10 Things To Organise Before You Board that Flight

By Garth Adams on 01/Sep/2015

1. Unplug your appliances

When you’re in a rush to the airport, you might begrudge running around the house to unplug your televisions, computers, toaster and other appliances. For a cheaper power bill and avoidance of electrical storms, you’ll be glad you did.

2. Place your lawn mowing on autopilot

An overgrown front yard says to a burglar “Yo! Guy in the mask! Nobody’s home at the moment. Come get some“. Yes, it#8217;s important to maintain your lawn when you’re away. It’s easy to book holiday lawn mowing on GreenSocks.

3. Hide valuables more creatively

Did you know that almost every single person hides valuables in the exact same place? Reformed burglar Chris Patterson said in a confession video to ABC news that homeowners should be more creative when hiding their prized possessions. For example, try shoe boxes in the children’s room, not drawers in the master bedroom.

4. Hang a “Beware the Dog” sign

Could a $5 sign about a fake dog actually save your home from a burglary? Ex-crim Patterson said that signs like that were an “automatic no-no” for him. There’s always another house for a burglar to rob.

5. Find your pets a fun place to hang out

If you can’t put you pet’s to mow lawns like in #2, they’ll need a temporary home. For a pet owner, going away on holidays can be both a source of excitement and a source of dread. The good news is that if you hate taking your dogs to the crowded boarding kennel, or leaving your cats with the old lady suffering memory loss, there is a better option. Crowdsourced pet sitting services like PetHomeStays are now available in Australia, where home-based pet-lovers are offering to love and care for your pets in a more personal one-on-one setting while you’re away. This spells peace of mind for pet owners and hopefully, encourages them to book more holidays!

6. Grab those free messaging/phone apps

Unless you want a phone bill that costs more than your flight did, you needs those free voice and messaging apps before you leave home. Ask your friends and family to do the same. Skype and Viber are two popular examples that you can use in Wi-Fi zones around the world. They allow free voice calls and messaging to other users on their platforms. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are others to consider.

7. Snag a rental car or parking space

When you’re all packed and ready to go, the last thing you want to do is forget to rent a car or airport parking space. Book in advance and double-check your arrangements the day before you depart.

8. Switch off your water supply

There’s no need to keep water running to your washing machine, dishwasher, ice-maker and toilets while you’re away. Take a few minutes to switch them off. Then leave a note in your kitchen for you to turn them on again as soon as you return.

9. For the paranoid traveller, consider CCTV Cameras

If you’re a frequent traveller who is serious about protecting your home, you might want to consider installing CCTV security cameras. Sure, they might set you back a thousand dollars or so, but they could be the best investment you’ll ever make if they save you the worry of a home break-in when you’re thousands of miles away. Especially when burglars say: “You absolutely wouldn’t go nowhere near CCTV because you know it’s monitored. You know that it’s going to go to a call centre and the call centre is going to notify the police or they’re going to send a security guard that is on their books. It’s too much hassle.”

10. Take a photo of your car

Finally, if you’re parking your car at an airport parking station, there’s a good chance that after you spend a few weeks filling your mind with 101 amazing things to remember from your holiday, you’ll forget exactly where you parked it. So, before you unload your luggage, take a photo of where you parked your car, to facilitate a smooth arrival on your return home.


The longer your holiday, the more important the preparations and precautions become. Think of your lawn, pets, security, car and parking before you get that flight. Most importantly, HAVE AN AWESOME HOLIDAY!


By Garth Adams on 01/Sep/2015

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