 03/Jan/16Ret. Sun 17/Jan/16Economy$1,029
Dep. Sun 20/Dec/15Ret. Wed 30/Dec/15Economy$1,034
Dep. Sat 12/Dec/15Ret. Sat 02/Jan/16Economy$1,053
3K,D7,JQ Return flights from $697
Dep. Wed 16/Mar/16Ret. Fri 22/Apr/16Economy$697
3K,JQ,QZ,TR Return flights from $698
Dep. Wed 16/Mar/16Ret. Fri 22/Apr/16Economy$698
Dep. Tue 08/Dec/15Ret. Tue 02/Feb/16Economy$890
Dep. Sun 03/Jan/16Ret. Sun 17/Jan/16Economy$1,063

Do you need to catch a flight to Brisbane? Check out our domestic flights to Brisbane. If Brisbane is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Singapore from Australia.

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Monthly Average Prices for Brisbane to Singapore Return Airfares (AUD)

  -  -  -$816  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -  -$817  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -  -$991  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -  -$816  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -  -$831  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -  -$833  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • From Brisbane to Singapore is 6,143 kilometres.
  • International Terminal Railway Station at Brisbane Airport is the nearest train station to Brisbane airport.
  • 27 airlines operate from Brisbane to Singapore. They include EVA Air, China Airlines, Click Grupo Mexicana, Sri Lankan Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Empire Airlines, Singapore Airlines plus more.
  • Brisbane to Singapore, the shortest return flight is 14 hours and 40 minutes on Qantas Airways
How to get from Brisbane to Singapore
Brisbane (BNE)
Singapore (SIN)
7h 45m
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