How to use Jetstars Price Beat Guarantee

By Emma Merkas on 12/Aug/2013
Now Tigerair may be well-reputed as having the cheapest flights around, but there’s a tricky little air travel secret you may not know about… lean closer while I whisper…

It’s the Jetstar Price Beat guarantee.

That’s right, any fare you can find for any airline flying the same leg, at a comparable time (within an hour) – including Tigerair – will qualify for not just a price match from Jetstar but a price beat! They’ll take an extra 10% off their fare and also waive the booking and credit card fees (not even kidding).

Done deal, as far I’m concerned.

So far, the match is valid for bookings made up to and including December 2013, so the quicker you get onto this the better.

Of course, my completely biased opinion is that the simplest and easiest way to find your cheapest fares is with the comparison tool on I Want That Flight.

Here’s how to use this website to secure the absolute cheapest price available on your next airfare.

Step 1:

Start at the I Want That Flight homepage and pick your origin, destination and date of departure. If you can be flexible with your dates, tick that option so you can do a thorough search for the cheapest fare. Then click the “Search for Your Flights” button.

If you’re taking a return flight too, fill that information in here and you will get all the return information from the I Want That Flight Calendar at the same time. I’ve left it blank for today.

Step 2:

On the next page, you’ll see a screen with your results. At the top are some handy fields that we’re going to tinker with.

Use the drop down menu and select to fetch the top 20 results here rather than the top 10 so you can more easily see comparative times and prices. To get the Jetstar price beat, you must find another flight on the same route, to and from the same airport that departs within an hour of the flight you want discounted, so the more flights we see the better we can compare.

Also, we can always assume Tigerair is always going to offer the cheapest fares on any given route, so untick the Qantas and Virgin boxes on the right so you are just served up the Tigerair and Jetstar options in the calendar below.

Once you’ve made these adjustments, click the ‘Filter Flights’ button and wait for the calendar to reload. You’ll get a notification when it does. It looks like this:

Step 3:

Scroll down to the calendar of results and check out the prices. The price match offer is particularly good if you want to fly at peak times – you can see in the image below that if I were to fly on 20 August, the Jetstar and Tigerair prices are fairly similar when we look at them in this format. However, we can definitely save some more dollars by using the Jetstar price beat. Let’s break it down:

Start by finding the time you want to fly, and look for a Jetstar flight and a cheaper Tigerair flight that leave within an hour of each other.

I’ve found two in my calendar here and circled them in red for you. Jetstar is advertising at $74 and Tigerair is advertising at $64 on the 20th. The price difference is much bigger a few days later, we’ll get to that soon.

These quoted prices also include the booking fees that both airlines charge, as I Want That Flight calculates these ahead of time for you, even though the airlines won’t display them until the end of your booking (so you don’t have a rude shock later on), so they initially look cheaper once you get through to the Tigerair site. That’s good news, because the without-fees price is one Jetstar will price match against.

If I select the Tigerair flight I want Jetstar to price match for me, then click “Select” on the flyout and then “Book” on the pop up window to be taken directly to the booking page at Tigerair. This is where we will find the information we need for Jetstar to beat the price.

When you click through to Tigerair, your selected flight will already be highlighted and waiting. You can see here that before fees are calculated, the price is actually $54.95.

Take note of the date, time and flight number then pick up the phone – you’ll need to call Jetstar on 1300 369 516 and give them all the information for a price match.

The bonus of the price beat is that not only will Jetstar take an extra 10% off the fare they offer you, they will also not charge you any booking fees (usually phone bookings attract an extra fee, but not in this case) AND, what’s really great is - no credit card fees. I called them myself to confirm this.

So you will end up with, in this case, a flight down from $74 to $49.45. This needs to be paid for right away to secure it – Jetstar will not “hold” flights until later for you.

Because these flights don’t include luggage, the Jetstar price won’t either. But you can easily add that to your booking ahead of time if you need checked luggage.

When I called at 12.30pm on a weekday and my call was picked up immediately by a very friendly operator – zero wait time. Not sure if this is the usual thing or not, but this is a dedicated line just for the Jetstar price match and despite it’s awesomeness, not many people seem to know about it so perhaps you’ll be lucky too!

You can also see on my calendar view that I can get a substantial discount during peak flying times – if I choose to fly at 6pm on August 23rd, I’ll get the Jetstar price knocked down from $158 down to under $70. That’s a bargain in anyone’s books.

So there you go. Absolutely the cheapest prices available anywhere on flights. Use this next time you fly – to save you dollars and upgrade your airline to Jetstar from Tigerair all at once.
By Emma Merkas on 12/Aug/2013

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