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JD Return flights from $474
Dep. Tue 07/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$474
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$474
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$474
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$587
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$612
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$670
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Tue 06/Mar/18Economy$704
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$704
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$704
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$714
D7 Return flights from $480
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Thu 09/Nov/17Economy$480
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$498
Dep. Wed 25/Oct/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$498
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$552
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$578
Dep. Tue 07/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$599
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$599
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$599
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Fri 24/Nov/17Economy$635
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$635
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Mon 27/Nov/17Economy$635
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$755
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 13/Oct/17Economy$815
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,068
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,084
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,088
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Tue 06/Mar/18Economy$1,104
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,104
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$1,146
HU Return flights from $490
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$490
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Thu 09/Nov/17Economy$490
Dep. Tue 07/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$490
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$490
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$490
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$582
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$582
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 13/Oct/17Economy$738
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Tue 06/Mar/18Economy$1,089
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,089
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,089
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,123
CZ,SQ Return flights from $506
Dep. Wed 25/Oct/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$506
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Thu 09/Nov/17Economy$506
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$532
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 13/Oct/17Economy$900
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$1,013
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Fri 24/Nov/17Economy$1,024
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Mon 27/Nov/17Economy$1,024
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,275
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$1,456
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$1,514
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$1,538
Dep. Tue 07/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$1,586
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$1,729
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,864
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Tue 06/Mar/18Economy$1,998
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,998
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$4,101
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$4,101
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$4,201
CZ,D7 Return flights from $507
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Thu 09/Nov/17Economy$507
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$524
Dep. Wed 25/Oct/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$525
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$525
Dep. Tue 07/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$525
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$525
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$570
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Mon 27/Nov/17Economy$579
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Fri 24/Nov/17Economy$579
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$579
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$722
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$947
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 13/Oct/17Economy$1,045
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$1,054
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Tue 06/Mar/18Economy$1,223
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,223
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,223
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,236
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,236
MF Return flights from $512
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Thu 09/Nov/17Economy$512
Dep. Wed 25/Oct/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$515
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$560
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Fri 24/Nov/17Economy$568
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$568
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Mon 27/Nov/17Economy$568
Dep. Tue 07/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$572
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$580
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$580
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$604
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 13/Oct/17Economy$638
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,238
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Tue 06/Mar/18Economy$1,336
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,351
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,351
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,351
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$1,354
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,406
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,413
Dep. Mon 23/Oct/17Ret. Tue 31/Oct/17Business$2,573
D7,SQ Return flights from $536
Dep. Wed 25/Oct/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$536
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Thu 09/Nov/17Economy$536
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$537
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 13/Oct/17Economy$674
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,271
QF Return flights from $548
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Thu 09/Nov/17Economy$548
Dep. Tue 07/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$548
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Fri 24/Nov/17Economy$548
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$548
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$548
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Mon 27/Nov/17Economy$548
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$594
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$594
Dep. Wed 25/Oct/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$645
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$741
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 13/Oct/17Economy$764
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$781
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$927
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,259
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Tue 06/Mar/18Economy$1,259
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,259
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,259
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,259
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,259
Dep. Mon 23/Oct/17Ret. Tue 31/Oct/17Business$3,700
CA,QF Return flights from $549
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$549
Dep. Tue 07/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$742
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$742
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Mon 27/Nov/17Economy$786
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$786
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Fri 24/Nov/17Economy$793
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$793
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 13/Oct/17Economy$829
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Thu 09/Nov/17Economy$865
Dep. Wed 25/Oct/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$890
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$944
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$1,069
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,095
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,099
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,278
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,463
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,463
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,487
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Tue 06/Mar/18Economy$1,505
Dep. Mon 23/Oct/17Ret. Tue 31/Oct/17Business$4,991
CA Return flights from $549
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 13/Oct/17Economy$549
Dep. Wed 25/Oct/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$549
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Thu 09/Nov/17Economy$549
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$549
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Mon 27/Nov/17Economy$549
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$549
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Fri 24/Nov/17Economy$550
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$583
Dep. Tue 07/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$597
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$597
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$625
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$735
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$735
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,103
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Tue 06/Mar/18Economy$1,299
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,305
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,305
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,305
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,418
Dep. Mon 23/Oct/17Ret. Tue 31/Oct/17Economy$1,423
Dep. Mon 23/Oct/17Ret. Tue 31/Oct/17Business$4,332
CZ Return flights from $550
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Thu 09/Nov/17Economy$550
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$565
Dep. Wed 25/Oct/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$602
Dep. Tue 07/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$660
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Fri 24/Nov/17Economy$695
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$695
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Mon 27/Nov/17Economy$695
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$708
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$708
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$708
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 13/Oct/17Economy$713
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$839
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$1,031
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,063
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,063
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$1,068
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,150
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,164
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Tue 06/Mar/18Economy$1,195
Dep. Mon 23/Oct/17Ret. Tue 31/Oct/17Economy$1,344
Dep. Mon 23/Oct/17Ret. Tue 31/Oct/17Business$3,078
CA,D7 Return flights from $568
Dep. Wed 25/Oct/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$568
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Thu 09/Nov/17Economy$610
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$610
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Fri 24/Nov/17Economy$642
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$642
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$667
Dep. Tue 07/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$670
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Mon 27/Nov/17Economy$686
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 13/Oct/17Economy$704
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$743
Dep. Mon 11/Dec/17Ret. Wed 20/Dec/17Economy$760
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$763
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$825
Dep. Wed 27/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,307
Dep. Thu 28/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,357
CA,SQ Return flights from $575
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 13/Oct/17Economy$575
Dep. Wed 25/Oct/17Ret. Wed 08/Nov/17Economy$585
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Thu 09/Nov/17Economy$635
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$912
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$1,084
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Fri 05/Jan/18Economy$1,208
Dep. Thu 30/Nov/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,237
Dep. Mon 23/Oct/17Ret. Tue 31/Oct/17Premium$3,255
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$5,434
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Fri 24/Nov/17Economy$5,461
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Mon 27/Nov/17Economy$5,477
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$5,477
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$5,477
Dep. Tue 07/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$5,502
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$5,502
CA,ZH Return flights from $579
Dep. Sun 01/Oct/17Ret. Fri 13/Oct/17Economy$579
Dep. Thu 26/Oct/17Ret. Thu 09/Nov/17Economy$579
Dep. Sat 21/Oct/17Ret. Sat 04/Nov/17Economy$679
3U Return flights from $585
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sun 26/Nov/17Economy$585
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Mon 27/Nov/17Economy$585
Dep. Tue 07/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$639
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Fri 24/Nov/17Economy$639
Dep. Fri 10/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$639
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Sat 25/Nov/17Economy$639
Dep. Tue 14/Nov/17Ret. Tue 28/Nov/17Economy$639
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Thu 08/Mar/18Economy$1,109
Dep. Tue 26/Dec/17Ret. Wed 07/Mar/18Economy$1,141

These flights have been found in the last 24 hours. Whats this?Prices are from searches made in the last 24 hours and current prices may differ.

Do you need to catch a flight to Sydney? Check out our domestic flights to Sydney. If Sydney is not your closest airport, then here are all our flights to Beijing from Australia and flights to China.

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Monthly Average Prices for Sydney to Beijing Return Airfares (AUD)

  -  -$1036  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -  -$1243  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -$1010  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
+2  -$1242  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -$1364  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
  -  -  -  -$1343  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

Did you know...

  • Sydney to Beijing, the quickest one-way trip is 10 hours and 50 minutes with Air China
  • Beijing has the IATA airport code of PEK.
  • Sydney International Airport Station located at Australia is the nearest train station to Sydney airport.
  • The distance from Sydney to Beijing is 8,959 kilometres.
How to get from Sydney to Beijing (Peking)
Sydney (SYD)
Beijing (PEK)
11h 50m
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