Beautiful, Eerie & Oddly Compelling: 7 Stunning Abandoned Buildings

By Dustin Walker on 09/Apr/2014

Abandoned buildings can be surprisingly beautiful. In an eerie sorta way.

Splintered floorboards and flaking paint, when captured in the right light, make for hauntingly alluring photographs. This creepy beauty is part of the reason why urban exploration is becoming so popular.

Ever wonder what’s inside that long-condemned house at the end of your street? That’s the type of stuff urban explorers find irresistible. If you’re not convinced that a rotting theatre or crumbling apartment complex can hold any artistic qualities, check out these images of amazing modern ruins.

Photographer and urban explorer Tom Kirsch has loaded his website Opacity with hauntingly beautiful images of decaying buildings. This photo of a crumbling mausoleum in an “undisclosed” area of the U.S. is among his latest works.

Photo: Tom Kirsch

These shots are from DeJarnette Sanitarium in Staunton, Virginia. Dr. Joseph DeJarnette, the director of this asylum from 1905-1943, lobbied hard for the compulsory sterilization of the mentally ill.

Photos by Tom Kirsch

When the Westport Generating Station opened in Balimore, Maryland in 1906, it was reportedly the largest reinforced concrete building in the world. The station closed in 1993 and was demolished in 2008.

Photos by Tom Kirsch

Roam outside North America, and urban exploration takes on a whole new flavor. Check out these amazing photos, which were compiled on The Blog of Francesco Mugnai. Below is the crumbling shell of an abandoned supermarket in Goražde, Bosnia.

Andrew Moore

Fog adds ambience to this vortex-like shot of an amusement park in Japan.


“Villa de Vecchi” (The Ghost Mansion) near Lake Como, Italy. It was built by a nobleman who got hooked on Eastern architecture after traveling the world.

Photo: Jeff Kerwin

Nature takes over this crumbling hotel in Erfurt Germany.

Photo: Michael Mehrhoff

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By Dustin Walker on 09/Apr/2014

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