Save Money On Your Next Flight By Avoiding These Common Booking Mistakes

By Garth Adams on 01/Jul/2014

Booking flights online can be a complicated process and there are a lot of things to keep in mind when searching for the best possible deal. However, many people make simple, easy-to-avoid mistakes when booking their trips on the Internet – which can lead to them paying a whole lot more than they should.

Are you making any of these common flight booking mistakes? Here are some things to avoid when planning your next trip:

Booking Too Early

One of the biggest mistakes that many travellers make is booking their flights too early.

Sometimes it makes sense to book well in advance, such as when you are travelling at a high traffic time such as Christmas. However, in most cases if you try to book your flight more than 45-60 days in advance, you will be charged a higher fare. This is because most airline computers are not programmed to give you a deal outside of this 45-60 day window.

So if you want a great rate, it’s better to monitor the flight you want and wait for the prices to drop.

Booking On The Wrong Day Of The Week

Airline ticket prices fluctuate throughout the week. You can take advantage of significant savings just by booking on the right day.

Many people don’t know this and end up paying more for their flights, just because they did their ticket-shopping on a weekend.

So what is the ideal time to book your flight? Travel experts say that it is Wednesday at 1 a.m. (in the time zone where the airline is based). This is because many of the low airfares are posted online on Sunday night and Monday. When people book these fares they will have 24 hours to pay for them.

At midnight on Tuesday, all of the super-low fares that were not purchased come back onto the airline’s system. This provides a prime opportunity to take advantage of an abundance of discounted ticket prices.

Note: Waiting for prices to drop & booking at 1am on Wednesday make it more likely to get a cheap flight - but it still not a sure thing. A sale might be scheduled for a week before, or sell out completely, or be offered on different routes to what you want. These methods will help you get cheap flights more often, but cannot be guaranteed to work every time.

Not Watching Out For Hidden Fees

Some airlines will sneak in extra fees for everything from priority boarding and flight insurance to extra luggage.

Sometimes when you are booking your flight online, these options will be pre-checked for you and it is easy to miss them and sign up for more than you intended. Pay close attention during the booking process and uncheck any box that you don’t need.

For example, watch out for the ‘FlyBag’ option when flying on Scoot, avoid choosing a seat on Jetstar and dodge the processing charges on AirAsia by paying with PayPal or a BIG Visa Credit Card.

Spelling Your Name Wrong On The Ticket

Honestly, this does happen to people. And it can cause major heacaches.

So double check that you have not made a typo when entering your name and information as you buy the ticket. If you are booking over the phone, make sure that the booking agent reads back the spelling of the name on the ticket for you. If your name is not spelled exactly as it is on your passport, you can run into a lot of hassle and extra expense when you try to fly.

Many countries and airlines will insist that the name on the booking be identical to the travel visa and the passport name. If you have a typo in your booking, you might be charged a fee to change it or you might have to cancel it and buy an entirely new ticket!

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By Garth Adams on 01/Jul/2014

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