This Rare Cosmic Event Sparked A Photo Frenzy On Twitter

By Garth Adams on 04/Mar/2014

The Northern Lights have become a lot less, well, Northern lately.

Aurora borealis has been mesmerizing stargazers in far more southern locales across the globe, from Canada to Ireland. The latest regions treated to an unexpected light show were South Wales, Essex and other areas of the U.K. Folks living in these spots never expect to see an explosion of swirling colors when they look into the night sky. So when the Not-So-Northern Lights paid a visit last week, social media networks lit up with spectacular images.

But even more incredible is the reason why this phantasmal phenomenon occurred so far south in the first place. The science behind it is pretty awesome.

So check out these amazing pics and then read on to find out why Mother Nature has been serving up such crazy light shows lately.

No in-flight movie can compete with this. Passengers on a British Airways flight were left spellbound as they cruised over this awesome spectacle on March 3.

What’s better than a cool-looking Irish castle? An Irish castle with the Northern Lights in the background.

Stunning scene from the East Coast of Scotland.

Stunning view of the Northern Lights from the East Coast of Scotland

Spots all over the U.K. were treated to the light show…

So why were folks in more southern spots able to see stuff like this?

Because the biggest solar flare of the year erupted on Feb. 25, blasting out an incredible amount of energy. Check out this video to see for yourself – it’s amazing.

This gif shows how the energy of the aurora spiked over the north of the UK during the solar flare. And because the night was clear, the light show was especially brilliant.

This gif shows how the energy of the aurora spiked over the north of the UK during the solar flare

If you live somewhere that’s just south of a hotspot for viewing aurora borealis, keep your eyes on the skies. Some scientists say there could be even more unexpected light shows ahead. If you live a little too south - Australia for example, then one of our flights to the UK is always an option :)
By Garth Adams on 04/Mar/2014

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