Poll Results: Should Qantas do a Deal with Emirates?

Qantas looks set to sign a code-share deal with Emirates, which would see Qantas flying to Dubai and then passengers would transfer to Emirates to fly to European cities. The arrangement has short and long-term implications for the future of Qantas International - should they do the deal?
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Helga Micallef
I do hope it's for the best.
September 6 at 6:24am
Well, it is a good thing that most of you agree that Qantas should do a deal with Emirates....It has just been confirmed: the codeshare is on.
September 6 at 3:47am
Val Smith
September 5 at 3:15am
Poll by Gath Adams
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Virgin is moving into a void left by a Qantas decision earlier this year to abandon its 14-year codeshare with SAA. The Qantas move upset its expat customers in Perth because it meant they had to either switch to SAA or fly on Qantas alliance partner Emirates ...
Qantas and SriLankan Airlines to codeshare - Aviation Tribune
The new codeshare service with SriLankan Airlines complements Qantas' existing Singapore-Colombo daily codeshare service operated by partner Emirates, offering customers the choice of either a morning or evening departure from Singapore.
Twitter: From user 'JAMS'
@Qantas Do emirates codeshare flights from Perth count for double points on the earlybird deals? How do I know of my booking is eligible?
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Qantas ended its alliance with South African Airways on flights between Australia and Johannesburg early this year in favour of relying on its extensive tie-up with Emirates. However, it has meant that Qantas passengers wanting to travel from Perth – which ...
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Qatar Airways has joined the Oneworld Alliance, while Emirates Airline has struck a codeshare partnership with Qantas. “The model of alliances is fractured,” said James Hogan, the president and chief executive of Etihad Airways. “See what happened to ...
Twitter: From user 'Scott Valentine'
@Qantas I solved this issue myself, I had to travel to the Perth Emirates office. Thanks for your codeshare support @emirates
Twitter: From user 'LouiseDriscoll'
@emirates is it true that I can request a seat on your intl flights free of charge but not with your codeshare partner, @Qantas?
SriLankan Airlines codeshares to Australia with Qantas - Travel Daily Media
Qantas also codeshares on Emirates' existing daily Singapore-Colombo service, so the latest arrangement will mean passengers now have the choice of morning or evening departures from Singapore. “Building on the relationship we have with SriLankan ...
Twitter: From user 'anuddafatguy'
@Qantas this is especially important with the armrest on the aisle. This is why I don't fly Qantas economy in A380. I fly Emirates codeshare
Etihad CEO: Model of global airline alliances is 'fractured' - Al-Arabiya
The head of Abu Dhabi's Etihad Airways dismissed global airline alliances pursued by some rivals as a 'fractured' model showing signs of strain, adding his Gulf carrier would instead invest in equity stakes and codeshare deals to grow. Etihad has aggressively pursued a global ... But it has stayed away from global alliances, even as regional rival Qatar Airways joined the Oneworld alliance last year and Dubai's Emirates airline forged a revenue-sharing partnership with Qantas. “The model of alliances is fractured.