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The Cheapest Return Brisbane to Singapore Flights.Show One Way

TT,TZ Return flights from $570
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Fri 24/Jun/16Economy$570
Dep. Fri 10/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economy$625
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Mon 30/May/16Economy$657
Dep. Wed 25/May/16Ret. Tue 31/May/16Economy$662
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Sat 06/Aug/16Economy$671
Dep. Thu 16/Jun/16Ret. Mon 27/Jun/16Economy$685
Dep. Thu 23/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$829
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$843
JQ,TT,TZ Return flights from $589
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Fri 24/Jun/16Economy$589
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Sat 06/Aug/16Economy$640
Dep. Fri 10/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economy$651
Dep. Wed 25/May/16Ret. Tue 31/May/16Economy$668
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Mon 30/May/16Economy$709
Dep. Thu 16/Jun/16Ret. Mon 27/Jun/16Economy$710
Dep. Sat 17/Sep/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economy$815
Dep. Thu 23/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$871
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$876
Dep. Wed 15/Jun/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$906
3K,TT,TZ,VA Return flights from $608
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Wed 01/Jun/16Economy$608
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Sat 06/Aug/16Economy$810
Dep. Fri 10/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economy$818
Dep. Tue 07/Jun/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$824
Dep. Thu 16/Jun/16Ret. Mon 27/Jun/16Economy$834
Dep. Wed 15/Jun/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$872
Dep. Thu 23/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$899
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Mon 30/May/16Economy$906
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$918
Dep. Wed 25/May/16Ret. Tue 31/May/16Economy$923
Dep. Sat 17/Sep/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economy$1,377
JQ Return flights from $619
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economy$619
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Sun 05/Jun/16Economy$629
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Sat 04/Jun/16Economy$639
Dep. Sat 04/Jun/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economy$645
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Fri 03/Jun/16Economy$649
Dep. Sat 04/Jun/16Ret. Sun 05/Jun/16Economy$655
Dep. Fri 20/May/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economy$665
Dep. Fri 27/May/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economy$665
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Thu 02/Jun/16Economy$669
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Thu 09/Jun/16Economy$673
Dep. Fri 20/May/16Ret. Sun 05/Jun/16Economy$675
Dep. Fri 27/May/16Ret. Sun 05/Jun/16Economy$675
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Wed 08/Jun/16Economy$677
Dep. Wed 18/May/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economy$679
Dep. Sat 21/May/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economy$679
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Sun 29/May/16Economy$679
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Mon 30/May/16Economy$679
Dep. Fri 13/May/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economy$685
Dep. Sat 14/May/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economy$685
Dep. Fri 20/May/16Ret. Sat 04/Jun/16Economy$685
Dep. Fri 27/May/16Ret. Sat 04/Jun/16Economy$685
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Fri 24/Jun/16Economy$688
Dep. Wed 18/May/16Ret. Sun 05/Jun/16Economy$689
Dep. Sat 21/May/16Ret. Sun 05/Jun/16Economy$689
Dep. Fri 13/May/16Ret. Sun 05/Jun/16Economy$695
Dep. Sat 14/May/16Ret. Sun 05/Jun/16Economy$695
Dep. Fri 20/May/16Ret. Sun 22/May/16Economy$695
Dep. Fri 20/May/16Ret. Mon 23/May/16Economy$695
Dep. Fri 20/May/16Ret. Fri 03/Jun/16Economy$695
Dep. Fri 27/May/16Ret. Fri 03/Jun/16Economy$695
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Wed 01/Jun/16Economy$698
Dep. Wed 18/May/16Ret. Sat 04/Jun/16Economy$699
Dep. Sat 21/May/16Ret. Sat 04/Jun/16Economy$699
Dep. Sat 04/Jun/16Ret. Thu 09/Jun/16Economy$699
Dep. Sun 05/Jun/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economy$699
Dep. Sat 04/Jun/16Ret. Wed 08/Jun/16Economy$703
Dep. Fri 13/May/16Ret. Sat 04/Jun/16Economy$705
Dep. Fri 20/May/16Ret. Thu 26/May/16Economy$705
Dep. Wed 01/Jun/16Ret. Mon 06/Jun/16Economy$705
QZ,TT,TZ Return flights from $626
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Fri 24/Jun/16Economy$626
Dep. Fri 10/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economy$683
Dep. Thu 23/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$942
TT,TZ,VA Return flights from $630
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Fri 24/Jun/16Economy$630
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Mon 30/May/16Economy$643
Dep. Wed 25/May/16Ret. Tue 31/May/16Economy$701
Dep. Tue 07/Jun/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$714
Dep. Thu 16/Jun/16Ret. Mon 27/Jun/16Economy$728
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Sat 06/Aug/16Economy$731
Dep. Fri 10/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economy$751
Dep. Wed 15/Jun/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$842
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$882
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Wed 01/Jun/16Economy$889
Dep. Thu 23/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$900
Dep. Sat 17/Sep/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economy$1,250
JQ,TZ Return flights from $632
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Sat 06/Aug/16Economy$632
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Fri 24/Jun/16Economy$639
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Mon 30/May/16Economy$743
Dep. Sat 17/Sep/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economy$771
Dep. Thu 16/Jun/16Ret. Mon 27/Jun/16Economy$793
Dep. Wed 15/Jun/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$898
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$919
AK,D7,TT,TZ Return flights from $642
Dep. Wed 25/May/16Ret. Tue 31/May/16Economy$642
3K,JQ,TT,TZ Return flights from $643
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Fri 24/Jun/16Economy$643
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Sat 06/Aug/16Economy$757
Dep. Fri 10/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economy$799
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Mon 30/May/16Economy$803
Dep. Tue 07/Jun/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$807
Dep. Wed 25/May/16Ret. Tue 31/May/16Economy$812
Dep. Thu 16/Jun/16Ret. Mon 27/Jun/16Economy$817
Dep. Thu 23/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$894
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$911
Dep. Sat 17/Sep/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economy$942
Dep. Wed 15/Jun/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$946
JQ,QZ,TT,TZ Return flights from $645
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Fri 24/Jun/16Economy$645
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Mon 30/May/16Economy$719
Dep. Thu 16/Jun/16Ret. Mon 27/Jun/16Economy$731
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Wed 01/Jun/16Economy$805
Dep. Tue 07/Jun/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$827
Dep. Fri 10/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economy$846
Dep. Thu 23/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$874
Dep. Wed 15/Jun/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$875
AK,D7,JQ,TT,TZ Return flights from $648
Dep. Wed 25/May/16Ret. Tue 31/May/16Economy$648
TZ,VA Return flights from $657
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Fri 24/Jun/16Economy$657
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Sat 06/Aug/16Economy$707
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Mon 30/May/16Economy$737
Dep. Thu 16/Jun/16Ret. Mon 27/Jun/16Economy$757
Dep. Wed 25/May/16Ret. Tue 31/May/16Economy$774
Dep. Wed 15/Jun/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$807
Dep. Fri 10/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economy$837
Dep. Sat 17/Sep/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economy$837
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Wed 01/Jun/16Economy$846
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$865
Dep. Tue 07/Jun/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$884
Dep. Thu 23/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$924
JQ,TZ,VA Return flights from $664
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Mon 30/May/16Economy$664
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Fri 24/Jun/16Economy$675
Dep. Fri 29/Jul/16Ret. Sat 06/Aug/16Economy$677
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Wed 01/Jun/16Economy$683
Dep. Thu 16/Jun/16Ret. Mon 27/Jun/16Economy$804
Dep. Tue 07/Jun/16Ret. Fri 15/Jul/16Economy$821
Dep. Wed 15/Jun/16Ret. Wed 06/Jul/16Economy$847
Dep. Fri 10/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economy$875
Dep. Sat 17/Sep/16Ret. Thu 29/Sep/16Economy$910
Dep. Thu 23/Jun/16Ret. Fri 01/Jul/16Economy$921
Dep. Wed 29/Jun/16Ret. Mon 04/Jul/16Economy$925
Dep. Wed 25/May/16Ret. Tue 31/May/16Economy$992
AK,D7,TT,TZ,VA Return flights from $681
Dep. Wed 25/May/16Ret. Tue 31/May/16Economy$681
QZ,TT,TZ,VA Return flights from $682
Dep. Sat 28/May/16Ret. Fri 24/Jun/16Economy$682
Dep. Fri 10/Jun/16Ret. Mon 13/Jun/16Economy$945
Dep. Thu 16/Jun/16Ret. Mon 27/Jun/16Economy$980
Dep. Tue 24/May/16Ret. Wed 01/Jun/16Economy$1,059

Do you need to catch a flight to Brisbane? Check out our domestic flights to Brisbane. If Brisbane is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Singapore from Australia and flights to Singapore.

Return flights shown. Show One-Way Flights.

Monthly Average Prices for Brisbane to Singapore Return Airfares (AUD)

+3$933  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -$775  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -$795  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -$832  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+3  -  -$1058  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -$824  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -$1041  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • International Terminal Railway Station train station is close to Brisbane airport.
  • Singapore has the International Air Transport Association (IATA) code of SIN and Brisbane has BNE.
  • Singapore is 2 hours later than Brisbane. You might be jetlagged after the flight.
  • Brisbane to Singapore, the quickest one-way trip is 7 hours and 30 minutes
How to get from Brisbane to Singapore
Brisbane (BNE)
Singapore (SIN)
7h 45m
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