How to set Airfare Alerts. Get an Email when the Price Drops

By Garth Adams on 20/Oct/2014

Do you have a tight budget but flexible travel dates? Or set travel dates but want to buy at the cheapest time without checking prices everyday? Then an Airfare Price Alert is what you need. You set the route, dates (lots of flexbile options) and the price you are looking for. When an airfare drops under your price we'll send you an email immediately.

The steps to set an Airfare Price Alert.

1. Enter a search. It can be from any page. At the moment alerts can not be set up from a mobile phone, but that should be changing soon. Once the search has completed the Airfare Price Alert box will appear.

Enter your email address and click 'Save' and you'll be sent a confirmation. Your alert is now working for you! The basic alert will search on the exact dates that you entered and will send you an alert if the price drops below the cheapest price you found with your search.

But you can do so much more....

2. Instead of clicking 'Save', click 'More Options'. Now you can alter the date ranges, as well as the price that you want.

3. I am going to change the depart date from 15/April to 'Anytime'. I do this by clicking on the down arrow next to the date. I then change the return date to '1 week later'. Finally, I change the price from $402 to $300. My alert is now looking for flights under $300 that give me a week in Bali. If I only had holidays in June, then I could have chosen 'Date Range' instead of 'Anytime' for the depart date, and entered 1/June to 30/June.

4. Now click 'Save'.

By Garth Adams on 20/Oct/2014

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