Poll Results: Should Qantas do a Deal with Emirates?

Qantas looks set to sign a code-share deal with Emirates, which would see Qantas flying to Dubai and then passengers would transfer to Emirates to fly to European cities. The arrangement has short and long-term implications for the future of Qantas International - should they do the deal?
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Helga Micallef
I do hope it's for the best.
September 6 at 6:24am
Well, it is a good thing that most of you agree that Qantas should do a deal with Emirates....It has just been confirmed: the codeshare is on.
September 6 at 3:47am
Val Smith
September 5 at 3:15am
Poll by Gath Adams
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Qantas has told the International Air Services Commission that Jetstar plans to increase services between Australia and Indonesia from February 1 next year. ... As we reported at the time, IASC approved both the extra seats and the Emirates code share.
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Emirates will offer four daily flights between Sydney and Dubai from March 25 2018 as the airline moves to replace the capacity being withdrawn by alliance partner Qantas. The new service EK417 has been scheduled as an early evening departure from ...
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Alan Joyce, CEO, Qantas Group, commented, “The first five years of the Qantas – Emirates alliance has been a great success. Emirates has given Qantas customers an unbeatable network into Europe that is still growing. We want to keep leveraging this ...
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While Dubai pitches itself as the ideal stopover destination for travelers looking to break up long-haul journeys between Europe, Africa and Asia, the actual volume of passengers on Qantas flights that opt to spend a few days in the emirate mid-journey ...