Take a Celebrity Holiday in Australia

By Emma Merkas on 19/Sep/2012
Celebrities have all the fun. Red carpets, designer clothes, screaming fans… it’s no wonder the poor things need a break from it all every now and again.

If you’re yearning for a more luxurious lifestyle, you can always make like a celebrity and head to one of these local Australian – yes, Australian! – destinations where Hollywood A-listers have been known to lurk… no passport needed.

Just don’t forget your coconut water, tiny dog and oversized sunnies… Oh, and your platinum AMEX.

Gatsby Glamour Like Leo

What 10k a week will buy in Sydney.
Long to live the lavish lifestyle of The Great Gatsby? We’ll go you one better – what about stepping into the shoes of Leonardo DiCaprio himself?

Staying in Vaucluse, Sydney in late 2011 as he filmed the Fitzgerald classic with Baz Lurhmann, the baby-faced actor made sure his off-screen life was just as ostentatious as his on-screen character’s. And when you command $40 million a movie, who can blame him?

Home was a five-bedroom, five-bathroom harbour front mansion with its own pool, private jetty and luxury cruiser (a cool $10,000 a week in rent, if you’re wondering). The actor hand-picked this particular palace is it is one of the few carbon-neutral homes right on the water.

You’d think a famously recluse celeb would stay in and order room service, but not Leo. He was spotted at French bistro Felix, renowned restaurant Aria, Woolloomooloo Wharf’s Otto Ristorante and out all hours at exclusive nightclub, Beach Haus.

Country Roots Like Miley

If $10,000 a week in rent and private jets are beyond you, perhaps try walking in the footsteps teen idol Miley Cyrus. Cyrus holed up at Victoria’s Phillip Island with spunky boyfriend-at-the-time (now fiancée) Liam Hemsworth for a romantic holiday.

While there, the couple took in the sights of the island, enjoying simple pleasures like strolls on the beach and the famous housemade mac-and-cheese meat pies from Woolamai's Dr Food café. The dinner venue of choice was the Purple Hen Winery, where Miley snuck only a sip of wine from her boyfriend’s glass.

The couple attended the Pyramid Rock Music Festival on New Year’s Eve, followed by a low-key family BBQ at the Hemsworth’s to welcome the starlet.

New Year’s day breakfast was at the Mad Cowes café in nearby Cowes, a regular hangout for the Hemsworth brothers, who grew up on the Island.

Party in Port Douglas Like… Everyone

Port Douglas Beach. Photo: copyright WikiCommons
Believe it or not, Port Douglas is like a magnet for A-listers. The paparazzi-free zone and relaxed no-fuss tone of the locals make it a favourite among Hollywood heavyweights, most notably John Travolta, George Clooney and our very own Kylie Minogue, to name a few, who favor chartering a private yacht at $5500 a day to maintain their privacy and seclusion.

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey in particular have been spotted getting up to antics around the beach town.

If you want to take on their relaxed beach vibe, try shouting a round of drinks for everyone at Iron Bar hotel, as the white-toothed dreamboat did himself on his 37th birthday. Then dine at the Court House Hotel – perhaps on a kangaroo fillet - where McConaughey has also hosted private dinner functions in the past. To get around like this star does, all you need to do is hire a bicycle.

Meanwhile, Ms Hudson stayed in a luxury 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom absolute beachfront holiday house (17 Wharf Street, Port Douglas if you want to rent it yourself for a cool $1250 a night) while in town, often spied lurking in front of local venues with a cigarette in one hand and cell phone in the other.

And finally, if you are wondering about the photo of Miranda Kerr at the start, that is from her recent holiday to Hamilton Island. She posted a few pics of her stay, and said of Hamilton Island "One of the most beautiful places on earth". Of course, if you think that she did this just because she enjoyed the weather, then I am sure you'd like to hear what Shannon Noll and Matt Moran have to say about Kangaroo Island :)
By Emma Merkas on 19/Sep/2012

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