How to find the Cheapest Dates to Fly

By Garth Adams on 09/Feb/2017
Often you want to fly to a particular destination and you want to find the cheapest dates to travel. This is now possible on the desktop version of the site.

When entering your search, rather than entering exact dates, choose "Price Chart" from the calendar for both Depart and Return. Then click 'Search for Flights'.

This shows a chart of depart and return dates, so you easily see which are the cheapest dates. At the bottom of the page is a list of the cheapest airfares, broken down by airline. These prices are based on airfares found in the last 24 hours. Unfortunately, we cannot show live prices, but if an airfare was found in the last day then there is a good chance it is still available. Click on an airfare to see the current prices.

As most people prefer to pay by credit card, the prices we show include airline credit card fees by default. If you want the cheapest airfare possible, make sure to change "Prices are for payment with Visa or Mastercard CC" over to "Prices are for payment using cheapest method".

Finally, we also let you filter out the departure and return dates. By default we show the cheapest flights available, but you can change the departure date to a specific date, a couple of days each side a specific date, or even a range like the first week of March or May to June.

For the return date, you can change the filter to show flights that have a duration like 1-2 weeks, end in a particular period, or just leave it to find the cheapest flights.

Once you have set your depart and return date options, click the 'Filter Flights' button.
By Garth Adams on 09/Feb/2017

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