Why Thousands Risk Their Lives To Climb The World’s Most Dangerous Trail. (Hint: It’s Not For The View)

By Garth Adams on 26/Feb/2014

OK, here's a riddle for you: What's bubbling hot, made from leaves and rests at an altitude of about 2,100 metres?

To find out, you've got to trek China's infamous Mt. Hua Shan trail, considered by many to be the most treacherous hike on the planet. Or you could just check out the photos below.

So just how scary is Mt. Hua Shan? Well, if you Google "world's most dangerous hike" pretty much every article you find warns about this trek. To summit one of the peaks, you've got to climb nearly vertical staircases and then grasp iron chains while scuttling across narrow wooden planks positioned on steep cliffs.

But aside from the sheer terrain, what's even more amazing about this trek is that so many people attempt it without any safety equipment. One person in the photos below is even wearing sandals.

So if your nerves can take it, check out these dizzying shots of Mt. Hua Shan. And be sure to keep that riddle in the back of your mind – you won't believe what's waiting for hikers at the top of this mountain.

It starts out innocently enough. Steep but not life-threatening.

They call these the ‘Heavenly Stairs'.

This part of the trail is well used by villagers and isn't too dangerous. Oh, but just you wait…..

Eventually you take a gondola ride to the southern peak, where the steep stuff really begins.

Now things get crazy. Narrow planks of wood – with giant nails jutting out of them – is all that separate you from a lethal fall. Well, at least there are chains to hang onto.

There's apparently a sign that recommends people wear a helmet before attempting this trail. Doesn't seem like anyone pays attention to it.

There are no official death statistics for Mt. Hua Shan, but some reports say 100 people die here every year.

Not a single person using ropes, carabineers or safety gear of any kind. Huh.

Yep, this is actually part of the trail. Just a few chunks of rusty iron separate you from a 2,000-metre plunge.

In some spots, you have to climb using toe holes craved into the rock. Solve that riddle yet?

You see? Someone actually decided to hike the world's most dangerous trail in open-toe sandals. Wow.

Almost at the end. Just a few more nerve-racking turns…

And then you'll find out why so many people dare to tackle this crazy trek.

Your final destination: a tea house. It was actually once a Taoist temple, built centuries ago.

So would you take on the world's most dangerous trek in order to sip a little tea? If you did the entire trail in sandals, then we'd really be impressed.
Wow others by sharing these photos and showing what hardcore tea-drinkers are really made of.

The best time to visit is April-October. From Australia you can get flights to Beijing, then domestic to Xian. From Xian you can catch a train to Mt Hua Shan.
SOURCE: www.uqpu.net
By Garth Adams on 26/Feb/2014

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